Skinny Body Care – Greatly Lacking In Value

By | March 6, 2016

Name: Skinny Body CareSkinny Body Care MLM


Price: $59.95, $119.85, or $179.70 plus

$10 activation fee.

Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Rank: 15/100 – Scam.


What Is It?

As soon as you enter Skinny Body Care, you’ll see that this website and MLM marketing opportunity barely has any information listed on its site. You have the homepage, a couple images of Skinny Body Care products, and a small company mission statement. Usually when entering in any MLM, you’re provided with more information than you can handle.

Needless to say, Skinny Body Care is an MLM and network marketing company that is actually ranked very poorly on the Better Business Bureau website (BBB). Within the last 3 years, they’ve had several complaints dealing with the company’s products, delivery issues, and problems with its way of advertising.


Skinny Body Care Product Line

This actually didn’t come to a surprise seeing how the Skinny Body Care company only has five products. Add this on-top of the fact that there is zero information as to what these products are actually about or do. Tell me, how can any company survive off of selling five measly products without any information like these?

You are furthermore given 3 options to choose from when selecting your membership:

Option #1 – Business Builder Starter Pack 

Price: $59.95 plus a $10.00 activation fee. Skinny Body Care Products


  • 1 Bottle of Skinny Fiber
  • Ageless Anti-Aging Serum
  • Skinny Body MAX
  • Instant Youth
  • HiBurn8

Gives you access to company training, tools, and system required for you to move up in rank as a distributor.

Option #2 – Business builder Bonus Pack

Price: $119.85 plus $10.00 activation fee.

Receive a minimum of 3 bottles of each product for the price of 2.


  • Skinny Fiber
  • Ageless Anti-Aging Serum
  • Skinny Body MAX
  • Instant Youth
  • HiBurn8

Option #3: Business Builder Premier Pack

Price: $179.70 plus $10.00 activation fee.

Purchase and receive 6 bottles of each product.


  • Skinny Fiber
  • Ageless Anti-Aging Serum
  • Skinny Body MAX
  • Instant Youth
  • HiBurn8

Another problem with Skinny Body Care is the fact you need to sign-up for the opportunity just to purchase any one of these two products. Therefore, you have a business solely based and reliant on its own members purchasing the company’s products. Personally, I don’t see how Skinny Body Care is a sustaining business in any way, shape or form.

The most information they have on their site deals with their compensation plan and unlike everything else is actually very detailed. Just like many other MLM’s, their compensation is based on the business volume of products you purchase each month.


Compensation Plan

All new preferred customers or Skinny Body Care distributors earns 40% commissions on their first order and 10% on your first level, regardless of the number of products that you purchase. This is what they call “Fast Start Enroller Bonuses.”

In addition, there is the “Fast Start Enroller Tree Commissions,” where you start out earning 3 levels down and move your way up to 6 levels as you move up in rank.

Here are the Skinny Body Care distributor ranks in order:

  • Unranked – Earn 10% on level 1, 5% on level 2, and 3% on level 3.
  • Bronze – Same as Unranked.Fast Start Enroller Bonus
  • Silver – Same as Unranked and Bronze.
  • Gold – Same as Silver + 2% on level 4.
  • Platinum – Same as Gold.
  • Diamond – Same as Platinum.
  • Crown Diamond – Same as Platinum + 2% on level 5
  • Royal Crown Diamond – Same as Crown Diamond + 2% on level 6.


The Fast Start Coded Infinity Generational Overrides claim that you can get paid up to “infinite” levels in your organization as you advance in rank. But I always get skeptical when reading these kinds of claims.

Basically this means that as long as you are the highest rank in your team, you earn an additional 1% on all of the sold volume. This is only applicable to members who are at Gold status or above. When you come to think of that though, 1% in commissions comes out to practically nothing.

Then there is the Monthly Enroller Bonus which earns you a 10% commission on every additional order made by your enrolled distributors + an extra 10% commission for distributors on your first level.

There is also something called Infinity Matching Bonus that only applies to Gold rank and above and can pay you up to 40% of your enrolled Distributors Enroller Tree. Honestly, I don’t even know what this means and I don’t think it matters.

The fact here is that this company is clearly using and leveraging their compensation plan over any and everything else in order to attract you to the opportunity. There is a reason why that in order to have to purchase their products, you also need to become an actual distributor. It’s almost as though they don’t even care about their own product and are merely using it to create this MLM scheme in disguise.


Skinny Body Care MLM Overview

Skinny Body Care is not a company you want to get involved in. Their product line is weak and they actually make you sign-up for the opportunity just to purchase their products. It doesn’t make much sense and will only make the process more difficult when trying to recruit or sell to others.

In addition, there is a much heavier emphasis on the compensation when it comes to recruiting individuals versus the actual selling of the product itself.. Almost as if the product is there, just so they could create this MLM, which from the outside may look somewhat legitimate.

The fact here is this company will do whatever it takes to incentivize you to join. From Hawaii vacations to a Mercedez Benz to your own “dream house,” it’s clear as day this company could be considered a Ponzi scheme. Any product that puts more emphasis into its own compensation plan than into its products is a sign that it is indeed a scam.



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3 thoughts on “Skinny Body Care – Greatly Lacking In Value

  1. Vishnu

    Hmm… good post Peter, and i was a member of SKB and i did make about 150 dollar and referred 1020+ members. The thing is they do pay but the lock in position or those who falls under you ….you know all business tactics. Those who falls under do not earn YOU even $0.50 cents or a penny. I know it because i was a member of it.

    However, the payment part is smooth and swift. People kept asking me that how much they would make after Upgraded.

    Those people assumes that…all members who put intheir pay line will pay $50 bucks each. Sorry folks. If you want to read detail review …head over to my blog. Thanks.

    But it was over all good experience …i am not a member now but i have no plan to reconsider joining …May be not at this time.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the insight Vishnu. I’m surprised to hear that’s all they pay for referring that many members to the company!

  2. Stella Annse

    You don’t have to sign up for the opportunity to order any of the products.


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