The Traffic Monopoly Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | May 29, 2015

Name: The Traffic MonopolyThe Traffic Monopoly Review: Scam Or Legit?


Price: $27 Including $97 and $67 Upsells

Rank: 65/100 РBorderline Legit

What Is It?

The Traffic Monopoly is a product claiming to hold all the secrets to making money online by showing you the best ways of getting traffic. They claim this traffic is highly targeted and is easy enough, all you need to do is push a button and you begin to make money. As you’ll see however, The Traffic Monopoly does not seem to offer anything new to the table.

The Traffic Monopoly Traffic Methods

Something we’re probably all wondering about is what these so-called “secret traffic” sources are. I would say that one of the biggest catches involved with this product is the fact you have to buy all your traffic.

So regardless of the effectiveness of the methods used within this product, one thing we need to make sure of is if this product can help us make a profit. If so, it might be worth our time and effort.

The Traffic Monopoly uses paid advertising as its primary source of advertising. While you may be thinking “oh its PPC,” it in fact uses Solo Ads; something I have come to believe is somewhat of an outdated method for the most part.

In summary, solo ads are a way of sending out your promotional messages to those who have already established e-mail lists. These lists are then sold at a one-time offer, allowing you to send a targeted message to these individuals. When you purchase these solo ads you’re basically agreeing to the purchase of a specified number of clicks. These are the people who actually open up your e-mail and click on your link within the message.

Unlike the claims made by The Traffic Monopoly, this potentially targeted traffic source is not new, nor is it a secret. While this may be effective in some cases, it is not always the case.


– Can be cost-effective in certain cases only paying for the number of clicks and open rates.

– Traffic is targeted.

– The majority of solo ad lists are already established.


– People on the list have grown resistant to offers. They may see them on a daily basis making it all the more important to have an effective and eye-catching message.

– The costs of buying solo ads can add up fast and there is a risk involved. It doesn’t mean people who open it are going to automatically purchase whatever it is you are promoting.

– Doesn’t work well for every niche and really depends.

The Traffic Monopoly Upsells

So far we have learned that the method being taught to us by The Traffic Monopoly involves the use of Solo Ads. This of course costs money as traffic and visitors are what will staple our business together.

We have also learned that The Traffic Monopoly is offered at a very reasonable price of $27. What we have yet to uncover however, are the upsells for this product, which really is how they make the majority of their income.

The first upsell for The Traffic Monopoly is called Preferred Visitors for $97. It is expensive indeed, and what you are essentially paying for is a list of Solo Ad buyer names from the company.

In addition to this, an established affiliate agreement between The Traffic Monopoly and those on the list have made them eligible to earn a commission off each purchase you make.

Nonetheless, purchasing solo ads from these individuals are not necessary at all, neither is buying this upsell from The Traffic Monopoly. Therefore, if Solo Ads are really something you’re interested in and think it can help you to turn around a profit, all you need to do is a quick search on Google and you’ll find a ton of individuals selling solo ads.

The second upsell is a $67 monthly subscription fee. Here you’re pretty much paying for your solo ads to be handled by The Traffic Monopoly themselves. This isn’t something I would recommend and believe the main reason for this upsell is for the company itself to stack up as much commissions as they can. All that is really being done for you here, is The Traffic Monopoly owners getting in contact with the people in charge of the solo ad lists and getting your personal message sent out.. Not worth it!

The Traffic Monopoly Overview

While some may be inclined to infer that The Traffic Monopoly is a scam just from its sales page itself and overexaggerated claims of income, I can’t say that it is. However, because of the somewhat outdated method, and use of expensive upsells, I only recommend this to people who truly think they’d be interested in sending out Solo Ads and have some money to spend.

Otherwise, if you came to The Traffic Monopoly having no expectations of the type of method they use, I would not buy into them. There are plenty of other better, cheaper, more reliable and effective ways of building up your own lists (for free!), and promoting as many offers as you would want through methods better than this. Moreover, for those interested, I would avoid buying into the upsells. They just don’t seem worth it to me personally. If you are interested in learning of much better methods than the ones being used and involved here in The Traffic Monopoly, you must¬†check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate!


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