The Crazy Cash Club Review: Legit or Scam?

By | December 26, 2014
Product: Crazy Cash ClubCrazyCashClub Scam Review: Is It Legit?
Website: crazycashclub com
Price: Free To Register; 
        $150 - $200
Owner: Unknown.
Rank: Scam! - 5/100

What Is Crazy Cash Club?


Presently, Crazy Cash Club is an MLM based opportunity that is still in pre-launch. By registering for this opportunity you are able to secure your position under a certain sponsor into a downline.

This gives you as a Crazy Cash Club member the ability to freely promote your own unique affiliate link, allowing you to build your own team of members.

Crazy Cash Club – Nothing More Than The Everyday “Get Rich Quick Scheme”?


By taking a look into the opportunity, we’ll be able to come up with an honest verdict concerning the overall legitimacy of

Currently we have a basic understanding of this opportunity and we know that the company has yet to officially launch.

I believe one of the best close-to definitive proof we have to giving an honest rating to Crazy Cash Club is by looking into the following:

What the company’s earning claims are..

The legitimacy of these earnings.. Do they sound realistic?

Overall value of the final product/service offered..

What the actual products/services are offered?

How they currently promote & advertise themselves to others..

Example: Why Crazy Cash Club has decided to use this certain “pre-launch” method of getting its name out?


Crazy Cash Club Earnings: Legit or.. Scam?


By looking into the amount of income Crazy Cash Club claims that you can earn will most-likely lead us into the right direction of whether we would want to give any or all of our time into this product. Personal experience has time and time again, shown that even the smallest claim of an unrealistic amount of income can prove ahead of time the companies lack of sufficient value in its resulting products and services.CrazyCashClub Scam Review

A result of the products potential suffer from any real value, can cause a total misuse of the way they resultantly advertise themselves.

The majority of the times, whether intentionally or not, will force the company to use the initial product to create something of more and better value.

The way that this is done is by a simple little implementation of a whole MLM and/or network marketing opportunity.

Almost 100% of the time, such completely reliant MLM products will greatly over-exaggerate the amount of income you can earn.

CrazyCashClub Earning Claims Of $120,000 First Year!


One of Crazy Cash Club’s very first statements on the capture pages provided to its MLM users and downline is the fact that you can earn $120,000 ” Your Very First Year.”

The second statement says, “Get $16,000 Your Very First Day. Find Out How!”

But, rather than telling you how, before having to enter any personal information of yours, CrazyCashClub fuels you into wanting to know more by having your e-mail used for the companies autoresponder, thus making you a potential customer who can be contacted, and potentially sold to, for life.

Crazy Cash Clubs Capture Pages – True Motive?


Most legitimate companies would use its capture page to tell you something about the company and how you can earn.

Instead CrazyCashClubs primary motive here is to simply attain your information, and get you interested into an opportunity, that you will find out offers nothing more than one of the most difficult ways and methods, of earning any income online to begin with.

CrazyCashClub Still In Pre-launch..!


This so-called “pre-launch,” occurs every once in a while with companies such as this. And it is simply an MLMCrazyCashClub Prelaunch Review advertising tactic used to hype up the crowd, while allowing the company to begin building the most massive amount of traffic possible, before ever having to open its doors to the public, or releasing any information about its earning opportunity.

This was a HUGE tactic that also has spurred the growth of iPAS2 by Chris Campbell, which is now widely known as one of today’s biggest online MLM scams.

The use of this “Company Pre-launch” tactic also gives its consumers who are interested in earning online, more than one chance of registering for free. In online marketing, advertising statistics will show you that it takes on average atleast five to seven times of exposure, before an individual will join this type of company.

Hence, the longer the Pre-launch is stretched out, the larger the Crazy Cash Club consumer base will inevitably grow, and will be done so exponentially!

For every 1 person that joins, increases the potential value and income produced by Crazy Cash Club, most of which all resultantly belongs to the owners and producers in charge.

Crazy Cash Club Advertising Ploys & Red Flags.


Still thinking about joining?

I wouldn’t!

Not only are you wasting your time, money, and whatever other resources you have, but you are giving leverage to a company that has not done anything at all to deserve it. Here are some additional red flags that should probably have you think twice:

1) “Make 1.2 Million Your Second Year”

2) “Be First Before One Million Members”

3) “Big Big Money even if you sponsor NO ONE”

These 3 additional claims puts the company in an even darker light. In-fact, if I was still an online marketing newbie, I would feel ridiculous signing up for a company claiming me these things.

Obviously, we would probably want to question ourself, well if so many other people are doing it, and are ready to hit this jackpot, “why can’t I?”

CrazyCashClub Review: Is It Legit?

That’s the exact kind of attitude this capture page is trying to instill within its members. The fact that if one million people are willing to go at this million dollar opportunity, “I shouldn’t miss out, right?” Wrong! :)

CrazyCashClub MLM Scheme..?

You should miss out. I know you might want to believe otherwise however, the one thing people willing earn online fail to realize, is this one fact – that MLM online companies, such as CrazyCashClub are primarily promoting itself, in order to advertise its own products and services to you later on.

That’s right.. The more names and e-mails the company can obtain, the more likely CrazyCashClub’s owners will hit its jackpot, and by the time everyone begins yelling scam left and right, it won’t matter at all!

By that time, Crazy Cash Club will have likely retired, or moved on to create a whole new marketing scam. Nevertheless, the case brought to us by Crazy Cash Club, presents to us a very low convincing potential earning opportunity.

For one the information is dull, slim, and weak. We’re not even told much, about what’s to be launched. And its advertising is purely living upon these measly weak stated claims like:

Be First To Grab

All The Cash You Want!

Overall Verdict & Overview:


It is clear as sky and day to me as to what CrazyCashClub is trying to achieve. Does that include trying to help the masses? Answer – no! In-fact the company’s simply using the masses to attain as much crazy cash as it can for itself. The mere fact they are also using this method of being in “Pre-Launch,” giving people something to really look forward to is a great misuse of false hope, that may also be seen in my iPAS2 Review here. As my verdict remains correct with them, so I believe it to be with Crazy Cash Club also.

Verdict: SCAM!
Rank: 5/100

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