The SFI Review: Can You Trust Strong Future International Marketing?

By | December 8, 2014
Product: SFI - Strong Future International - SFI Marketing Group
SFI Support:
Price: Free
SFI Founder/Owner: Gery Carson
Overall Rank: Legit (Not Recommended.)

Strong Future International (S.F.I) Marketing Review

SFI was a company built in 1998 by a man named Gery Carson. The online affiliate product claims to have built a “ground-breaking” program as a work-from-home solution. Although SFI was created in the U.S.A, the company has rapidly grown internationally, attempting to help new online earners to start creating income as online affiliates.

In this following review we’ll be taking a better look into Strong Future International, the reasons for its big spurts in growth, and whether SFI is legit or a scam.

Strong Future International Marketing Group – TripleClicks Review

TripleClicks launched by SFI in early 2009, is what really made for the astounding growth of the Strong Future International Group. It started to grow as an e-commerce affiliate platform and work-from-home solution for online marketers around the world. TripleClicks includes 95,000 products, which is claimed to be found nowhere else but on the TripleClicks and SFI platform itself.

How SFI Members Earn Through TripleClicks?
Strong Future International Members simply earn by the promotion of various products and services offered through the platform.

Thus, creating a more reputable brand than most online working solutions, by offering a truly reasonable affiliate program and service, over today’s many schemish online scams.

How Much It Costs To Join SFI & TripleClicks As An Affiliate Member:
It’s Completely FREE!

Although, this is a definite plus to the SFI/TripleClicks program, there are certainly a few drawbacks when attempting to go about your own online earning potential.

What SFI Offers To Affiliates:

– Necessary Sale Support Services.

– Customer Service.

– Payment Processing.

– Product Shipment.

SFI Benefits & Advantages:

– Ability to both learn and experience the affiliate marketing opportunity for free.

– Potential of earning a nice commission for recommending certain products/services to other members.

– Additional commissions and income by helping other SFI affiliates and growing an SFI team.

SFI Drawbacks & Disadvantages:

– Unexperienced affiliates may find themselves having a very hard-time not knowing where to start or begin! (Example: Let’s pretend you were told to start selling all these random products off of Amazon to people online, where would you start exactly?)

– Nevertheless, SFI is proving to becoming more like its own “Amazon” or perhaps “Ebay” platform, rather than a sufficiently growing affiliate network/training/mentorship platform..

– Many people as a result are unshockingly titling SFI/Strong Future International Marketing a scam, along with TripleClicks.

Why Strong Future International Marketing Group Could Be A Scam?

When you land on the website itself, the notion an individual gets is that this looks like something real legitimate. The companys proving to have a very legitimate background, and even greater reputable background. But, as easy as it is to conclude that this could be the “right” work from home opportunity, especially as affiliate marketing goes, it would be wrong to conclude that Strong Future International Marketing includes all the necessities any online marketer must need to go about starting their business.

The fact that Strong Future International Marketing attempts in making such claims, and continually promises/guarantees this ability to create this on-going residual income simply by signing up proves to be a falsely flattering opportunity.

By having taken a deeper look into SFI, simple fact is the company truly lacks in any worthwhile mentorship, tools, or even resources. Sure, the company does have a countless number of products and services, to sell.. But, what SFI does not have, is an aspiring community of online marketing affiliates.

Hence, its more of a highly-competitive platform between each and every SFI member. What makes the irony in SFI even more questionable is a question that instantly would pop up into anybody’s mind, that is..

“Ask Gery: Can I get a new sponsor?”

The fact almost the entire Strong Future International Marketing program justifies its affiliate training through mere sponsorship and mentoring through various individuals and unknown affiliate expertise shows SFI to be more accountable as an Amazon Affiliate Network.

Hence, the difficulty with SFI marketing all lies within how they treat its members, which in-fact is all highly-reflective upon the opportunity as a whole. The mere fact SFI counts upon their “Customer Service” team for any troubleshooting, and no real and genuine training inclusive platform, simply calls out TROUBLE!

