The Infinite Leverage System Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 28, 2015

Name: The Infinite Leverage SystemThe Infinite Leverage System Review: Scam Or Legit?


Owners: Doug Wellens, Chad Stalvey,

Greg Chambers, and Mack

Rank: 10/100 – Scam!

What Is Infinite Leverage System?

ILS is abbreviated for The Infinite Leverage System, and it is an MLM networking company, that’s received a ton of hype and buzz lately. As a result, I couldn’t help myself from writing a thorough in-depth review on this product. If you are considering Infinite Leverage System, as a potential income-earning opportunity, this is simply a must-read review!

I will furthermore be covering some of the most asked questions on the web covering ILS, such as its main product, Click Brilliance, what this product offers, brief overview of the commission structure, and more importantly, why ‘Click Brilliance’ may not be your best source of traffic. If that just so-happens to be the case, then ultimately, Infinite Leverage System will not only prove to be an untrustworthy system, but will be absolutely useless to us.

There is even a great chance that the creators behind Infinite Leverage System, are nothing more than the average internet guru’s, who’ve created a product more similar in nature to Empower Network than anything else. If you are unsure what Empower Network is, it’s possibly the largest MLM scheme to hit the web.

The rest of this review therefore, has been created to give you better insight as to what Infinite Leverage System is really trying to accomplish, its provided features, and true value as an MLM online marketing system.

The mere fact they have gone as far as to claiming to be one of the biggest rivals of the infamous Empower Network system, makes this review all the more necessary while greatly arousing suspicion in its many new users.

Infinite Leverage System Products

The main front-end product within Infinite Leverage system is known as Click Brilliance. This is a $27 monthly offer, which pays out $20 in recurring monthly commissions.

Simply stated, Infinite Leverage System summarizes Click Brilliance as a “roided-out marketing suite that delivers eight internet marketing tools.”

These include:

– Link Tracking

– Pop-ups and Timers (e.g Countdown clocks and timers used to keep people on a web-page longer.)

– Website Rotators (Used for A/B Split-Testing, and to help improve conversions)

– Website Redirection Tool

– Duplicate Click Re-direction (Similar to A/B split-testing, and re-directs each individual visitor towards a different landing page)

– Geo-Targeting (Tool showing visitor where they’re located.. Don’t understand the use of this at all!)

Infinite Leverage Systems Click Brilliance Traffic Packages

Basic Traffic: $220 (170 to 190 Clicks)

Bronze: $440 (340 to 380 Clicks)

Silver: $660 (510 to 570 Clicks)

Gold: $1,098 (850 to 950 Clicks)

Platinum: $2,197 (1,700 to 1,900 Clicks)

Titanium: $4,297 (3,400 to 3,800 Clicks)

Infinite Leverage System Commission Payouts:

Commissions vary according to each purchased Click Brilliance traffic package. Thus, the more expensive traffic package your Infinite Leverage System referral purchases, the higher your income-earning potential becomes.

$100 ILS Commissions For Basic.

$200 ILS Commissions For Bronze.

$300 ILS Commissions For Silver.

$500 ILS Commissions For Gold.

$1,000 ILS Commissions For Platinum.

$2,000 ILS Commissions For Titanium.

The way this works out, is you earn a set amount of one-time commission for every purchased traffic package your referral purchases. So by buying the $220 basic traffic package, you earn $100 in commissions.

Infinite Leverage System Compensation Plan

In addition to the affiliate commissions that are paid out above for each purchased traffic package, Infinite Leverage System has created and added in a compensation plan that is exactly similar to Empower Networks. Thus, it is much more tailored to the way any MLM practice would base its commission plan on.

– Every other Click Brilliance sale goes directly to your upline. Therefore, every 2nd, 4th, 6th sale, and so on, is made out to your sponsor.

– Your commission qualification is made by either purchasing the level or by referring a customer at each level.

Additional Infinite Leverage System Features Include:

 – Access to ILS private group mastermind.

– Bonus SEO training.

– Access to Google Hangouts, live conference calls, and other ILS support.

How Infinite Leverage System Works?

The Infinite Leverage Systems main product is “Click Brilliance,” which is their paid to click traffic source, otherwise known as PPC. This is really the engine behind Infinite Leverage System, and really offers the two main essentials to making money online:

#1 – Traffic.

#2 – Refferals/Leads.

Thus, by using these two, and combining each together, they have come up and created a fairly unique product. Unfortunately, Infinite Leverage System has truly built this into its own “MLM empire,” or what I would call an over-exaggerated amount of hype and buzz. They do this merely for its own spectacle and to arouse your interest and attention. By doing so, you are much more likely to purchase a more expensive traffic package, without giving much thought.

Infinite Leverage System Overview

But here is why Infinite Leverage System in no way, is able to live up to expectations. For one thing, they have greatly ‘inflated’ the prices of each one of its traffic packages. This term they use Click Brilliance, sounds like nothing more than an MLM coined term, which I wouldn’t trust in a million years. Just by taking a quick look, they offer 170 Clicks for $220! Do you know how awful that is? It is no wonder, rip-off report is one of the first items seen on Google when searching for this company. Nonetheless, if you were to simply go ahead and use Google Adsense, you can easily get 1,000’s of clicks for just 20 bucks!

Therefore, because Infinite Leverage System can not even remotely live up to the quality of its one ONLY offered product, they are nothing but a complete scam, attempting to take every penny off you. To better prove this, consumer complaints have shown that their credit cards are getting repetively charged, are unable to contact customer support, and are additionally facing highly unethical dilemmas by these marketing ‘guru’ scam artists. Now, is that a company you want to be in ‘business’ with? I hope not!

Verdict: SCAM!

Rank: 10/100

3 thoughts on “The Infinite Leverage System Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Murphy

    Some MLM is reasonable but not this one. The commission structure shows very clear that the downline is paying for the upline. It is a money game! The product doesn’t matter! Great job, Peter!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Agreed. At the same time MLM will usually take a whole lot longer to build up a residual income compared to affiliate marketing regardless of the product you’re promoting. Thanks for the complement Murphy :)

  2. Mak

    Hi I have been in ILS for three months, set up at Titanium and would caution anyone interested in this MLM to stay away, the traffic is very poor, the built in funnel and tools are of a low standard and though the commission plan is good the system itself does not convert, mainly due to poor traffic, it will never deliver the numbers required to make you money. It’s main issue is the system will not build you a downline, so you are just there to pass up you few and far between click brilliance affiliates up to your sponsor.


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