The Authoritative Role Webinar Review

By | August 8, 2014

An excellent webinar hosted by Jay, once again.Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 9.59.25 PM
What better way to learn about todays recent Social Media Platforms in ways you’d never know could help leverage your entire reach.

This Wealthy Affiliate Webinar, was much more helpful to myself, than last week’s, discussion on the amazing benefits of using images in content, intentionally leading to higher Google rankings.

For those interested, you still have one remaining option; go check out the pre-recording before its too late! :)

Reason being why I liked today’s webinar over last week’s was because I already knew about utilizing images and the basic coding and html involved in helping my website rank. 

I feel like everyday I have an opportunity to create something incredible, even if its just for my viewing, as I know it can and will be continually built upon.

And even more, I love having a community of people at my sides 24/7. Its the best!

What I hate, is my stubbornness, as I know if I had joined the first time, second, even third time I came across, I’d be on my way to doing things a hundred thousand times greater.

But nevertheless, you see here, the thing about Jay’s webinars, are they are helpful regardless of marketing expertise and levels. I could care less if you are a rookie, or , the most expertise online marketer, as he will always, and I mean always, have one great GOLDEN bullet nugget to help you dominate and crush the online marketing scene, which in-turn will begin to create sparkling light bulbs around your head, making you feel like Christmas is around the corner.

Nevertheless, I rate this webinar 9 out of 10.

Make it a 9.5. Only thing I wish was expanded upon were tips on gaining more Google + followers. Although, Jay did nonetheless, provide excellent pointers in helping to gain any person’s attention.Defining Your Authoritative Role Webinar
Warning!! If you continue to utilize your style of writing, it may never be “conversational” enough. If that happens I promise, your overall social media experience won’t matter. The necessary exposure to your website, in order to make above and beyond a full-time income, is crucial when Google begins ranking your website, and eventually making you “the authoritive” niche figure; a term Jay despises, as well as myself now. It’s too domineering. It’s too dominant. And it doesn’t rhyme well with our friendly term, “niche.”

Whether you’re in the “Online Marketing Build A Business,” niche with 3 million other competitors, it makes no WealthyAffiliate GoToWebinar Free Registerdifference.

Wealthy Affiliate can really make you wealthy, DESPITE your niche, and the myths every single other damn community online has told me….. Grr!

“Oh well that niche is too complicated..”

“That niche is way too competitive, no way can you compete in that”

“Yeah okay? you think you’re going to make money online with ALL those websites..”

Well look at me now, with a website created two weeks ago, with almost 50 comments, and is receiving daily traffic. You want to know how this happened? By throwing away me ego and arrogance.

The possibility to stand out and among your competitors can be done so easily, especially by simply attending Jay’s webinars. His information is second to none, and not to mention, is by far one of the most conversationalist speakers I’ve yet to meet on the web (and I have met many).

If you’re still asking what community I’m talking about, then hurry up, and GET IN here! We could never exclude you! C’mon now.. :) Join the fun, and let’s go.

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