The High Traffic Academy 2.0 Scam Review

By | February 18, 2015

high traffic academy scam reviewName: High Traffic Academy 2.0

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Website: hightrafficacademy com

Price: $997

Rank: Scam – 10/100

My Personal Experience With High Traffic Academy

When I first came upon one of Vick Strizheus’ first products, I was still a rookie in the world of internet marketing. While, many of my initial attempts to making online money never seemed to go my way, I felt High Traffic Academy could become the one product I needed to see success.

As a result of many online scams I endured, I finally thought I found the missing sense of trust in Vick.. One that had me feel overwhelmingly confident that his product would be the last & best way to make as much money online as I possibly could!

Vicks High Traffic Academy Videos:

In-fact Vick and his videos, the way he worded his speech, and all of the unfortunate fake glamour that had followed, made the sincerity of his initial promise turn out into a completely flawed and hopeless fluke!

Needless to say, success wasn’t the case.. And not just for me, but the many other countless students being coached by Vick live!

Once I saw Vicks upgrade of High Traffic Academy to 2.0, I felt in a way, ecstatic and relieved.. In the sense that by 10-months later, I’d find myself working with a legitimate online marketing company turning me into more than a simple hopeful entrepreneur, but one who would be creating valuable assets and getting onto a long-term path to success. <– Feel free to check this out in your own spare time!

The finding is a fortunate result from an unfortunate circumstance I found while being involved in with High Traffic Academy  – Where its guarantee of promises would become impossible to deliver and where I’d finally learn and come to understand the feeling of being scammed!!

The High Traffic Academy 2.0 Review!

This review is more of a mix between my personal experience with Vick and High Traffic Academy, followed by a resulting overview of the product.

And while it may feel a bit biased, understand the reasoning is due to that personal experience as well as getting a number of opinions and complaints from other likewise High Traffic Academy consumers.

As for the overall verdict: Disappointment.. across the board!

What Is High Traffic Academy?

Essentially, it’s a highly over-priced product with plenty of information to deliver, but more than enough flaws one could feel enabled to title as a scam.

The product thus delves right into the world of PPC marketing. And while the product itself comes across as expensive, the costs of the measures you’ll be taking, simply in order to test drive your personal PPC campaigns aren’t even close to the initial $1,000 fee you’ll be taking for the course!

Vick Strizheus nevertheless, takes an unusual angle when going about the promotion of his High Traffic Academy product by telling you how difficult it will be for you to achieve traffic “legitimately,” by creating your own personal website.. This is something that at the time made me feel a website would not be a necessity to make money online.

My thought was, if Vick could be making all this money without relying on one, then why would I! (Stupid me.. If only I could see all of Vick’s profits and proceeds, whether going into his own pocket or his PPC campaigns, ALL came from his H.T.A consumers!)

Who Is High Traffic Academy For?

It was only 3 weeks later after vigorously studying, taking notes, while trying to understand his insanely complex processes, when I found High Traffic Academy to be unusually tailored to the kind of person who was highly experienced and has plenty of money to spend.

These TWO highly required necessities essentially are not even accounted upon.. As though Vick could care less at what stage or point you are in your internet marketing career.. And as a result tries to flood his product in with consumers from all areas of life and with people who are simply not yet prepared to take on such an enormous and big task!

One that I felt inherently takes on plenty of risk for an online marketing rookie who couldn’t even build his own website at the time!

High Traffic Academy Consumer Complaints..

I was much less shocked by the training in which he so over enthusiastically spoke of, and more shocked of his tenacity in claiming that absolutely anybody and everybody can make money with his secret method.

The constant hype and buzz that surrounded every word that came out his mouth seemingly made his crowd all the more irritable and on the verge of dropping it altogether!

High Traffic Academy Price?

While I am sure Vicks High Traffic Academy Pay Per Click traffic methods are likely to somewhat work (depending), he fails to explain until the very end how you will need a budget of somewhere along the lines of $2,000, a minimum “just getting started” deposit in his recommended advertising networks!

Nevertheless, no matter how you intend on using the information provided by this unnecessarily high-ticketed priced course, I found it important to reveal that his $1,000 worth secret, is not solely useless, but an entirely unfounded method for online marketing beginners and experts alike.

The last thing I wanted revealed to me after learning every B.S. “secret” of Vicks PPC methods was that rather than being able to create and manage my own $100 online marketing campaigns, that I would need thousands of dollars for a budget just to get going!

Last but not least, despite Vicks attempt to deceive you into his “Super Successful and Secret PPC” methods are something that I eventually overtime came to learn are not so secret at all. And in-fact, was something even I could produce the same exact results with, if only I had come across my one legitimate online marketing product and platform sooner!

What a truly incredible difference that would have made.

