Social Monkee Scam Review: Is It Legit?

By | February 3, 2015

Product: Social Monkee
Website: www socialmonkee com
Type: Link Building
Price: $7 Including Upsells
Rank: 12/100

What Is Social Monkee?

Social Monkee was a product developed to help provide an SEO solution to website owners through a specific method, known as Link Building.

This review will be covering in detail, todays risks that are now being associated with Link Building followed by my opinion on Social Monkee and a potential traffic building alternative.

What’s Link Building (aka Link Sheming)?

Link building, the one primary product and service offered by Social Monkee is almost somewhat of a ‘cliche’ term for building backlinks.

The supposed benefit of utilizing backlinks is higher ranking in the search engines and ultimately, an increase in traffic.

Problem With Social Monkee and Link Building?

It’s a clear and obvious fact that traffic has become the backbone to our online businesses, which is why there’s no surprise when people tend to turn to services such as Social Monkee for help.

Despite the potential short-term benefits and the simple fact that while Link Building would have worked extremely well in the past (yes, years before Google’s SEO algorithmic updates – Panda, Penguin, etc.), Google’s consistent updating to its search engine essentially provides the service offered by Social Monkee, as entirely useless.

There’s a reason for Google updates in regards to its SEO efforts and one of its primary feats is to boost the SEO, ranking, and traffic of websites who avoid the use of tricks!

If there is any company in the world who is constantly making some of the greatest, newest, most beneficial strides, who would it be.. other than good old Google!

Problem With Social Monkee Backlinks?

Don’t get me wrong, while backlinks can be great for the improvement of your websites SEO, can be just as harmful, if not more when wrongly used.

Thus, Social Monkee’s primary motive in order to attract its latest consumers, is by offering a potentially attractive package consisting of hundreds of invaluable backlinks.

While, there are the right ways of going about attaining backlinks, Social Monkees attempt at offering the “easy way out,” along with their on-going upsells, are the reason to why many popular online users, Webmasters, and bloggers are now aware of the fact that Social Monkee is a scam.

Should You Purchase Social Monkee?

One of the attractive features offered by Social Monkee is its low cost service of 25 offered backlinks a day for just $7. In the world I come from, “you pay for what you get.”

But even worse, is the fact that because Google instantly found out about this SEO “blackhat” technique, was forced to implement its Penguin Update; an update in which one of its dominant focus would be to push back the rankings of websites who were using an abundance of highly-irrelevant number of backlinks.

The Worst That Could Happen?

I’ve heard, seen, and even witnessed plenty of horror stories in which case anywhere from individuals to some of the biggest-named internet corporations had an inevitable drop in traffic and income.

The Result?

Completely going out of business and in some cases, the slight possibility of getting completely removed from Google itself!

Why You Should Avoid Link Scheming!

To date, Google has additionally implemented a section within its own Terms Of Services, which outright says that any attempt in trying to manipulate the PageRank of your website for higher ranking within Google’s SERPS is in direct violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and includes any behavior showing a manipulation of ingoing and outbound links both to and from your website!

Social Monkee Scam Overview

As you can see, there’s no surprise to why Social Monkee services start at the low cost of just $7. That’s the mere result of Social Monkee’s Services being in direct conflict and violation of Google’s Terms Of Services.

Additionally, you will find Social Monkee offering more and more upsells after your first purchase. At this point, the more backlinks you attempt to acquire the more inevitable the risk you’re truly facing of becoming penalized by Google.

What Now.. Is There An Alternative?

Just because there are products and services all over the web trying to scam people from their money by the manipulation of link building services DOESN’T mean there aren’t other alternative, better, and much more legitimate means to attaining traffic both in the short-term, long-term, and more especially and better, for the many years to come.

So, if you are truly looking to find a better means to pursue your online business with plenty of on-going traffic, without unnecessary made purchases, risk, and/or collapse of your business, take a look at this #1 alternative!

Thanks for reading this scam review on Social Monkee, and make sure to check out my top alternative. Also, don’t forget to leave any possible comments, questions, or concerns on Social Monkee below.

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  1. Mike S

    I have used social monkee in the past and I agree with you that their backlinks are low quality. It is advisable to find an alternative to social monkee. Thank you for introducing me to the wealthy affiliate.


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