STIforp “Profits” MLM Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 25, 2015

Name: STIforp “Profits” Reviewstiforp profits scam review 2015


Owner: Naudar Khazan

Price: $40 One-Time Membership Fee

Including $9.95 Monthly

Rank: 62/100

What Is It?

Stiforp is profits backwards and is an online marketing website teaching people how to make money online. It’s primary focus is on MLM, multi-level marketing and requires you to become a network marketer in order for any of it to be effective.

Stiforp furthermore, includes both essential MLM resources and tools, and was founded back in 2011 by Naudar Khazan. The way you earn money with Stiforp is by recruiting others into the same company.

How Much Is Stiforp?

In order to become an Stiforp member, you’ll be required to purchase a one-time $40 membership fee, along with a $9.95 monthly fee to keep your Stiforp membership active.

This fee will also make you eligible as a Stiforp member earning within their MLM compensation plan.

Stiforp Compensation Plan

Just like the many other countless number of MLM networking programs out there, Stiforp works by having you build your own downline of members. Thus, the more effective your Stiforp team becomes, the more income potential you will have.

The way Stiforp’s compensation plan works like this:

As soon as you are able to activate your Stiforp membership, you will automatically get placed into the Stiforp “power-line,” and from there, will begin to receive commissions as soon as you can refer 3 other members into Stiforp opportunity.stiforp profits scam review 2015

The amount of compensation received will be equal to $2 in commission for the first of those three, and another $1 each for the other two. In addition, you’ll be eligible to receive a quick start bonus for every time you sponsor a brand new member, which comes out to $25 in compensation.

Stiforp Matrix

This compensation plan is therefore reliant upon a 2 by 14 forced matrix system, in which your initial Stiforp power plan is attached to. The earnings are primarily based upon 14 various levels, and a 5-star membership plan.

If you are a 3, 4, or 5 star member you will earn $2.50 per each recruited member, and by filling out the 14 levels of the matrix, your income potential reaches up to $8,191.50.

As a 2 star member, income potential is $4,095.50, and as a 1 star or Distributor, is $2,047.50.

Stiforp’s Marketing Tools

This section provides the most vital and necessary part of the review. So far wstiforp profits scam review 2015e have seen that the Stiforp’s earning potential seems fairly low in comparison to other more legitimate opportunities out there.

In my opinion, without the essential and necessary resources and tools, you could be looking at having a very difficult time, trying to make any income with Stiforp. Nonetheless, here is what included with your membership fee’s:

#1 – Lead Capture Pages:

Here you will obtain access to various capture pages, containing their opt-in forms, along with a personal Stiforp website. This in-turn will allow you to obtain various leads by use of your website or capture page.

#2 – Autoresponder:

Obviously, once you’ve obtained your leads, you will need an autoresponder, which thankfully is provided with Stiforp as well. The autoresponder will allow you to send your own personalized series of e-mails automatically to each and everyone of your targeted leads, helping to boost the chances of your overall membership conversions. In addition, Stiforp contains a set of pre-written messages you can use, instead of having to write your own.

#4 – Flash Movie Presentations:

This is another very essential tool, and a great bonus to the Stiforp opportunity, by giving you a very legitimate way of offering an explanation to what Stiforp is all about. Many times opportunities today, tend to lack proper explanation, and usually will just use some regular ordinary capture page without much information to offer.

By using these flash movie presentations, you will be able to provide better value, and give the consumer a hand in his or her decision. In addition, you will ultimately boost overall conversion rates in the end, and really grab their interest.

#5 – Contact Manager:

You will also obtain your own Stiforp contact manager, which if you don’t know what this is, happens to be an Stiforp software assisting you in tracking your own leads. Ultimately, this will fill you in on where exactly your leads are coming from, helping you to better evaluate, which one of your traffic sources is working the best, and which aren’t working at all.

Another great addition to help you boost conversions. Also, the contact manager feature will allow you to better manage your leads, by deleting them, deciding to contact them, edit them, all with a simple click.

#6 – Video Spokesperson On Your Website:

Here is an interesting feature, which you’ll also find to help you boost conversion, by having a real live person speak to your audience.

This will allow you to better relate to your potential prospects and leads, while helping to give you a better long-lasting impression to each of your contacts.

#7 – Conference Call Bridges:

This feature is another essential item, letting you host your own team call, speaking to your new invitees live. You may host up to 100 new people each call, with unlimited amount of use.

#8 – Private Webinar:

This feature is pretty straight-forward allowing you to present live and hold your own webinars, also holding up to 100 seats, with unlimited use.

Pro’s and Con’s

So far we have covered a great deal of Stiforp including what it is, membership costs, compensation plan, and its various features. But, the real question we all really want the answer to, is if you can make money with this. To answer your question, yes.

However, the answer isn’t so clear-cut, and as a result there are many pro’s and con’s.

First, we know Stiforp is a multi-level marketing company. And, because it is all online-based, we still have some great skepticism, dealing with the fact it could most-definitely be nothing but an online scam or pyramid scheme, and while that may be true, one thing I can tell you is it is better than most opportunities that I research and review, not to mention the 100’s I have tried in the past few years.