Vick’s High Traffic Academy Overview!

I hope this post gives you all the insight in the world so that my own personal experience in trying out High Traffic Academy 1.0, wouldn’t have to go in the waste bucket! Anyway, there are plenty of reasons of why you should stay far away from High Traffic Academy 2.0.

But because of all the information let me repeat why:

#1: It’s $1,000!

#2: Vick’s not a trustworthy mentor!

#3: Even for marketing experts, they’d know even this kind of information is a rip-off (p.s. there’s no REAL secret – you just have to take action, the right way, and not by spending a grand to do so!)

#4: Vick according to recent development created his own blog and website (I know, wow!).. Hence, proving the vital fact his contradictory statements of having one being useless! As I stated his false prediction with the fact getting traffic to your own website is almost impossible, couldn’t be anymore wrong!

#5: There are way better product alternatives out there

And while I do know they only make up 1% of the internet marketing world, it is a result of finding that 1% legitimate product that gives reason to why only 1% of the Online Marketing World.. Is actually Successful!!!

He simply never learned how to make it work for himself, until now apparently. Thus, giving him all the reason in the world as to why this mans involvement with some of the most obscene scams on the web (e.g., Empower Network) is not surprising by any means.

(Vick’s New Blog:

If you would like to learn, and know where I found the most and best legitimate place to begin creating my own substantial online income, make sure you check out my recommended alternative review!

This not only blows Vicks High Traffic Academy product out of the sky… But, will actually get you results, yield you crazy traffic, and an insanely high income!

You’ll be so glad I shared this, you may end up wondering how this guy here is so incredibly helpful & sharing :)

By the way, as my motto goes, You Don’t Need To Spend a Fortune, To Make a Fortune! So go get ’em tiger and hope this will save you $997 in advance, hundreds of hours in precious time, and a wonderful online marketing career to get your right foot on.

Thanks again guys and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, then do let me know!

30 thoughts on “The High Traffic Academy 2.0 Scam Review

  1. Phil

    Hi I have been watching Vicks YouTube videos over the last couple of days and was really taken in by them thank you for your reviews and comments I think you’ve just save me making a big mistake thanks again Phil

    1. ashley

      I was actually an elite member at HTA for a year and nothing was being taught, at first i was really taken and motivated , but alas vick strizeus was always making big FAKE promises and never really showed the real way to actually earn online. He was just introducing new expensive courses and was trying to sell it

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Thanks for the comment Ashley and sorry to hear you got caught up in HTA too. Hopefully we can all learn from our mistakes and move forward!

  2. Greta Lamfel

    Hi. So now they are paying people to submit positive reviews on Vick, Jason and HTA. I smelled a rat when the lady named Holly asked me to submit a positive review within 3 days of getting the website URL. If it was such a good product there would be no need to ask for a review to be positive! Scam…..

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Well that really backfired. The more appropriate thing to do would have been to tell you to write an unbiased review, as you said. Instead all that made you want to do was expose the truth behind HTA. Funny how that works and thanks for sharing your input Greta.. It was very helpful!

  3. Geoffrey Cooskon

    I have been trying to get a refund from HTA for over a month without success. They talk about a great support team and guarantee money back. I was billed for $197 and $297 in February and they still are refusing to refund my money.

    The email below says 3 Mar and the date of writing this is 14 Mar and I still have got no refund. If you cannot trust the support team or the information on HTA website then there is something amiss. Vick is a great salesman but I have been left sadly disillusioned by HTA and I will never ever purchase a product from an American VEDOR again.

    Amanda Alvarado (Support Team) (High Traffic Academy)
    Mar 3, 19:24

    Hello Geoffery,

    Thank you for contacting support.

    I have process your cancellation.
    Your request for the refund will
    reflect in your account within 5-7 days.

    Have a great day!

    Support Team

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry to hear you got sucked into High Traffic Academy. It’s unfair to have to pay that much for a product that doesn’t even work. You’re right, Vick is a great salesman, but not the best teacher. I hope they honor your request and that you get your money back from HTA soon. Thanks for commenting and letting us know how the support team handled your request.

    2. Steven

      I have the same problem, I’ve just been billed 297 dollars from my account without my consent..I’ve asked my bank to cancel the transaction!

      1. Peter G. Post author

        Good thing you found the charge on time Steven. Can’t believe they’re doing things like this!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Lee, I have yet to take look into Project Breakthrough, but I’ll make sure to let you know once I do!

