TooDamnEasy “Cash Gifting” Scam Review

By | January 25, 2015

TooDamnEasy Scam ReviewProduct: TooDamnEasy
Type: Cash Gifting
Owner: Q (?)
Price: $2,000 ; $6,600 ; $18,500 Membership Levels
Rank: 0/100

What Is TooDamnEasy Cash Gifting?

Too Damn Easy is more than a “Cash Gifting” program. It even has it’s own automated marketing system in place made to help you recruit other members. When joining you are additionally given the opportunity to get your own weekly newsletter sharing various tips, ideas and advice in online marketing.

In this following review, I’m going to share with you the proper definition of what “Cash Gifting” is and what it’s all about, the legitimacy of Too Damn Easy by Q, and what this product entails of.

So What Is Online Cash Gifting?

Cash Gifting is in a way similar to todays MLM marketing opportunities, but is different by using “the gifting of cash,” from one member to the next, as the primary product or service.

Any opportunity that DOES NOT offer neither a specific product nor service in place, and relies solely upon the efforts of recruitment and the attainment of referrals for mere profit is what we today consider a 100% Ponzi Scheme; otherwise known as a Pyramid Scheme.

Therefore Cash Gifting, in the case with “,” is simply utilized as the primary replacement to any legitimate product or service.

Why Do This?

Well, at-least that’s a question I like to ask myself, but the answer remains clear. People are lazy to create something of value for others use. Many online product owners have this intention that by forgoing the actual creation of a true product or service they can simply utilize members anyway they want by getting them to pay up one hefty sum after another in exchange for any and all falsified guaranteed promises of making an income online.

Talk about consumer mistreatment!

In this case, Cash Gifting should be considered both a scam and illegal. But in the eyes of the law, essentially the product and/or service that is being offered in this case is Cash Gifting. The definition of which being, the on-going sending and/or transferring of money to another person. Obviously however, this wouldn’t be considered enough to prove its illegitimacy, which is why TooDamnEasy must also incorporate the following:

– Daily Weekly Newsletters
– An Automated Marketing System

TooDamnEasy Claims & Guarantees:

One of the hardest thing to get one’s mind wrapped around however, is how insanely easy the company makes it seem to have you start producing income. If you must know, it is in-fact the opposite, and I am constantly hearing stories about people waiting months and months on end only to receive nothing.

Thus, the majority of folks within the Too Damn Easy network are completely losing out as a result of the schemey tactiful marketing ideas in place!

How Much To Join

The price to join “TooDamnHard,” is one of the most expensive offered MLM products in the realm of online marketing today. In-fact the price just for getting started begins at $2,000.

TooDamnEasy Membership levels however, rise up to the increasing amounts of $6,600 and $18,500.

The Primary Difference In TooDamnEasy Levels Of Membership?

Because the product/service being offered here by TooDamnEasy, there is really only one and one only primary difference between each of the three offered membership levels.

That primary difference is your resulting commissions. For example, say you’ve recruited a member who is willing to cough up the $2,000 to get started. Well essentially you are payed a commission as you are the sponsor of that person. Therefore, the higher paid your membership level is, the higher your TooDamnEasy commission will result in.

Lastly, in regards to TooDamnEasy pricing and membership levels, you will additionally be required to pay for plenty of on-going online advertising costs. Apparently their PPC type methods are the easy way of going about your recruiting, but is also simultaneously the most expensive and in this case, the most riskiest of all!

Finding random online consumers to pay up $2,000 is something I believe you’ll find to be beyond an easy task!

What These Costs Are Used For?

Essentially, they are used to lure other potential recruits within the TooDamnEasy Program! In-fact, that is the only way you can expect to make any money from the product regardless of what anyone else tells you or attempts to claim. They’ll go out of their way to lie and deceit people out of their money as they know how rigorous and tough of a business this is.

Especially with costs so high, most members must be in this product for the long-term, and attempt to be satisfied with no more than 1-3 paying members per year at best for those starting out (of course, this depends on the overall rigorousness of your advertising, which requires additional fees & risk).

So that is how you can expect to make money from TooDamnEasy, which is by the way, a name and title I find to be highly ironic with the actual product itself.

It’s almost as though the owner Q, realizes it is not easy at all, and therefore, uses the name merely to deceive people into joining his online scam. Overview:

Scam Or Legit?

My advice is, don’t give Q any satisfaction of doubt! In his case, he deserves to be penniless for all those he’s been known to thieve from. Atleast that’s where my perspective stands from. It’s another reason why his product, similar to many of his past products, has given his name a horrible reputation and increasingly shies away more and more potential customers.

What Would You Recommend?

Well, if you’re looking for a truly affordable and very helpful online opportunity and career to look forward to, where earnings do not depend nor rely upon the hassle of recruiting nor from within the actual product itself, take a look at My #1 Recommendation.. I think you’ll find this refreshing and will enjoy all this product has to offer!

I also believe it will give you a better perspective on what’s considered a Scam versus Legitimate products, where people are willing to help and lend a hand, simply because we all deserve a bit of help!

Last of all, not to worry, the cost for getting started is literally 1% of the price it is to join TooDamnEasy – just $20! :)

You may even get started completely FREE and see how it goes from there. In-fact, it’s what I recommend!

Anyway, I hope you’ve learned something from this TooDamnEasy Review and will take away with you the knowledge that you:

Do not have to spend a fortune, just to make a fortune!

TooDamnEasy Verdict:

Online Scams


Thanks again for reading my scam review on Too Damn Easy!

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