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By | August 25, 2014

Did you know Facebok is the World’s 3rd Largest Country?! Social media has become more than a mere technological change. Social media has evolved into a change culturally. It has leveraged social blogs within the ranks of Google and has become the go to logical traffic strategy.

There is no better time than to create a social blog for yourself than right now!

Changing the way we communicate, social media strategists place an increasing importance upon those who are successful in their daily blogging efforts. Therefore, I’d like to briefly show you my quick and easy social blog branding strategy.

By utilizing the 5 platforms below, traffic to your blog will grow, exponentially!

Though becoming involved with social media can be difficult and even daunting task, the importance of simply being aware of the learning curve ahead can make all the difference.

Do you remember when you first used Facebook?

Simply think about the dramatic affect the growth of this social media platform leverage your  own ability to influence, communicate, and get your own point across to others. If you can do this by utilizing a social blog, than you can also…

generate income! 

Hence, the significance of joining the most powerful social media platforms today might just be the essential missing piece to your fast, dramatically, increasing success that you have been waiting for. It is one of the greatest, if not, most powerful ways of gaining consistent, on-going traffic.

There are five social mediums I recommend every single blogger to join.

Regardless, of whether or not, you’re still waiting to see any traffic at all within your initial social media engagement attempts, simply stick with it!

Overtime, you will notice and realize that as all the social media efforts you put in consistently, the more you will be able to better relate with them all just as you did with facebook when you first started.

Of course  like anything else, it can and will take time to get accustomed to, which is more than fine. You always have to start somewhere and trying to connect and even follow people you don’t necessarily know at all, is not a bad thing!

It’s simply asking and giving permission for a two way interaction. That’s it.

Another important aspect concerning this subject relates to the number of adult Facebook users alone. Facebook started in 2006 as primarily a way for ivy league college students to better interact with one another.

That was Mark Zuckerberg’s initial plan.

But the more it was worked on, and the more time spent on building the beginning (the future foundation!) of all social media networks, the more successful it became on its own. In-fact it became so viral, that it not only spread to college students around the world, but to children, adults, grandparents, co-workers, employees.

Any kind of person you can think of is on Facebook. 

Social Blog Facebook

Facebook is the World’s 3rd Largest Countries!

The social media platform was in essence a highly viable network to be able to flourish globally on its own.

By its own viral affect, it would soon see the world’s biggest traffic rush over the next decade to come.

Now relate this to your own website or blog. Think about how you can come up with and utilize a strategy of on your own, to help your content get shared in a way that people will inevitably start to begin clicking on and sharing. Even if you start smalll, and make your strategy to simply be to login to these social media platforms just fifteen minutes a day, sharing something funny or unique you saw, along with some of your own social blog posts, then you’re already going in the best possible direction for inevitable and exponential online success!

(And I applaud you for that.)

Your ability to share knowledge in a way that can entertain some great engagement, and more shares visually will greatly leverage your website and social blog efforts to an all-time high. 

By implementing your own social media blog branding strategy, you can drive an unlimited amount of traffic while building your content over time.

By ignoring social media strategies, your only traffic will then be 100% based upon organic google search results alone. This will take quite the time to begin ranking if ever.

Hence, if you think online marketing and blogging is coming to an end or a stop, you should know something important… It’s only rising and gaining more increasing importance more than any other job or profession in the world!

Simply because of social media are we able to utilize this to our own unique blog traffic and engagement. Here are the most and possibly only necessary important social blog media traffic mediums to begin leveraging your content traffic with:

1) Facebook

2) Twitter

3) Google Plus

4) Pinterest

5) Youtube

By utilizing these five social medium platforms alone, you can guarantee an influx of traffic with a persistency in your efforts. The engagement you should be able to receive will have the potential of increasing traffic…. dramatically!

Nevertheless, if you look at statistics concerning the amount of traffic driven alone from social mediums such as Pinterest, it can truly shock you.

One consistent problem however, that I alone began to notice overtime was how difficult it can get in gaining new viewers and followers of your content within these platforms. This is easily one of the biggest hurdles we bloggers must all face initially. 

No matter what, remember you have to start somewhere.

Remember that unlike Facebook, the engagement you’ll be receiving won’t likely be from your family and friends, but people across the entire globe! So if you need a good place to prepare, I recommend going here.





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