Super Affiliate Warriors Review – Is It a Scam?

By | June 16, 2015

Name: Super Affiliate Warriorsaffiliate marketing


Owner: Bazi Hassan

Price: $1,997

Rank: 28/100 – Scam

What Is It?


Super Affiliate Warriors is a product created by Bazi Hassan claiming to help you earn your first five figure affiliate commission in just 30 days from now. This “get rich quick” mentality is something I’ve come to disapprove of in my few years of online marketing. Despite being a product that revolves around affiliate marketing, the product claims you don’t need to create products, build a website, or partner with others. The oddest part of it all however, is that Bazi Hassan’s Super Affiliate Warriors product consists of 100 different videos and tutorials teaching you to get started. Even if you could get through this in less than a week, your chances of earning a $100,000 income in 30 days seems very far-fetched!

How Much Is It?

What is even more shocking is the boldness Bazi Hassan is able to muster up after his release of Super Affiliate Warriors. I don’t believe any online marketing product out there is worth $1,997 and that’s on the front end alone. Alternatively, Super Affiliate Warriors has the option of two payments of $1,150.

What’s Included?

Super Affiliate Warriors seems to attempt to thrive on including a large number of trainings, instead of just a few that are known to work. This information overload is definitely not a good thing for any newbie who would be better off having a straight-forward approach when getting started online. On the other hand, the support seems to be solid offering:

– One on one coaching

– Monthly webinars

– Live Case Studies

– 24/7 Live Support

In addition, Super Affiliate Warriors (as mentioned) has over 100+ training videos and member only downloads.

When it comes to the training however, I found it to be all over the place. The type of training you can expect, while isn’t out of the ordinary includes:

– CPA Mastery

– PPV Ninja

– MLM Master Warrior

– Instagram Mastery

– Tracking and Retargeting

These are just a few lessons of what you’ll be learning.

What’s The Problem?

The problem with Super Affiliate Warriors is the training. The support on the other hand is solid. But, when you begin to look at the training you start to question.. How can an affiliate marketing product begin to teach items that are all over the place!

First you’re learning about CPA, which is also known as, Cost-Per-Action. This for example is a method that pays you every time an individual does a specific action. This could be filling out a registration form to the purchasing of a product.

Then, you’re suddenly learning about MLM! A totally different item altogether. Despite the attractive residual incomes involved, multi-level marketing is a whole other ball game and takes people years just to get this business going.

Then you begin to get training on how to build an income with social media. With all these different ideas and lessons compacted into one, it’s almost impossible not to get confused.

But the biggest issue here is not even there are so many bundles of training that can literally be learned anywhere online at a cheaper cost, but the fact that it doesn’t matter which route you go. All that matters is the approach to tackling any one of these. For example, rather than placing all your learning and focus on these methods, you’d be a whole lot better off learning how to build a website and gaining traffic. Therefore, when the time comes, you can use any one of these or all these tactics allowing you to properly monetize your content and website.

But Super Affiliate Warriors seems to pay no mind to this and instead requires you to pay even more money, by getting into PPV. While this is a whole new learning experience in itself, only requires you to pay more money! And I am certain that most individuals who are getting started with affiliate marketing aren’t exactly looking to spend every last penny through trial and error.

Super Affiliate Warriors Overview


This is just my opinion. To me, Super Affiliate Warriors is nothing more than a scam, taking loads of information from pre-developed WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers), only to compile them to make a larger higher-priced product. And trust me, there is no product out there even close to being worth $1,997! Will paying this amount of money get you farther in life? While it may seem like it could help, the reality is your success is wholly dependent on you and not on the amount of random information you are willing to learn. Instead, what you need is a fool-proof product that is reputable and already known to work. In my opinion, there is no better way to get than Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for reading this Super Affiliate Warriors Scam Review. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below.





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