The Killer Content System Scam: Article Spinning Gone Out Of Fashion!

By | November 3, 2014

Product: The Killer Content System
Owner: By Socrates Socratous
Website: Closed
Price: $47 One-Time Fee
Overall Rank: 30/100

The Killer Content System Review: Is It a Scam?

Within the following review, our main priority will be to go over what the killer content system offers to its users, the system’s overall legitimacy, and whether the one-time $47 price justifies what’s inside.

Thus, in the following review, we will take an in-depth look to see if this may be a worthwhile investment for you or not.

What The Killer Content System Offers:

  • 1,000’s of Pre-Written Articles for you to use.
  • Access to Various Article Directories – while allowing users to automatically submit articles for increased traffic.
  • The Killer Content Article Spinner – allows users to utilize the pre-written articles and pretty much twist them in such a way to try and trick Google for higher ranking and avoidance of content penalization.

Do Such Items Constitute The Killer Content System As A Scam?

Everyone is allowed their own personal opinions of course. Especially nowadays, where more and more similar systems are being created as a means to help you create, not just an online income in the easiest manner, but also in the quickest manner.

Hence, the reason for why The Killer Content System is simply 1 out of 1,000’s of online systems today offering the same old tools, but made to be even stronger and more “useable” by newer online marketers.

What I Don’t Like About The Killer Content System.

– The Killer Content System, along with many other similar products, are constantly being released, giving everyday users and marketers who are still looking for the best fastest way to make money online, a totally false interpretation of how the real online marketing world works.

– The use of these tools, consistently being advertised in the various faces of online marketers looking to make money, is something I find to be insulting to their very abilities of any possible “incapabilities” of not being able to create unique, engaging content on their own.

– The Killer Content Systems complete reliance upon “black-hat” tools like article spinners, automated article directories, pre-written articles, and so forth can be quite difficult to properly rank.

Are using these Killer Content System tools a true and morally legitimate means of making an income???

The reality is it can be a bit hard to explain whether using these “legal” & “immoral” tools should be considered as scam-type products.

The answer we’re looking for is whether it is a scam to the user? On the other hand if not, well is the Killer Content System a scam to these various article directories, and even possibly to the Google’s search engine itself?!

The fact Google is consistently relying on quality information to help rank one website above the other, by utilizing content that is unique, and not copied, gives a certain unfairness to The Killer Content System, and other products alike. For those who miraculously end up finding a way to succeed with such systems are ultimately producing non-genuine content!

Many of these pre-written articles are completely unoriginal and based upon various niches (e.g. weight loss, diet, fitness, relationships, etc.) – that is niches people are always looking to seek out more information upon. Moreover, by utilizing tools that are offered within the Killer Content System, your ability to produce new, unique, genuine, engaging, and interesting content to the user becomes entirely SQUASHED!

By using The Killer Content System, you should already be very experienced with the ability to create your own WordPress website, create content on your own, utilize proper “credited” images, utilize various affiliate links in the proper places, engage with your everyday visitors and users by means of comments, social media platforms, and so forth.

Therefore, to say The Killer Content System is some highly-unique, extravaganza that will allow you to produce income quickly and without much experience is absolutely false!

What The Killer Content System Really Offers Online Marketing Newbies?

If you happen to give the Killer Content System a try, you will see why the $47 fee, is effectively done “one-time.”

This low-ticketed item price and investment furthermore shows and ultimately proves to us that this isn’t a system that you can expect to help you within your everyday efforts.

This isn’t some kind of unique platform that’s going to explain to you how to be able to develop your website, how to find and utilize effective keywords, or even simple things, like how you should name your very own domain.

Nevertheless, what The Killer Content System is really only offering us is a set of tools, that if Google sees you using, will kick its boot up your a**! Excuse my language.. But, its the truth, and something I feel you need to take into personal consideration.

I know for me personally, this isn’t a great starting way to make money online as a beginner.

In-fact it’s probably the worst! If you don’t even understand the general terms or possible benefits in utilizing article directories, article spinners, black-hat methods and techniques, then they will be even more ineffective in regards to your marketing efforts. Realistically, the Killer Content System has only one benefit to the user, and that is the overall emphasis on “CONTENT”!

Despite the systems emphasis on its one beneficial focus of creating content for users, they’re still missing the essential piece and ultimate benefit, online marketing users gain the proper awareness by writing content in their own language and words. Therefore, the Killer Content System does not effectively allow you to be able to develop a fail-proof systematic method of attaining online income.

Providing no information on how to earn using their system, proper ways of monetization, and the increasing potential chance of being penalized by Google, in my eyes makes this product something not worthwhile. These small and important missing essentials will not help you the way other products can when working to magnetize an increasing number of everyday visitors!


The Killer Content System Overview.

