Steal My System Reviewed – Watch Out For This Funnel!

By | March 28, 2016

Steal My System ReviewedName: Steal My System


Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $9.95 with $29.95 monthly membership fee

Rank: 20/100 – Scam


What Is It?

Watching the introductory video on made me almost feel like I was watching some kind of infomercial that you’d typically see on TV. There is no explanation within the video of how you’ll actually be making money online or what you’d be doing. It’s more of a motivational speech on what you deserve in life and that this Steal My System product can help deliver that.

The product name alone can raise some curiosity. It most-definitely raised mine and everything seemed very cliche in my opinion. Anything that tells you to “copy or steal their system” or to duplicate whatever else they’re doing almost always results in a scam. That goes for online marketing systems that claim to work on automation as well.

In Steal My System we come across a wide variety of red flags that should tell us we should stay away from the system. The most important one being that Steal My System is in-fact nothing more than a funnel into a product called the Vibrant Money System by John Seller.


Price Of Steal My System

Steal My System only goes for $9.95, but claims to really be valued at $399. It also claims that the secret behind this product is actually worth $3,000. Unfortunately we don’t even know what that “secret” is until we actually purchase the product.

Another good indication that Steal My System is indeed a scam is its use of two downsells as soon as you go to exit the page. The price that was once $9.95 to get the system is now only $4.95 to incentivize you to purchase the system before leaving. You can even exit a third time and that price will drop down to $1.95.


How Steal My System Really Works

You might be surprised to hear that Steal My System is nothing more than a funnel into a product called the Vibrant Money System and is a system that also only costs $1.95.

Vibrant Money System claims that it makes you money by helping you get ranked on the top 3 search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and that it can help you properly monetize your website properties by the use of affiliate networks such as, Amazon and Bass Pro Shops. This is all well and fine and in-fact can be a very lucrative way to get your feet wet with affiliate marketing.

Steal My System Reviewed

However, what they don’t tell you or show you what to do is how to actually get ranked at the top of those search engines, which is the biggest and most important piece of the puzzle.

Instead all they are really giving you is a domain name, a free website template, and some SEO marketing tools. It’s not surprising given the fact that this system only costs $1.95. One other thing to note here is that this $1.95 is only giving you access to the systems “free 5-day trial,” so there is no say as to what the upsells are soon as you get into the program.


Steal My System Red Flags:

#1. Only 118 Free Memberships Available – We see this tactic being used all the time in online marketing, especially within binary trading products and is almost a sure sign that system is a scam. This is nothing more than a way to incentivize you to buy the product as soon as you can.

Steal my System Scam

#2. Low Entry Price Point – The fact it uses this $1.95 price point is simply so that you buy the system here and now while making you think you don’t have a whole lot to lose. But once inside the system, you will more than likely be pushed into buying its upsells. This has in-fact become one of the biggest complaints when it comes to Steal My System. Their free 30-minute consultation is instead not much of a consultation at all but more of a sales call to push you into buying into other products and services.

#3. $29.95 Monthly Membership Fee – Failing to cancel your $1.95 trial membership fee will result in your same card being charged $29.95 once that trial is over, every month. The only place we see this being disclaimed to us is on the order form as though it was deliberately added in the tiniest text so that we wouldn’t even see it or pay any attention to it. This is where Steal My System actually gets us and to me is the biggest indication that the system is nothing more than a scam.

Steal My System Price


Steal My System Overview

By now we have gone over many of the red flags involved within the system. From being nothing more than a system to funnel us into another to a system that adds in hidden charges without making it very apparent, it’s hard to believe that Steal My System is actually capable of delivering the goods.

One thing I didn’t mention is its excessive use of testimonials, which try very hard into making us believe the system is legit. We see this being used both in Steal My System and the Vibrant Money System. A lot of the methods tactics here are uncalled for in my opinion and trying to hide the fact that they would be charging us $29.95 without our consent doesn’t make it any better.

When it comes to the systems training it doesn’t seem strong in my opinion and just because they give us a website with a template doesn’t mean we’ll be getting traffic with Vibrant Money System anytime soon. Starting a successful website is like any other business. It takes time, dedication, and hard work and to believe that a system that uses upsells and devious tactics can help us in this endeavor is definitely not the way to go.

Thanks for checking out this Steal My System Scam Review. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!



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