Social Autobots Review – Why It Won’t Help Your Social Media!

By | August 4, 2015

Social Autobots Review - Why It Won't Help Your Social Media!Name: Social Autobots


Owner: Luke Maguire

Rank: 5/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Social Autobots is a software that claims to help you automate all your Facebook and Instagram accounts by using this one piece of software. But before you go ahead and purchase Social Autobots, let me just tell you that this is a ridiculous idea. This is no different than going out and buying a bunch of followers or likes, without any social engagement in return. The name Social Autobots pretty much says it all – Consisting of nothing more than bots and spamming individuals!

Not only does Facebook now detect this because of this growing prevalence, but is actually removing posts and banning accounts as a result. More importantly, using Social Autobots is a highly ineffective way of trying to make money online and will not help your posts get a better reach. Simply stated, any automation tool online is never a good idea.

What’s Wrong With Social Autobots?

Social Autobots claims to go the extra mile by interacting with your audience “organically”. However, it is impossible for any “bot” to actually interact with any of your content and to think spamming others in the community will get them to engage is simply ludicrous. As a result, your post won’t be making even the smallest dent in your social media marketing efforts. When you purchase and use Social Autobots, one thing you’re going to immediately realize is the fact you won’t be getting any comments or shares. Possibly some likes.. and that’s it!

Also, I am aware that the product claims to have a “Friend Scraper,” which essentially is supposed to go out to people in your regarded niche and find them for you so you can friend them all at once. How is this any different than actually going into a Facebook group and literally just clicking friend to every person that you see? It’s no different!

It’s just like the Page Finder feature it has that claims to help you find hundreds of groups and join them all at once, which can easily be done without the software. Basically all the features within Social Autobot were made so you can spam a ton of people at once, which will in no way help you create an engaged and loyal following as should be done.

How To Become Successful With Social Media?

Have you ever wondered how successful online marketers are able to get thousands, even millions of followers to their pages? I’ll tell you now that it’s not by social autobots! It’s by consistently sharing information. Even if your first ten or fifty posts don’t get any engagement whatsoever, it will overtime.

If you’re building a business online, it’s important you learn to use these tools effectively and consistently and trust me, your post will eventually get the reach it needs in order for you to have a successful business. With persistency, your groups, pages, and posts will inevitably grow. It’s important though you post quality information on a daily basis.

By doing so, Facebook is going to recognize this more often and as a result is going to show your group or pages to more people within the search results. Eventually the more genuine shares, likes, and comments you get will simply turn into a snowball effect. One share will lead to another, and one like will lead to 100 and so on.

That is how a successful business is built on social media! Even with Pinterest… When I first opened my account, I simply could not understand for the life of me how people were getting 1,000’s and 1,000’s of followers and I couldn’t get any. Guess what? I continued to post from my blog to Pinterest and I went from getting 0 followers a day to getting 100’s, just because I was consistent. That’s really all there is to it.

So trust me, Social Autobots never works as claimed. I have seen these products come and go, both left and right, and in the end all that results, is one consumer complaint after another. Don’t trust this product with your life. Even if it did get you a hundred likes to a post, do you really think that’s going to help you build a successful business? Do you really think that’s going to make a post go viral? Not in the slightest. Even if you just wanted to use it to show off to others how many likes you’re getting, does it even make sense for your post to have 500 likes and 0 comments? No, and people are going to recognize this immediately. I’ve seen it, witnessed it, even tried it at one point.

Then I learned how online business was done the right way and that is when I began to earn a real and genuine online income.. An income I would eventually begin to use to continue scaling up my online business. And trust me, it really didn’t take as long as you think, and the payout potential is unbelievable. If you want to begin learning how to build a real online business with a real social media following, check out My #1 Recommended Product Review.

Thanks for reading this review on Social Autobots and if you have any comments, any questions, or concerns, feel free to leave me some feedback below!

2 thoughts on “Social Autobots Review – Why It Won’t Help Your Social Media!

  1. Graham

    Very useful article. I’ve seen Social Autobot ads on FB and after 1 minute of watching the video it’s obvious it’s just a scraping tool that as you point out will derive no benefits – the worst case scenario it could easily do irreparable damage.

    I started my website just a few months ago. With Pinterest I started following relevant people and I did it manually. Once I reached a certain number it grew organically and continues to do so; I actually get people emailing me complimenting on my site :)

    It’s really hard work, especially in the affiliate marketing arena … don’t make it any harder by falling for the ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes – they DO NOT work.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      You’re definitely right Graham. Social Autobots is definitely a scraping tool that works by getting you e-mail addresses. I really like your site though and am happy to see you’ve taken the legitimate route to online marketing. That is the way to go.

      I’m on Pinterest too and I found it to be quite similar to the traffic to your website. The more you post and engage on the site, the more followers and visibility you naturally begin to see over-time. It was difficult at first, but then things just started picking up by itself. Keep up the good work man.. Slow and steady wins the race every time!


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