Shopping Sherlocks MLM Scam Review

By | February 14, 2015

Name: Shopping Sherlockshopping sherlock scam review
Owner: Michael Wiedder
Price: $249 (get started fee) + 34.95 (monthly)
Rank: 30/100 – Not Recommended!

When recently surfing the web, I came across this new unpeculiar shopping website called Shopping Sherlock. The website stated it would help my online shopping by helping me save time and money.

More importantly was when I soon found out of its incorporated home-based opportunity and instantly questioned to myself, despite the fancy and professional look of the website, if this was some kind of shopping scam!

Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to investigate further into Shopping Sherlock for the greater good. In this detailed review you’ll find out whether Shopping Sherlock is a good home-based opportunity to get involved in. Take in mind this is from both an online marketing perspective and a consumers.

And will be taking a detailed look into its compensation plans, its home-based opportunity, its products, services, and any additional features.

Nonetheless, our final resulting verdict of this opportunities legitimacy should tell us everything we need if and when joining Shopping Sherlock!

What Is Shopping Sherlock?

shopping sherlock search engine scam!This is an online business and opportunity that attempts at better suiting individuals to find the products and services they need at the best possible bargain.

The company has its own “cheap deals search engine,” which allows the consumer to find what they’re looking for.

While this type of online search of various product comparisons isn’t new in anyway, the opportunity being offered is!

Shopping Sherlocks Comparison Search Engine

While the Shopping Sherlock search engine is indeed a free tool to use, the company has “installed” a highly-unique tactic by only allowing private invites to access this simple search engine.

Thus, in order to get involved and signed-up with Shopping Sherlock, you must be willing to search the web and find or look for someone who’s already involved with the opportunity.

By that point you’ll be able to gain your own specified invite code allowing you to sign-up and register for Shopping Sherlock.

What Are The Benefits Of Shopping Sherlock?

– You can compare products and find some of the cheapest deals out there on the web from legitimate companies.

– Shopping Sherlock is especially beneficial for individuals looking for actual services vs. tangible products, for example flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other travel related purchases.

– By your invite code, you now attain special access to the Shopping Sherlock opportunity…

Shopping Sherlocks MLM Opportunity: Scam or Legit?

Now for the most-important factor of this review, let’s get into greater detail of what this opportunity entails. To my own “unshocking” surprise, I knew within the first five minutes, without even having to join the opportunity, that there truly was an MLM home-based opportunity lying around in back somewhere!

If you’re unsure of what MLM is, it’s become one of the biggest, most-significant, growing ways for online companies to inspire as much growth as they can.. Atleast for the newer start-ups it is and is why I’ve taken time to write this article, as I believe more and more individuals are becoming widely taken advantage of by the use, promises, and most falsified income earning guaranteesMany of which are made by this product, Shopping Sherlock alone!

The result is you spend a lot of money, and if you’re committed lose more time than necessary, and by the end, will tend to lose out because of the lack of proper training there and because of how significantly harder it appears to make money when finding others to recruit.

Shopping Sherlocks Invite Code

Hence, the use of Shopping Sherlocks MLM opportunity relies heavily upon taking advantage of bigger and greater numbers. That is why, Shopping Sherlock uses its own specific “Invite Code,” that can ONLY be obtained from registered members – those members who are also better well-known as independent distributors, or business owners.

But, you might also be asking, why obtain a specific invite code to use the search tool and option?

That is an excellent question and the reason being, it makes Shopping Sherlock look more legitimate from where you’re standing. In addition, it adds a nice little sparkle to the opportunity, by saying “hey, we don’t (necessarily need or want) you here, unless you get an invite code.”

Now, by having you go through that entire process, wouldn’t you feel a lot more obliged to look into the underlying opportunity after all, than say if you were to simply join without any invite code or anything whatsoever..

Therefore, the primary reason for Shopping Sherlocks methods is to swiftly shift over your attention to what their really offering, an opportunity to make money, by referring others.

How Much Is It To Join Shopping Sherlock?

To join Shopping Sherlocks MLM based opportunity, you will be looking at spending an initial $249 setup fee with an additional $34.95 recurring monthly payment.

Clearly, this is how Shopping Sherlock creates its profit – not by its shopping comparison tools, nor sales of products, but by this incorporated Multi-Level Marketing opportunity.

How Can You Earn Money With Shopping Sherlock?

