Smart Profits Review – Does Automated Trading Work?

By | July 16, 2015

Name: Smart ProfitsSmartProfits Auto Trader App Review


Owners: Kevin and Tom

Price: “Free” with a catch

Rank: Scam!

What Is It?

Smart Profits teaches you how to make money through binary options and trading. The owner claims that this method makes him almost $500,000 a month. For those of you who aren’t familiar with binary trading, it is similar to investing in a stock. But the difference being that binary option uses no strategy, formula, or anything that can help you to predict in which way the trade is going to go.

Therefore, it is in a way similar to gambling with your odds of winning being no higher than 50/50. This means you can lose just as much as you win, if not more. The income claims are not only completely unwarranted, but unrealistic making just another binary trading scheme to add to the mix.

How Much Is It?

The very first red flag with Smart Profits is the simple fact they claim to offer this product for “Free.” But as you will soon find out, after entering the system, you need a $250 deposit just to get started.

SmartProfits Free Access

This is money that will be used for binary options by getting dispersed into various trades. There is no guarantee you’re going to even make this initial investment back and even if you do, there is no certainty you’re going to win the next trade.

How It Works?

This total uncertainty and unpredictability is the reason why you can’t trust Smart Profits with your money. More importantly, the system uses a so-called software.. One that I have seen time and time again which pushes you into depositing money. They claim this software is used to help minimize the risks of losing by helping to predict the outcome of these trades.

This is impossible. The owners know it as well as most traders. The reason for doing this is because they make a commission off each and every deposit an individual makes, regardless of the outcome.

By registering your account with BeeOptions, you are officially allowing Smart Profits to become your broker. That is why you will see Smart Profits Auto Trader System tell you that signing up with them is essential to your success.

SmartProfits Beeoptions

Furthermore, there are thousands of these scams now roaming the internet. The owners are aware that because it is nearly impossible to successfully profit with binary trading over the long-term, their best bet is to scam others into doing so. Simply put, binary trading is not the best attempt at making money online!

At the bottom of, you will also see a disclaimer explaining how high the inherent risk is in trading and that it requires you risking your money in order to make future gains.

Smart Profits Overview

While some people may disagree with my point on not using binary options as a way to make money, most will understand why investing into Smart Profits is really not smart at all. Anything that tries to sell you on a simple promise of making┬áthousands of dollars a day through its own “special software” always turns out to be a scam.

It makes sense. If binary trading worked for guys like Kevin, the owner of Smart Profits, then he would have never made this system in the first place. He would have kept his software to himself rather than trying to openly promote it.

I know how tough it can be to find the right product to make you money online, especially with all these scams out there today. About a year ago I was introduced to a company called Wealthy Affiliate. This would be my first go at making money online and is one of the only programs I’ve seen that is legitimate in every possible way. So if you have a burning to desire to begin making money online, then definitely make sure to check out my full review!

Thanks for reading this Smart Profits Auto Trader Review. If you have experienced this program or have any questions, please leave them below!

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