Stella and Dot MLM Review: Should You Become The Next Stylist?

By | December 12, 2015

Name: Stella and DotStella and Dot Business Review


Price: $199 Sign-up Fee

Type: MLM & Affiliate Marketing

Rank: 60/100 – Not Recommended!

Is Stella and Dot a Legitimate MLM Business Opportunity?

Stella and Dot offers not just one opportunity to make money, but two. There is a multi-level marketing option, as well as the option to become an affiliate of Stella Dot. But I would like to take the time to share with you the more popular MLM business opportunity to give you a better idea of how Stella and Dot works.

Stella and Dot could potentially be a great opportunity for those with a passion in jewelry and fashion. They have a great looking website with some good looking products, but when all is said and done, MLM is not for everyone. In order to make this opportunity work, you must be willing to get yourself out there and try and sell the jewelry that you buy.

Basically the way that it works is you buy products on auto shipment at retail cost and then sell it at a markup. In addition to having sell the products offered by Stella and Dot, you can also work on building your downline. To say that Stella and Dot offers an opportunity that requires a lot of hard-work and effort could be considered an understatement. This is a full-time job that requires you getting out of your comfort zone with a long-term plan in mind.

Stella Dot Membership Pricing

Just like any MLM out there, the first step required in getting started with Stella Dot is making an investment into their products. There are onlyStella and Dot MLM Business Review three different starter kits to choose from and the more money you spend, the more products you receive in order to sell. In addition to your initial investment into one of the starter kits, you’ll also be required to renew your yearly membership with a $59 fee.

Stella Dot Starter Kits Include:

$199 Basic Kit – “Samples to wear and share online, and on the go.”

$499 Trunk Show Essentials – “The more you have to show, the more you sell.”

$699 Business Builder – “Quickly grow your business, and your income.”

Stella Dots MLM Compensation Plan


As an “independent stylist,” you will have the ability to earn up to 35% in commissions on your product sales. Also choosing to build your downline is completely optional. It is not necessary, but for those who do it’s important to be aware that you must have first made $500 in personal retail sales, before being eligible for making residual commissions.

If you do so, you can earn an additional 18% off the sales that your team makes. I find this to be a bit more than unfair, given the fact you’re already paying a yearly membership fee investing into their personal products. There is no reason for your own efforts to be taken away from you just to reach a certain quota to be eligible for commissions that your personal downline makes. This is possibly the biggest drawback when it comes to Stella Dots MLM opportunity.

Stella Dots Tools & Training

The tools and training offered within Stella Dots MLM opportunity are pretty typical. They consist of your own replicated website, marketing Stella Dot MLM Business Opportunity Reviewmaterials, and a built-in coaching and support network. There isn’t much else in the way of resources as they expect you to make sales primarily
by what they call a “trunk show.” This requires you to find a hostess willing to host these shows where you’ll then be providing your Stella Dot samples to your friends, family, and neighbors.

The only question I have, is how effective can these trunk shows really be? Of course, it’s nice to have a lot of people in one place looking to buy some new jewelry items. But, how many people can you continually find to host these new shows in your neighborhood and how often will you be needing to do this?

If I had to guess, it would be a lot. Stella and Dot is therefore, not an opportunity for those with a small network, but one that is very large. Not to mention that you probably won’t get by simply by selling off your personal starter kit, but will also need to recruit them into your downline.. Someway, somehow..

Stella Dots MLM Opportunity

When all is said and done, Stella Dot isn’t all that great of an opportunity. It’s very difficult actually, and you’ll be constantly required to purchase inventory and sell them. What happens once you run out of friends and family to turn to? It’s not like they’re going to continually buying jewelry from you.

In order to make a real passive income with Stella Dot, you must do more than simply sell inventory. The real opportunity comes in by building your team and downline, but even then, Stella Dot is still lacking in many areas. These individuals are also likely to run into the same troubles, running out of people to call and sell to.

As a result, they’ll also need to constantly be going out and searching for new people to join the Stella Dot opportunity. Nonetheless, if they’re sales also happen to halt, so will your income. Moreover, Stella Dots compensation plan is very weak. The mere fact you’re required to make $500 in sales every 3 months, before you can be eligible to make any team commissions is a bit over the top. This means that no matter what, you need to reach this $500 in personal sales on a constant basis rather than being able to rely on your team!

I feel that the opportunity to making a residual income with Stella Dot doesn’t exactly feel like it’s really there, and that should be one of the biggest attractions when joining any MLM. The reason I feel like the option of making a residual income is almost absent is because of how hard it is to sell jewelry on a daily basis.

MLM really requires that you attain customers on a repeat basis. Take Kyani for example, or an opportunity like It Works Global that sells health supplements. A lot of the top distributors got there not from continually meeting new people but by finding loyal consumers and team members who order this stuff on a repetitive month to month basis. Simply said, that will be hard to achieve here with Stella Dot.

The best way you can earn a passive income with Stella Dot would be by becoming an affiliate. That is the second option of making money with the company, and requires you have a good looking website that links to Stella Dot. By doing so, making product sales will be a whole lot easier, trust me. But first, you’ll need to learn what it takes to become an affiliate marketer and how you can build and leverage your own website so that it can make sales for you on a regular basis, rather than having to hold house parties and constantly bother friends, family, or even your neighbors!

Thanks for checking out this Stella Dot MLM Business Review. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.


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