  4. alhy

    HI Peter G. I was on the verge of joining High Traffic Academy/Project Breakthrough before I decided to Google it then I came up on your review and my doubts became sure so thanks for your advise. I tried joining Wealthy Affiliate but I was rejected saying it’s not available in my country. I would be grateful for any advise you may have. I would like to start correctly in this field. Thanks for your response in advance.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      No problem at all Alhy and am glad you landed upon this HTA review before joining. Hopefully the review and comments were able to help you in making your decision. Unfortunately the WA free starter membership isn’t available in all countries, but you can still join as a premium member. Only difference being you don’t get the first month discount. But it is still well worth joining so take a look into it. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Dan

    Hi Peter

    Thanks for the post
    I was tempted but had to research Vick first.
    I am totally new 0 as VICK would say.
    How do I start where can I find tips and pointers?

    Many thanks for any help,

    1. Peter G. Post author

      No problem at all Dan and glad you decided to research Vick before joining High Traffic Academy. Best place to start in my opinion is within the WA community. You should find plenty of tips and pointers there. You’re also more than free to check out my WA Review! :)

  6. Brad H.

    Thanks, almost fell for it. On day 1 of 14 day training. Definitely smelled a rat with the mindnumbing mumbo jumbo. If you click “elite status,” you see up front the goal of the company ($300/month!) I got out of there fast and continued with the “free” training. Everything is worded so you leave your discretion out of the picture. I think Vick is starting a cult. Don’t drink the koolaid!!!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      No problem Brad. High Traffic Academy can be very deceiving and am glad you saw right through it.. $300 a month is definitely a hefty monthly fee and is no where worth what you’d be getting at HTA in return!

  7. Benji

    Hey Peter,

    I had stumbled across High Traffic Academy through a video uploaded on YouTube and man I was convinced to continue through the daily videos scheme I have currently active. It is pitched so well, the 3 guys that promote their PPC strategies and hype.

    Now that i’ve read your review I won’t look at HTA as a serious opportunity but because i’m currently working on how to make success with PPC marketing they offer some insightful info through their videos.

    I realize that eventually there will be an offer to pay for something but I will at least obtain whatever info I can about PPC before they begin there upselling process.




  8. Paul

    For me it also seemed that he is a good marketeer, but that he promises more then he can actually do for you. That’s his fall. I hope not everybody falls for the trap of getting into traffic academy. Like Peter I suggest Wealthy affiliate. It has a free try out of a week and there are no boundaries to it. It’s a huge community full of people who people who are in contact with eachother and it’s full of lessons without promises to make you rich within one day.

  9. Ibby

    Hi Peter, thanks for the review. I watched his videos & almost got sucked in. I’m trying to get into the affiliate market, I have no market experience as a beginner were should i start. Thanks!

  10. Tou

    Vick is just a scammer whose only goal is to maximize his bottom line as much as possible, and if it means screwing everyone else over then so be it, the guy has no morals. It’s a dog eat dog world in the Internet marketing space but Vick is not totally useless in terms of learning.

    This is what you can do, instead of listening and doing as he says you dissect and look at what he’s actually doing. Dissect his email messages what emotions they trigger, how does he do his sales video, what affiliate platform he’s using if any, take a tour in his sales funnel and see how he has it constructed, look at his source code to see what platform or plugins he’s using. I’m not saying to copy the scammer but to learn from these scammer and not do as they say but do as they do. Spy on them and don’t let them prey on you. He’s got sharp talon claws to scoop you up and suck your wallet dry if you don’t watch out.

    Bottom line is you gotta learn the skills
    If any sales pitch use words like push button, so easy, requires no experience or skills, we do all the work for you then you will want to turn the other way and run as fast as you can. Because even being a good scammer is a skill. They don’t teach you skills they just feed you hopes and dreams.

  11. Kunleyem

    Hey Peter.
    Actually Vic is a good marketer but the odds against him is that he he doesn’t really teach what he promises in his sales pitches. He diverts teaching off course to where he makes you a subscriber paying money regularly monthly for getting less value and uses subscribers to promote his products.Too much anxieties about his trainings.He needs to change his attitude and focus to retain subscribers.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Great input Kunleyem. I can agree that Vic knows what he’s doing as an online marketer, but when it comes to his teaching it’s very easy to get off track. I was a student of his once and was surprised to see that in order for his method to work I’d have to spend an upwards of a couple grand on just one PPC campaign! That’s how he gets his ad campaigns for much cheaper than they typically are, which in my opinion is not a good way for any beginning marketer to get started online.

  12. dragan savic

    Thanks for the review Peter. I’ve wondered what these guys are actually selling. I’ve been marketing for the past few months, and also a “inbox blueprint student” here. I’ve learned from Anik Signal, jeff lenney–so I feel like I’m in good hands. Thanks

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good stuff Dragan! Those are some great marketers indeed. Only thing they seem to fall short of is teaching you how to get traffic. Something I’ve found Wealthy Affiliate to cover completely.


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