The Absolute Profits System Review – Does It Work?

By | June 26, 2015

Name: The Absolute Profits Systemabsolute profits system scam review


Owner: Sean Hyman

Price: $149 annual subscription

Rank: 50/100 – borderline legit


What Is It?

The Absolute Profits System by Sean Hyman is a stock investment program. What he does is analyze current stocks and every year alert you of 24 to 36 of his own recommended stocks. One of the few reasons I found it necessary to look deeper into The Absolute Profits System is because of Sean Hyman himself. While some may see him as a potential expert in the stocks area, others may see him as nothing more than an online marketing guru telling you what you want to hear.

His previous product, otherwise known as The Biblical Money Code immediately raised some red flags. This was a product by Sean Hyman who rather than just using his so-called “expertise” in stocks rather seemed to find a loophole to teach people how to make money by the use lessons in the Bible when tackling new stocks!

It taught you that by using the principles in the Bible like always giving some of what you earn, not obsessing over money, and other principles used by the Apostle Paul, King Solomon, and even Jesus of Nazareth, you could become financially free.

While I agree to a point, whether this actually relates to the investing of money in stocks, is really up to you to decide!

How Much Is It?

The Absolute Profits System is set at reasonable price of $147 annually. After having paid this fee, you are given a 90 day period to determine for yourself whether or not, Sean Hyman’s publication and stock recommendation sounds reasonable. I guess the real question here is whether the Absolute Profits System truly works or not.

How It Works?


The first thing Sean Hyman does and teaches you is how to look at stocks by looking at its Fundamental Analysis.

Basically you are analyzing the type of company it is, the foundation it was built on, and whether it is strong enough to overcome an economic downturn. These are the questions a person should be asking themselves before investing in any stock.

The next piece of the investment puzzle is Technical Analysis.

In this step, by using trend analysis, relative strength gauges, and moving averages, we can then use these to better identify the best time to purchase a stock. Sean Hyman uses his own Relative Strength Indicator which he uses to predict the best time in which you should enter the stock market.

Last but not least is Sentiment Analysis.

In this analysis, Sean Hyman looks more closely into any fluctuations in the companies management itself. If for example, they missed a quarterly projection or something occurs where everyone suddenly sells their shares and the price drops, then he can determine whether it’s a good time to get into the market or not.


– Can be good for beginners who want to know more on how to actually invest into a stock.

– Potentially good source for stock recommendations.

– Initial overhead capital requirements can be quite high.

– 90 day money back guarantee.

– Ability to learn how Sean Hyman looks and analyzes stock trends in detail.


– There is no guarantee that the system works.

– Many consumers have complained that the system has actually caused them to lose money.

– Many of his picks underperform as well, so this product involves plenty of risk and can take time to see returns and see if it works.

– Best not to solely rely on Sean Hyman’s judgment. Of course, you’ll have both losses and wins.

Just like any investment opportunity, you are guaranteed to have both ups and downs. What the Absolute Profits System does is a give not only help give you a better understanding of stock analysis, but Sean Hyman’s own personal recommendations into which stocks to buy, when to buy, and sell.

Whether it works or not can’t be answered with a straight-forward response. Investment will always be a risky situation and opportunity. Absolute Profits System can help you learn more and find ways of minimizing the risk in order to maximize profits in the long-run.

What Absolute Profits System is not, is a scam. Sean Hyman seems to do a good job in his publications release. He is very thorough and provides some excellent customer service. He never seems to hype his reasoning and basically just tells it how it is. If you’re looking for a good way to learn more about stocks, when and how to invest, along with some stock advice here and there, then this may be a product worth investing in.

On the other hand, the Absolute Profits System is not a product I would want to buy for the sole purpose of making money right away. If there is anything that we can take away from this Absolute Profits System review is the fact Sean Hyman would not be doing all this stock analysis for us if he could just do it himself only to come out on top.

Buying into the Absolute Profits System as a way to try and predict the future and outcomes may just be nothing more than a waste of time. As a learning experience, it is great, but not as a source for guaranteed income. Some may even categorize it as hype, since in his video’s he seems to repeatedly show the same graphs over and over.

Last but not least, the Absolute Profits System has never been mention or existed on Wall Street, so I don’t know why he is trying to link the two.. Perhaps more profits? If we can’t trust what he says about the product, then how can we go on to trust his stock recommendations?


Take note, the risk is inherent and not all his stock recommendations work as predicted. If you want to learn to make money without this type of risk, and interested in building a viable online business, click below to see what I recommend!

Thanks for reading. If you’ve had any experiences with the Absolute Profits System, please share your comments with us below.



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4 thoughts on “The Absolute Profits System Review – Does It Work?

  1. Mark Monteleone

    I am in his Ultimate Wealth Report. He does a tremendous amount of research and looks at the market long. He is more of a Warren Buffet type of investor, looking for good PE’s and dividends, looking for 1 and 2-year positions. If you are looking for intraday trading and selling short picks, this is not his offering. My experience has been good with UWR and would recommend Sean Hyman to anyone willing to learn, is patient and isn’t looking for quick easy gains. He is more of a person that manages your portfolio using diversification and wealth preservation methods.

  2. R Wolff

    This guys stock picks were horrible this past year(2014-2015). While the stock market was booming he recommended a lot of commodity stocks that were beaten down,but these stocks continued to drop further from his buy price. When he sold stocks many had lost money and only very few had minimal profits. His portfolio in absolute profits was very depressed when I stopped reading his newsletter- these stocks have plummeted since the last quarter of 2015 into 2016. His advice can’t be trusted- beware. Little recourse by the consumer if you place all your eggs in his basket.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yeah Wolff, I can definitely see that being the case and am glad you were able to confirm my suspicions within The Absolute Profits System. It seems the only thing he’s doing is providing you with random stock picks without any kind of validated research beforehand.


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