Slice The Pie Review: Can You Get Paid To Review Music?

By | May 25, 2015

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What Is It?

Although Slice The Pie is not exactly an online marketing system in itself, it is a potential way of making some side pocket money online. Basically it is a system that will actually pay you to write reviews on a wide variety of songs.

It is similar to taking paid online surveys in a way, except for the fact its sole focus is on music. Despite all this, you may also find there to be a few drawbacks when using this system.

How It Works?

Slice The Pie will present new music to you, which you are required to rank on a scale of 1 to 10. You’ll then be required to wait 90 seconds until the song starts to begin submitting your review.

Despite what most people may think, you can’t just write anything. The review must be elaborate and have some actual substance to it. Otherwise, you won’t get paid.

In addition, Slice The Pie uses an energy system. So each new review you write will cost you one energy point. You start out with 10 new energy points, and each one refills after a 3 minute period.


slice the pie review: can you get paid to review music?


How Much You Get Paid?

In my opinion, the payout with Slice The Pie is fairly low. What I do like is that they do use a unique system, which starts you out at a minimum 2 cent based salary per review. This can be increased however. The better quality reviews you can continue to submit, the more money you can make. On average, you can expect to make about $1.50 per hour if worked hard at.

In regards to actually withdrawing your money, Slice The Pie uses PayPal and a minimum withdrawal threshold of just ten dollars, which is a plus.

Slice The Pie Overview

This system requires a lot of hard work to begin making some extra cash. Even then the payout is pretty low. Then again, it could be beneficial to those who really love music and writing, and are looking to do something in their spare time.

In regards to those looking to make a more significant amount of online income, Slice The Pie is probably not worth your time. Instead my recommendation is to get started on a website, and to begin writing on an interest or passion that you really love. This is something you might find to be more time-effective and efficient, especially over the long-term. One great system I use, that will help you see real results is Wealthy Affiliate.

Although, it is a lot different than Slice The Pie, I think you will see why it’s become so beneficial to online marketers across the world, as a new means to making higher amounts of income online.

Thanks for reading this Slice The Pie Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.





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