Social Lead Chief 2.0 Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 12, 2015


Name: Social Lead Chief 2.0social lead chief review: scam or legit?


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This following Social Lead Chief 2.0 review covers in detail what this latest release offers, how it is used, and the objective of this new product.

What Is Social Lead Chief 2.0?

You probably have landed on this review because you’ve been trying very hard to make money in the world of affiliate marketing.

Maybe you have created a website already, maybe not. But this review will show you from start to finish how you can begin creating your own online income, regardless of what ideas you have in mind, and whether you are considering utilizing Social Lead Chief 2.0.

How It Works?

The way one would go about utilizing Social Lead Chief 2.0 works primarily on CPA – The acronym for Cost Per Action, and is essentially, an affiliate marketing method of being able to create your own online income.

However, there is just one big, big trouble that immediately gets in our way, or atleast did for me, once a time, back in the day, when I was just getting started as an online marketing affiliate and really didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing. I thought I did, but eventually learned, and realized, without any quality or valuable traffic, I would achieve absolutely nothing.. That’s right no traffic, no sales, no anything.

Therefore, to begin utilizing a product like Social Lead Chief 2.0 without any true basis nor foundation on the web, is beyond pointless.

This review would like to help you fix that.

But first, lets go into some more details about Social Lead Chief 2.0, and whether it is truly legitimate, or just an outright scam!

Social Lead Chief Features Include:

– Ability to create user surveys.

– Website Redirect.

– Create customized landing pages.

– Ability to automatically share landing pages, surveys, and opt-ins, on social media networks.

Social Lead Chief WordPress Plugin

Well now we know that the latest release of Social Lead Chief 2.0, works in the realm of CPA marketing, which is different in a sense, than our average run of the mill, affiliate marketing.

Personally, I have found the basic use of affiliate marketing to be much more effective and legitimate.

Reason being, as you use a CPA network, for example Peer Fly, or some other content monetization system and/or technique, you aren’t exactly offering recommended services or offers. Rather, these are services we see all the time, on literally an everyday basis as a result of this growing way for big companies to become more lucrative.

Therefore, CPA has become a win-win situation for every party.

For individual who is promoting the offer, the website holding all the CPA offers as the middleman between the individual and Fortune 500 company (usually), and the Company willing to pay a pretty penny to get as many people to simply fill out an opt-in form, or download a software for example.

So, while this truly sounds like a fairly easy method and way to make money online, as I previous stated, traffic makes all the difference in the world, and without it, your CPA offer literally won’t do you any good.

Affiliate Marketing More Preferable

Here is why I prefer use of affiliate marketing over CPA and monetization. You see by using affiliate marketing, not only can I promote one product after another that I heartily believe in and can recommend without a single hesitation, but also the money is better!

And that is a big deal to us online marketers, is it not. Therefore, though I was once a heavy avid believer in the use of CPA marketing, I found that I was struggling, much of the reason due to not actually offering what I believed in.

Hence, these offers worked as borderline scams, and to simply create some kind of website, while knowing that the person or visitor on the other end wouldn’t gain anything out of it, made my work and effort all the harder.

Social Lead Chief 2.0 Overview

Soon after, I then came across this amazing product, teaching me start to finish how to start and create my own business. And by doing so, I would be able to attain as much traffic as I wanted and could ever imagine. It was more than a dream come true, but a safe haven as well, simply knowing I could do this online marketing thing for a living.

Ever since having joined, I have not looked back once. Sure I had my doubts here and there, but as a result, I only worked and pushed myself harder. As a result, I am now able to reap the long-term gains produced by my yearning ability to want to learn and put things into motion.

I believe this to be the best way for you and anybody out there as well to make money by using affiliate offers or even any CPA offers.

Nevertheless, read this number 1 recommendation, to get started, and I will be waiting for you on the other side! :)

Thank you for reading this Social Lead Chief review.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below!

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