In order to make money and become compensated with Shopping Sherlock, you’ll have to do the following:

Step 1: Find a Shopping Sherlock Independent Distributor.

Step 2: Obtain Your Unique Access Code.

Step 3: Register & Pay Your (hefty) $249 Fee.

From there, you must recruit, recruit, and recruit… In addition, in order to be successful as an MLM networker, you must be willing to properly train and correctly lead your team. Otherwise, it will all be for no good!

What I Don’t Like About Shopping Sherlock?

There’s plenty I don’t like about them to be honest, but the biggest factor of them all, is how insanely high the fee is in order to join an opportunity for a service that offers so little value in return.

Obviously, if you were to search hard enough, there are plenty, and I mean plenty of Shopping Sherlock alternatives out there that would easily allow you to shop and compare for various products online. The only thing being distinguished in this case, is the opportunity to make money by it.

About Shopping Sherlocks Training:

While they also claim to offer some training and education claimed to be worth over $100 in value alone, is simply astounding. The opportunity and program in-fact offers little to no information on how to properly get started on the right foot, while also not showing nor teaching how to create an online presence.Shopping Sherlock Review

Thus, for its own simplicities sake, Shopping Sherlock simply advises you to cold-call friends and family, while using basic e-mail messages to contact others. In addition, they even tell you to use a text message (SMS) approach.

Apparently all they care about is you referring your own friends and family, for their own larger audience, with much less emphasis upon you as one of their newest independent distributors.


Shopping Sherlocks Compensation Plan?

When joining, you will have a downline, consisting of two different teams. Each new person you refer gets added to that downline.

For each 2 personal sponsorship you get a $100 cycler bonus. Once you pass this mark, you go into your downline spillover. Once each of your personal referrers obtain 2 of their own personal referrals, gets you a $50 cycling bonus..

Hence, your personal referrals will have to obtain 2 of their own sponsored refferals as well, also equivalent to every 4 more referred you get a $50 bonus.

Nonetheless, your income becomes HIGHLY and very VITALLY dependent not merely upon the members YOU refer, but more importantly on each person within your downline. Otherwise, it simply will do you no good.. Therefore you’ll have to consistently be recruiting and referring new and active paying members.

Once you reach 100 people on your left and 100 more on your right, you can begin to make $500 per month in residual income. That is a ton of active paying members and if you ask me, is not even close or worth spending your time one.. Trust me!

How Much Can You Make?

In order to make money with Shopping Sherlock, not only will you have to actively try and work to get people to sign-up with your invites, but also convince them to pay that crazy $249 fee!

Moreover, if you are looking to make a full-time income with Shopping Sherlock (even part-time in that case), you must realize you will have to recruit over 1,000 people to begin making around $2,500 per month!!

No Income Guaranteed!

As initially stated by the program, there is zero guarantee of you making money with Shopping Sherlock.

Shopping Sherlock Overview – Is It a Scam?

Now that we have finally reached the end of this lengthy and detailed review, I hope you see why I don’t recommend joining Shopping Sherlock. In-fact I hope you make sure you have nothing to do with this company. There is no reason in the world for you to have to spend a fortune, in order to make a fortune!

As a result of this opportunities extremely poor product and service value, its over-exaggerated earning claims, and its extremely high membership fee, this has taken a huge plummet in my ranking of online earning products.

Therefore, because of the very low-earning potential, and lack of everything necessary to succeed, I’ve rated this as a scam! While others might believe otherwise, I find it very, very tough to contemplate on any potential legitimacy that deals with Shopping Sherlock and its useless MLM opportunity.

Verdict: Scam!

Online Scams

Rank: 5/100

Is There An Easier Way To Earn Money?

If you’ve had your hopes up for quite awhile, I hear you loud and clear.. Which is why I’d never leave you hanging without an awesome or special home-based job opportunity that you can truly work with.. One that specializes in the training and mentorship of online marketing individuals into business owners. If that’s you, no matter your experience, then check out My #1 Recommended Opportunity!

The reason you will come to find this easier than any MLM, network, or other home-based opportunity out there is because it is a highly-specific product tailored to primarily educating, training, and handing over all the necessary resources and tools you will need to succeed.

Shopping Sherlock Opportunity Comparison Chart:

Hopefully, my assessment of Shopping Sherlock has been as accurate as possible, and you’ve taken a lot from it. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below! Thanks.

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