The question of whether the Killer Content System is worthwhile, is something I feel we have successfully answered in its depth. The reason why you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on such a system, is also due to why an un-trust worthy system offering you a so-called easy and fast way out to earning money as an online marketer… which, doesn’t mean it’s TRUE!

In-fact it’s the opposite. It is to the contrary. The easier a system can delusional start to tell you how simple it is to create thousands of online dollars in just a matter of weeks without any hard-work and use of improper materials is huge B.S.!

Verdict: Scam!

Warrior Forum WSO Scam - There is no best WSO!

Rank: 30/100


Now What.. Does This Mean You Can’t Make a Desirable $5k+ Per Month Income?

Sounds more reasonable, doesn’t it?!

I assure you, it is quite real.

That’s because it is a great starting point and goal that any dedicated online marketer can achieve, when attaining the proper affiliate lessons made specifically tailored to help you with every tiny detail of either a brand new website and business.

A great Killer Content System alternative would be Wealthy Affiliate, an amazing system that highly relies on the development of great, user-engaging content, attracting everyday traffic while you develop your website. This product teaches you A to Z, in the properly correct alphabetical order – from developing your first free website, to content creation, to proper monetization.

With Wealthy Affiliate, one of the most basic, yet highly-praised virtues is the overall participation by the 1000’s of members. It’s the one thing people who’ve never joined or heard of Wealthy Affiliate don’t truly realize how amazing this small, yet highly-important principal is. This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so awesome, so unique, and so genuinely original!

Watching out and caring for other people’s successes is something that eventually becomes invaluable and so helpful to your ongoing work and success.

Unlike The Killer Content System where ultimately the chances of earning a sustainable long-term income is slim to none, with Wealthy Affiliate, your chance of earning a legit full-time income over the next few months, by working hard and legitimately, is a hundred times more possible and recommended!

Below is my comparison graph showing what is offered in regards to –

Wealthy Affiliate Vs. The Killer Content System:


My hope is that this graph will give you a better understanding between the two different products, showing you the type of attributes that makes one product legit vs. the many online scams as you go about about your OWN legitimate business! :)

Thanks For Reading My Review On The Killer Content System Scam! Please share & enjoy, and leave any comments below.

4 thoughts on “The Killer Content System Scam: Article Spinning Gone Out Of Fashion!

  1. Angie

    Hey Peter,

    Wow, that really shed some light on the whole article spinning idea for me. I had heard the term before, but didn’t really know what it was. Definitely not the way to engage with your readers and create a trustworthy brand for yourself. Quite the opposite, I would imagine.

    Nice segue into a piece on Wealthy Affiliate. I also recommend WA, being a member there myself as you know. I’ve learned a lot over there, including the importance of creating original, genuine content, and how to do just that on my own blog.

    Another excellent review. Keep it up!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yeah, article spinning has gone so totally out of proportion in the online marketing world, in my opinion. It seems some people these days have become too lazy to write their own informative blog posts and have instead turned and relied onto truly pointless article spinning activities and softwares.

      In my opinion, it seems no different than using a thesaurus and simply replacing one word with another. Ultimately, the objective and motive of the post remains the same, along with the final thought or opinion.

      People should take a look into Wealthy Affiliate, especially those who’ve found themselves struggling with writing content. Honestly, it’s a much bigger fear for many than we might think, but no so much with W.A. where were taught all the ins and outs of how to write content easily, professionally, and efficiently, along with good intentions!

      Kyle has created some excellent training tutorials on this and deeply goes into the subject of how to overcome the personal fear when it comes to writing content. Thankfully we are given these small everyday tasks to make the whole objective a lot simpler than it should be. Over-time I’ve found it becoming increasingly natural.


  2. Gary


    Great read as always, thanks.
    I can not believe that in this day people would actually buy into the whole article spinning nightmare, but as someone scammed in the past, I can pass no judgement, only empathy.
    Folks do not realize how much having anything to do with that recycled, regurgitated article spin crap may affect their online reputation.
    I guess if you are looking to “Get Rich Quick” Socrates knows how to paint and talk the illusion as well as most anyone. Just watch, from his humble Mediterranean beginnings to extravagant LA Lifestyle.

    Thanks again for pointing this Scammer Out!


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Gary,

      Appreciate the compliment. As much as I can’t believe it either, it’s hard not to when your first starting out as an affiliate marketer. Attempting to distinguish the right and wrong ways to going about your own online business and making money online can be very frustrating without the right mentorship and lessons.

      I must agree with you. I can neither pass judgement. What I can do however, is show people the real difference about how to make money online legitimately versus not making money at all by buying into products like Socrates has been offering over the past two years.

      The extravagent LA lifestyle is just a huge growing promotional method marketers use to get people’s attention and to get them believing in the concept of building this new dream. Haha, it is truly nothing but a complete illusion as you say, and complete scam!


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