One thing I have come to learn however, is in order to make the best of your opportunity you will need more than just will-power and the readiness to succeed, but just as important, you’ll need:

#1 – Solid Support Team.stiforp profits scam review 2015

#2 – Proper Coaching & Mentorship.

#3 – Essential Resources & Tools.

#4 – Worthwhile Compensation Plan.

#5 – Highly Valuable & Trustworthy Opportunity.

Now let’s go over which ones we can check and which we can’t. This will give us a much better sense of what we’re looking for and whether Stiforp can help provide this to us or not.

So do they have a solid support team?


Proper coaching & mentorship?

So, so. I’d give this one a 50/50, though they do offer some valuable training. However, if you have a burning question you want to ask, or need some very specific help, it really does depend upon your Stiforp upline and sponsore.

Does Stiforp carry the necessary resources & tools?

I know this was an aspect we covered a lot previously, and while it seems like the answer is a definite yes, there happens to be just one thing missing. Trust me, if this was not an important aspect, I would not think to mention it. For the most part, Stiforp actually does an excellent job offering highly-valuable and effective online marketing resources. The missing ingredient however, will be covered in the next section of this review.

Does Stiforp have a worthwhile compensation plan?

This is a bit of a tough one to answer. Whether or not the compensation is worthwhile, really depends upon each Stiforp prospect. It also will depend upon the results of your efforts. Unfortunately, I personally find that the compensation tends to be very low here, but luckily this can be replaced with the many resources it provides. However, if you are unable to obtain leads just about everyday, you are definitely likely to run into some trouble.

Is Stiforp a valuable and trustworthy opportunity?

What I mean by this is how people will perceive Stiforp when you present it to them. Because it is MLM, people will lean towards the fact it is likely to be a scam, making it all the harder on you. Thankfully, for the provided website, webinars, live conference calls, and so on, you can use your own personal efforts to help counteract any negative opinion.

Is Stiforp Legit?

Can you make Profits with Stiforp, or not, if so what will it take? Answer – A whole lot of time, energy, and effort. I know this is not what you want to hear. It’s not what anyone wants to hear. But, it is the cold hard truth, and to be able to perceive it as that, will only work in getting you further.

Nonetheless, let me help to simplify this cold hard truth, and break it down into something more reasonable, and understandable.

First of all, just like the many number of other MLM opportunities out there, you’ll need to be a great salesperson and/or network marketer. By being effective at your job, you can either become an excellent Stiforp representative, and winning it all, or losing out completely. It almost seems like its one or the other.

Unfortunately, it’s never as easy or simple as we think. MLM is one of the most, if not the most, difficult opportunity and way of making money out there. The fact people perceive it as scams, does not make it easier.

Furthermore, I will now explain to you the ONE and only missing ingredient you will ever need to make money.. But, to do so, you will need to put in as much dedication, and effort, towards hitting this achievement. The day you do, you won’t regret it.

That missing ingredient, is TRAFFIC!

Without traffic, without visitors, without actual people, seeing what you have to offer, you may as well give up.. At-least if you can understand the high-importance placed on obtaining traffic, you are now going somewhere, and moving in the direction, of making it big online.

But, how does one go about obtaining traffic, and how come opportunities like Stiforp only focus on “resources,” and “tools,” and some nonsense matrix compensation plan?

Because they know, if you know this missing ingredient, you could make money anyhow, anyway you want. You don’t have to focus on Stiforp, but can focus on any opportunity, or none at all. You could make money with amazon, or as a highly legitimate affiliate, leaving this MLM rat race.

Therefore, the conclusion of this review ultimately ends, with this #1 recommended product. Whether or not, you’d like to stick with Stiforp, don’t say I never tried to help!

Thus, in my near 3-year experience of internet marketing, I was unable to do anything beneficial with my constant, non-stop efforts, until I learned about the necessary importance of generating traffic, and offering them more and more value in return.

This all started with this one and only recommended product, Wealthy Affiliate.

So, understand that by joining the Stiforp opportunity, you will be given some great resources and tools, that aren’t provided by the majority of MLM opportunities, but may struggle in the constant generation of traffic. In my opinion, everything and all that you will need to succeed, remains in this one fantastic opportunity. Check it out!

Thank you for reading this Stiforp Profit review, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below.

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3 thoughts on “STIforp “Profits” MLM Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. trev

    Hi I joined Stiforp under the membership of Elliel Morales of Baguio City, Philippines. many of us invested money after that his office was closed and we don’t have any contact of him. maybe You can help us.The money we invested are hard earned and borrowed with interest.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for contacting me Trev. Unfortunately I don’t happen to have any contact information regarding STIforp. I hope everything turns out according to plan however. If I come across anything, I will make sure to let you know!


    2. Earnie Rhyker

      interesting … as Stiforp is still going strong. Joined in October 2013 and love every single bit of it. Office closed? Maybe Elliel Morales scammed you? You can try to contact .. although my response is like 1.5 years late :-p


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