Team Global Impact Scam: What Is It?

By | January 5, 2015

Product: Team Global Impact

Owner: Shawn Sproul


Price: $18.00

Rank: Scam!

What Is Team Global Impact?

Team Global Impact claims to be one of the best Four Corners Alliance team.

What Is Four Corners Alliance?

An MLM scheme attempting to provide a long-term income opportunity that’s gained more hype, attraction, and growth than most MLM opportunities out there.

Team Global Impact was created to provide struggling Four Corner Alliance team members with better resources to help you as a Four Corners Member recruit more people.

By joining and using Team Global Impact, you must not be a member of Four Corners Alliance, or either sign-up for a new Four Corners Alliance membership with Team Global Impact.

Team Global Impact claims that by joining through Four Corners with them, you can create a lot more income than otherwise, without them.

What You Get When Joining Team Global Impact?

– Free Splash Pages.

– Contact Lead System.

– Basic Training.

What’s Required From You To Earn Money By Joining Four Corner’s Alliance?

In order to earn money, regardless whether having joined through Team Global Impact, or yourself, you must recruit four members.

Doing so earns you $16 in total income.

To keep your income moving along however, you must also help the four whom you’ve recruited to recruit four more each. That is a total of sisteen members in total, providing you $64 in total income.

The Whole Point Of Team Global Impact:

Team Global Impact was nothing but a simple mere creation from a Four Corners Alliance group affiliate member.

The creation of Team Global Impact is purely there in order for him or her to create a better, more organized team within his personal downline. Therefore, for every person who clicks “Sign Up Now” within his Capture Page is automatically taken over to the Four Corners Alliance Group page, where you are expected to pay the one-time Four Corner Alliance fee.

Therefore, for every person signing up through Team Global Impacts page benefits the person at the top who has created this system, and much less benefit for yourself, unless you are able to very effectively get other people to buy into your downline.

Why It Would Be Difficult For You To Sign-Up Members:

1- Getting and finding the appropriate traffic may prove to be hard.

2- Finding people simply willing to pay through the system on first sight is not easy and usually is required to have thousands of daily visitors in order to find a high conversion rate.

3- Most people would find themselves better off joining 4 Corners Alliance without the use of Team Global Impact, especially when all the team has to offer is the same capture page in return.

Hence, I have found both Four Corners Alliance Group, along with Team Global Impact, to provide very, very minimal value.

Feel free to read more on my Four Corners Alliance review here and read some of the many consumer complaints.

Nevertheless, it is best to know and understand what you are getting for what you pay for before joining any online opportunity only to be scammed in the end.

#1 Income-Earning Alternative Opportunity:

For a more solid proof income-earning opportunity alternative, you would be best off creating your own website, with your own traffic, promoting anything you wish. In order to do that, proper guidance and mentorship is highly-effective, and will greatly speed up your process in your online success.

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One thought on “Team Global Impact Scam: What Is It?

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, you’re right, TGI is nothing but a simple mere creation from an affiliate member. However, the team offers splash pages/landing pages where affiliates can display it with their referral link, it’s not always about the person at the top or the who built it, it was built and created to help affiliates who are struggling to find prospects, or don’t have any idea at all on how to build pages of their own.

    P.S. I’m not a member of TGI


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