The 7 Minute Paycheck Scam Review! “Make $3k/Week Typing..”

By | December 30, 2014

Product: 7 Minute Paycheck
Price: $12
Rank: Scam!

What Is 7 Minute Paycheck?, is simply a website intended on scamming people looking to work from home. Whether it be as an affiliate marketer, network marketer, home-based business, or simply a self-employed entreperneur, the main fact here is that 7 Minute Paycheck is a scam that truly works on exploiting the large growing number of online marketing newbies.

There currently 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of legitimate looking type online products guaranteeing you to earn thousands of dollars from home, the majority of which depend upon your initial willingness to invest money into their so-called “secret money-making system!”

7 Minute Paycheck False Claims:

This company’s website is used to claim individuals the ability to earn without the use of…

– Selling

– Advertising

– Media Buying

– Recruiting

– Blogging

– Forum Posting

– Article Writing (Including “spinning” and/or “submitting”)

– Surveys

– Paid To Read Programs

Lastly, the company claims that..


Sound professional enough..? Case closed, right! :)

Seven Minute Paycheck Scam Review!

Let’s dissect this company just a bit more.

Essentially, 7 minute paycheck is promising you the ability to earn money through some hidden method, by having simply crossed out the 7 major ways and methods of how people do earn legitimate incomes today.

The company goes on to claim that all you need to do in order to earn through seven minute paycheck is to simply:

Step #1: Spend just a few minutes of your day.

Step #2: “Start typing a few things..”

Step #3: Make a few clicks.

Apparently that is all the information this big scam intends on giving to its audience.

So how can we know for sure Seven Minute Paycheck is a scam?

By taking a look at the big waving red flags!

7 Minute Paychecks Use Of False Trademark Advertising!

The very first thing the visitor sees on the very front and top right of this website are the false and illegal use of trademarks. Any and everytime I see this being used I always tend to write a review on these types of scams.

The first reason being that this type of false advertising can prove very powerful to people not so privy to the online marketing world.

The second reason being that many people actually will buy into this program, especially if the price is low. In this case, 7 Minute Paycheck will only scam its consumers from $12. Although, it’s still worth spending some time reviewing it.

If it can help 100 people a week, that means, $12 x 100 people = $1,200 saved!

Right?! :)

The third reason being, there is no better way than to help the world of online scamming, by helping you from making a truly regrettable decision and the mere fact I believe more companies using false trademark advertising must be exposed for the true scams that they are!

False Proof Of Legitimacy

Moreover, 7 Minute Paycheck uses these false trademarks, as a way to falsely prove legitimacy, and to additionally force people into thinking:

“oh well, if it was really seen on these companies, than they’ve got to be legit.. right?”

Hence, with that thought being embedded into your mind, as a reader reader will inevitably continue to read the seemingly never-ending sales page, convincing you just how easy it is for you or anyone else to make an online income.. that is by:

“spending just minutes out of your days,”

” typing a few words,”

“and making a few clicks!”

Trust me, if it were truly THAT easy, the whole world would be RICH!

Any and every experienced marketer will tell you off the bat, that this is no way a trusted method of making money online. In-fact its one of the better ways to having found yourself get scammed. No worries if that is the case, as online marketers, it is not rare these days.

I believe we all get our fair share, but if we are true to ourselves and can set aside all the hype, and create some legitimate goals, that they can be successfully achieved!

Fact is, the whole world is not rich, and if the product 7 Minute Paycheck were to get the leverage by being advertised on..

– USA Today



The three biggest news sources in the United States.. Figures!

Then you would truly be hearing of it, or have heard of it. My guess is that, the news was not your source of first hearing of this system!

Rather, it was made by an accidental stumble across their sales page in an attempt to make an online income, which by the way is by no means unattainable, if and when done correctly.

How To Make Proper Online Living?

You can truly make a wonderful living online. But a few things must happen in place before you can reap the rewards.. These include:

#1 Building Your Website.

#2 Creating Content.

#3 Attracting Visitors, Readers, & an Audience.

#4 Advertising Products Onto Your Website!

Now I know the feeling.. Creating a website truly can seem intimidating at first thought, or glance!

However, there is a simple way of going about this, and that is by simply following proved step-by-step training, that will help you earn an income for as long as you can remember.

Comparison of 7 Minute Paycheck Scam & Wealthy Affiliate’s Legitimate Product!

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