Survey Junkie Review: Complete Survey Scam With No Payouts!

By | October 12, 2014

Survey Junkie Review: A Survey Scam With No Payouts!

 Product Name: Survey Junkie
 Price: Free
 Overall Rank: Scam!

What Is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie shows itself as an opportunity for people wanting to fill out surveys for monetary exchange. Although, there is no price to join the Survey Junkie service, the company remains to be a scam as a consequential result of only paying out with potential gift cards and reward points.

Hence, there is no monetary income potential!

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Furthermore, Survey Junkie works as the middle man between the consumer side and actual legitimate survey companies. Therefore, its easy to first-handedly assume that being just a middle man service with no real involvement in the attainment of actual data collection and reselling, it is by no means a legitimate company.

Furthermore, Survey Junkie is not the first survey company to try and take this route in taking advantage of consumers looking to make income online, only to completely scam them in the end.


Survey Junkie Consumer Complaints

As a result of this company not being a true research company, they have been able to easily show that they are by no means legitimate by simply proving it through highly unethical means. Survey Junkie is becoming known for the increasing number of consumer complaints and accusations.

Survey Junkie complaints have been dealing primarily with:

– Random Account Cancellations.

– Withholding of Consumer Payments.

– Spamming Consumers: Not just through e-mail inboxes, but even by phone, and direct-mail!


What Is Survey Junkie Getting Out Of Spamming Their Own Clientele?

Essentially Survey Junkie has been seen to consistently treat their clients with absolute lack of care. Even more is Survey Junkie’s sole purpose in operating is to gain, utilize, and resell your own personal information. As illegal as this may sound, Survey Junkie continues to do this as a means to profit off the Lead Generating sectors.

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As a result of today’s consistent need and use of attaining leads for both online and offline reasons, these leads sold in bulk, can go for a pretty penny! It doesn’t matter who you are, nor where you’re from. The simple fact is your very own personal information is highly valuable to such corrupted company’s like Survey Junkie.


Free Survey Junkie Membership: Why You Shouldn’t Give In!

No wonder they allow consumers to sign-up for free. Nonetheless, this is an absolute terrible method of attaining leads. As a “middle-man survey company,” take into account that most co-operating consumers are almost always usually ready to give away all the personal information about themselves.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Survey Junkie has decided to operate within the “make money survey niche,” as the amount and number of personal information is quite endless. Survey companies such as these are something I’ve always kept a keen eye out for.

Unlike true and legitimate survey companies such as Vindale and other reputable names, companies like “Survey Junkie” and “Get Cash For Surveys” have ultimately followed the footsteps of these companies and fancily advertising itself globally. Simply given the names Survey Junkie and Get Cash For Surveys, it gets even easier to tell that these companies are complete and total scam artists!

Hence, this makes these companies look as though they are legit in the eye of any online consumer attempting to use these means in order to make money. When in reality they are not only far from it, but have nothing to give you in return for your efforts and even worse have no hesitation in giving away all your personal information away for money to help leverage lead generators and sellers.

Nevertheless, the number of schemes and scams today are growing like wildfire given today’s technology.

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Survey Junkie and GetCashForSurveys Overview:

As a result of the above information, its fair to say that both Survey Junkie, as well as, are both scams indeed! Hence, I cannot even give them a single point in their overall rank, as a result of their highly immoral and improper motives. Their desire to simply lure in as many people as possible to their programs, just to get your information, and sell it for their own good, is simply horrendous.

Nevertheless, I can only hope they fall victim by their own immoral demise. I hope you decide in doing the right thing by making sure to never go near such companies, no matter how much in need you are to make money. Instead follow my advice, and I can show you exactly how to start making money online for free by building a website. Sure it might take some work, but in the end it will be worth every minute of your time!

You should also know that I am simply happy to know that you have been appropriately informed in letting you now know what to look out for, the type of survey websites to prevent from joining, and even better, much more legitimate opportunities you should be joining as shown within the post!

Thanks for reading and if you have experienced any negatory consequences from Survey Junkie or any other similar middle man survey companies, please leave a note in the comment section below to help expose these people for they are, as well as to prevent others from finding themselves in a truly unfortunate circumstance.

Just because its being offered for free, doesn’t mean it can be trusted. Always do your due diligence before working with companies like these who have nothing to give in return.

 Product Name: Survey Junkie
 Price: Free
 Overall Rank: Scam!

7 thoughts on “Survey Junkie Review: Complete Survey Scam With No Payouts!

  1. Susan

    Hi Peter

    I just joined it for the first time. I believe it real after reading the comments above.

    Am waiting for the survey

  2. Peter

    Thanks Peter for this review of yet another scam. I have tried online surveys before, but I quickly gave up because of the time it took to complete them for a very small reward. It just wasn’t worth it!
    Anyone who has the time would do much better building a real online business with your #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hello Peter!

      It’s nice to see we have the same name :)

      Anyway thank you for leaving your very helpful input. I agree that online surveys, regardless of the company in charge, is not worth anyone’s time or effort, given the other immense number of legitimate online earning opportunities out there. Just like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate, of which I can completely endorse without any hesitation!

      I hope people will learn a great deal from this, especially those who’ve been lucking out when trying to earn with online surveys. I remember when I first gave it a try it was like spending hours just trying to find one that I could be eligible for. About 99% of the time, I would get some kind of error or notice that I wasn’t! So aggravating.. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your input Peter :)

  3. Daniel Euergetes

    Surveys very often appeal to folks just finding about marketing on the Internet. I too, was one of these back in 2004. I learned very quickly that these simply didn’t pay out anything. They always seem to get your information and even a survey or two from you and tell you that you simply don’t match up for the surveys they give.

    Not to mention, if they are compensating by special offers outside of putting up the money, people who join these things get suckered into the hype, flashy advertising – because unfortunately, it works!

    The vast majority of folks who market on the Internet don’t care about reputation, and for those that do, their advertising campaigns show it. Look at Wealthy Affiliate’s, for example.

    I deal with inferior products all the time, though not survey sites. Even the best of these are a poor way to make money on the Internet and only a very few can actually make full-time incomes off these – usually with tons of work!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Excellent comment and response Daniel.

      I was just responding earlier the exact same thing. Almost 99% of the time you’ll never be eligible to join that survey to begin with. Even worse is you spend so much time after time, filling out all this personal information, and then about half way through, you suddenly have found yourself getting booted out of the survey saying you’re not a match.

      I can completely relate to what you’re saying Daniel and cannot believe these companies have been around for so long!

      No wonder there always seems to be a new survey company opening scamming people left and right everyday. It’s true what you say, that the vast majority have no care at all about their reputation as well, and I think that’s a result of simple selfish greed and having this entrepreneurial power or force over other innocent people selling them on things that are absolutely worthless. I think it is also a result of being able to create any product you want out there without having to put an actual legitimate name or face behind the product. Therefore, that person is able to take people’s cash and in-turn give back a product that has no meaning, almost like the reputation of the seller is a ghost!

  4. Neil

    Hey, Peter.

    During my early days as an online money maker, I explored every avenue possible for earning an income and I found that taking surveys were just a waste of time any way.

    Thanks for sharing this review and just from reading the name of this program, makes it sound like another cheesy scam!

    If people really want to earn money online, Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a legitimate internet marketing training and community to be a part of :D



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