Another thing to mention is when reading more about SFI, one thing you might have noticed is that the company has ONLY been able to help merely a few thousand out of millions of SFI members become financially independent. And that is since 1998!

With the astounding growth rate (SFI Claim: 35,678 New Members in the Past Week Alone!), one should conclude that those few thousands of members who are financially independent have already been properly trained affiliates before ever joining the SFI program.

Fact: There’s NO REAL genuinely proven training as there are in other more highly-reputable affiliate establishments.

SFI Marketings Compensation Plan and MLM Opportunity

Last point I’d like to mention on the topic of SFI is their constant show of its compensation plan. Not only is it… a bit irritating and annoying, knowing personally that less than 1% of actual members will be able to achieve the commissions shown within the structure, but is also there in order to subtly define the opportunity to potential prospects as this one in a lifetime chance you cannot turn down.

Hence, much of the marketing strategy involved by SFI Marketing and TripleClicks is the use of overly confusing tactics, and way too highly advanced, complex, or simply unrealistic odd content within the platform. There are just one too many options, buttons, and links to click, the SFI opportunity is attempting to prove themselves as more legitimate than they truly are.

This use of advertising approach is not surprising seeing how they provide all these various complex ways of earning, most of which sways away from the affiliate ways and methods of earning, and over to multi level marketing.. This only makes SFI Marketings opportunity that much MORE confusing!

Going from affiliate marketing techniques over to MLM marketing techniques and trying to intertwine all these compensation planning into one will virtually make your head burst.

Just when you think a company is potentially more legitimate than it gets.. your research proves the opposite!

The SFI Marketing Group Overview:

Is SFI Marketing a Scam?

Fortunately not! They don’t charge members any overly extraordinary amount of fee’s to join, and has proven to not exactly hurt members pockets like 99% of online products do these days.

Is SFI Marketing Trust-worthy?

Unfortunately not! There is no adequate training. Dashboard is overly confusing and so is its compensation structure. Thus, this is NOT a recommended opportunity for those who don’t already have inquired decades of online marketing experience. Especially if you’ve yet to operate your own online website and business!

Unless you’re able to do that, SFI Marketing could be a potential opportunity to look into.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t waste any time or effort with it!


Not Recommended.




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4 thoughts on “The SFI Review: Can You Trust Strong Future International Marketing?

  1. rick

    SFI appears to be another one of thousands of programs that fall way short of the mark needed to help others online and making money! They do not have training, they do not have support, they do not offer much of anything, yet they want you to buy in and become a part of the group? How do these companies ever make money? It seems before they are even on the board we have people doing bad reviews on them. When will people start reading reviews before they buy! That is what we need to figure out. I’m so tired of hearing about victims and programs which take money by the millions! What can we do to help everyone here!
    Thank you for your effort and your review. At least you seem to want help others. That is a big start!

    1. Peter G.

      You’re absolutely right Rick. I have found Strong Future International lacking some of the many necessities affiliate marketers need in terms of the proper tools, training, mentorship, and support that can always be found elsewhere, such as Wealthy Affiliate. I believe Rick, the best thing we can do to continually help those from becoming victimized to such opportunities where there’s more financial loss than potential gain is to remain persistent within our efforts. The more blogging we can get done, the more progress we will inevitably make. Nonetheless, I believe my posts are beginning to really help at least a hundred or so people week. Based upon increasing feedback and commentary it’s good to know many are truly doing their due diligence. Thanks for dropping by Rick! Wish you all the best.

  2. Jason

    Great review, Triple Clicks is definitely not for me it has way too much of “Golden Guru”, ring to it, I have been part of a similar program and it was the same kind of rubbish, although you are not out of pocket but you will waste too much time. I will not be leaving my current program Wealthy Affiliate anytime soon, thats for sure

    1. Peter G.

      What a wonderful thing to know Jason. I hear what you mean by mentioning the whole hyped up guru issue. It seems like so many companies keep on featuring some kind of MLM or pyramid technique into their whole compensation structure, which gets really aggravating to the online marketing culture, especially those looking to get into a legitimate business like Wealthy Affiliate. Greatly appreciate your full insight Jason. It’s really good to know.


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