Survey Money Machine Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 12, 2015

Name: Survey Money Machine


Owner/Creator: Hailey Gates

Price: “Free” with a huge catch!

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

Survey Money Machine, a product created and owned by Hailey Gates has operated for quite awhile, since 2005.

However, is Survey Money Machine real, legitimate, or an online scam? That’s what this reviews intends to accomplish and present you with the concrete and truthful facts!

Presently, it seems as though, a new survey product is released every other week. The majority of them, exploiting today’s home-based business and online marketing crowd. Almost ten years now, and yet they are still operating, despite the assumption the product itself is a scam!

Survey Money Machine Review – What Is It?

It is a product that brings up plenty of existing red flags, which is why I went ahead to review this product, despite the many number of reviews out there.

In this post, I would like to better clear up why Survey Money Machine is in no way legitimate, and help you from making the same mistake, so many accidentally make as a result of the numerous false guarantees and promises associated with the product.

Fake Survey Money Machine Claims?

The following Survey Money Machine claims brings up some big red flags that allows us to question the legitimacy of this product and include:

– “How to get paid up to $75 an hour just by taking phone surveys..”

– “How to get paid up to $100 an hour participating in focus groups..”

– “How to get paid to preview movie trailers for $4 to $25 an hour..”

– “How to enter and win sweepstakes for nice prices very few people can even enter…”

– “How to get paid for trying out new products.. an keeping those products as your reward..”

Wouldn’t that be nice?

If I could make $100 every hour by the simple act of taking surveys, which by the way, requires such minimal knowledge, is an unbelievable claim!

In-fact, the majority of these Survey Money Machine claims really do yell out scam. But, how come when using Survey Money Machine, is it free for you to use?

Good question, and the reason being that Survey Money Machine operates by using C.P.A offers, which also stands for Cost-Per-Action. Therefore, you are not actually linked to top paying companies willing to pay you hundreds of dollars just for your opinion, but are rather being redirected to an offer, which in turn pays a good portion of that income to Survey Money Machine.

So Who’s Making All The Money?

Not you, but the actual website in play. Hence, this is not a paying company whatsoever, and are simply utilizing the masses of people, to make money. The way CPA works, is by making Survey Money Machine a middleman between you as the individual consumer and the “fake survey company” in place..

Rather than paying for your opinion, they are paying for your personal information. These funds are directed to Survey Money Machine, instead of the consumer directly.

Survey Money Machine Worse Than Other Companies!

Thus, the reason this company is worse is due to these following reasons:

#1 – They don’t pay out any money to any consumers, users, or those filling out surveys.

#2 – They use the many individuals out there, to make money for its own selfish greed.

#3 – They could care less about lying right to your face, and using you, just to make money for themselves.

Last but not least – They are an outright scam, in which you should have zero to no affiliation with.

Instead, those looking for the most legitimate way to begin making money online, please see this honest review!

How Much Is Survey Money Machine?

Moreover, even though this product is free, my investigative research has proven that none of these claims are actually real, and the guaranteed amount of income is in no way realistic.

Even so, nothing about this product helps justify why you or anyone should buy into this horrible scam.

How Survey Money Machine Works?

The way Survey Money Machine works is very clear.. Unlike other more legitimate survey company and products out there, Surveys Money Machine works by attempting to be this so-called middleman between you and whatever surveys are being offered out there.

Nevertheless, Survey Money Machines has obtained a very bad reputation as a result of their use of over-exaggerated income statements and proofs.

Why Survey Money Machine Is a Scam?

Despite the fact there are a wide number of products very similar in nature to this one product, this survey company has proven to be a scam.

According to consumer complaints this has resulted in nothing but a loss of more time and money, for no reason at all.

Hence, their exaggerated income claims of your ability in attaining over $1,000 per month and more, is merely a schemish tactic to get you to buy into Survey Money Machines hidden CPA offers.

Survey Money Machine Overview

As a result of their wide number of red flags, that include the false use of sponsorships and company trademarks, make this company completely illegitimate and not worth your while.

#1 Income Alternative!

Moreover, many people have found that despite their failed attempt at making money by online surveys, they’ve been better off avoiding such scams altogether. Because of doing your due diligence, I now have a wonderful proposition to make, which I believe may come of great benefit to you, helping you to make your own online income while avoiding any false scams in play.

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Thank you for reading. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below!

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