The Apple Stock Robot Review: Why It Doesn’t Work..

By | June 6, 2015

Name: The Apple Stock RobotApple Stock Robot Review


Owner: Gunnar Erikkson

Price: Minimum $250 Deposit

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

The first thing you need to know about Apple Stock Robot is that it is in no way affiliated with Apple. That is why you’ll rarely see the use of the real apple logo as this is trademark infringement.

Apple Stock Robot Review


Nevertheless, The Apple Stock Robot is a binary options trading program guaranteeing you’ll win millions of dollars by simply using this system. There are a lot of red flags however, that point this in the direction of being a possible scheme.

How Much Is It?

The first thing is price. Although, not blatantly stated on the website itself, in order to activate your binary trading account you’ll need a minimum $250 balance just to get started. This balance will then be dispersed into various trades of your liking.

How It Works

Many binary trading schemes have been hitting the market as of lately, yet none of them ever seem to work. In the case of Apple Stock Robot, the company really puts the Apple company under the spotlight. Yet despite Apple’s cunning reputation and growing popularity across the world, any short-term binary trades on Apple itself may not be such a great idea.

Unlike stocks, binary trading rarely relies on the historical aspects and figures relative to its future direction. And the reason being that it is so volatile and so short-term in nature, that its predictability is merely impossible.

It is so low in-fact, your chances of winning or losing the trade is just under the 50% mark. Therefore, in a way it is like gambling and the risk of losing is nearly inevitable.

Apple Stock Robots Red Flags

Nevertheless, here are some reasons Apple Stock Robot can be considered a scam. As you’ve probably seen, the company takes no precautions when trying to sell you their product. Anything that makes it seem potentially more attractive, no matter whether its true or a lie, is used.

Red Flag #1 – First biggest red flag of course is the use of “Apple.” While it takes a different direction and approach than most of todays binary trading schemes, its use still won’t make a difference in its attempt to minimize your losses.

It does not matter which binary trading option you choose, as each one is a gamble regardless, and the risk remains the same. In addition, lets also just clear the air here – Apple Stock Robot has zero affiliation with Apple.

Red Flag #2 – Another huge red flag that is being used here and that I have seen in other binary products is its use of a “Personal Invitation Code.” Despite how special this would make a person like myself feel, it’s important to note that this has been a feature designed to attempt to instill a sense of trust and uniqueness to the product.

Unfortunately, not only does the Apple Stock Robot not even work as claimed, but the only step required here is to remain on the page for about five minutes or so. And then you will see a popup that looks exactly like the one below. Therefore, we can safely say here that this code is not unique to the product at all and simply used to gather more sales.

Apple Stock Robot Scam Review

Red Flag #3 – Along with the invitation code is the “APL Stock Watch,” which you will see pop-up to the left of the page. This is designed to incite excitement by showing you Trade Volume and Total Withdrawals from the APL Bot. These numbers are in the millions and should in no way be trusted. In addition, you’ll notice the numbers just keep on rising. This is nothing more than a simple counter widget.

Apple Stock Robot Scam Review

Red Flag #4 – The most annoying aspect you’ll find when trying to enter this system is its third pop-up. This highly intrusive feature is nothing more than a salesy pitch and video. Every time you attempt to close it, it pops right back up.

Apple Stock Robot Scam Review

Red Flag #5 – Last but not least, is the man himself behind this whole scheme, Gunnar Erikkson who claims to have scoured millions upon millions of dollars with the Apple Stock Robot product alone. If this fact isn’t misleading enough, I’m not sure what is. You see the problem with this, is if he’s making millions with Apple Stock Robot, then why go ahead and release this product at all. Why bother..?

Apple Stock Robot Overview

I have yet to discover a binary option trading scheme that is this blatant in its attempt to lure and trick you and I have reviewed many of these. Despite this websites slick and familiar “Apple” look, there is unfortunately nothing attractive about this product. In-fact it is very obtrusive, and forward with nothing to offer but to take your money.

You will even see on the bottom, if you look closely enough, that they themselves disclaim that the risks are inherently high. This alone is odd, seeing how it is not mentioned on the main page and content itself. Instead the only thing you see are a bunch of dollar signs and this false guarantee to make you millions.

Apple Stock Robot Scam Review

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Thanks for reading this Apple Stock Robot Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

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