The Truth About PTCs: Are They a Scam?

By | July 11, 2016

Paid To Clicks happened to be one of the very first methods I used to begin making money online. I can remember it as clear as day. It was after getting introduced to sites like Clixsense and Neobux when I found myself on this online marketing journey. I would use these PTC sites to try and make my first dollar online, but doing so was not easy. In this post, I’m going to share with you six reasons as to why I wouldn’t recommend using Paid To Clicks.


#1. Memberships are over-priced and don’t have many benefits

One small problem with paid to click sites are the fact their memberships cost way too much. Some end up costing hundreds of dollars a year, depending on the PTC you plan to choose. But more importantly, the benefits really don’t outweigh the cost. You’ll most-likely find yourself paying for a pointless membership, only to try and recoup those costs by clicking on $.01 ads all day.


#2. PTC ads and methods of making money are ineffective

PTC sites work by allowing the advertiser to share their promotions. This money is then shared with PTC users who click on those ads and spend time watching it. In return you get a fraction of a penny.. We’re talking $.0001 here for clicking on an ad and spending between 20 – 40 seconds on that website. So you can imagine how long it would take just to reach $1. If you were to do this everyday, the most money you could just by clicking on these ads is between $5 and $15 a month.


#3. Referrals & Downlines

But, the real money with PTC’s are with the referrals you get for that PTC site. Hence, the more referrals you obtain, the more potential you have for making extra money. But the problem here lies within the fact that most of these referrals will end up leaving the site within a week and never turn back. Meaning all that work you did to get that referral would’ve been all for nothing. And on that note, is the whole rented referral structure.


#4. Renting Referrals

Renting referrals must be one of the biggest schemes PTCs use to make money off of its members. By offering you a package of referrals to rent on a monthly basis and charging them at a premium, almost always results in big profits for them and a guaranteed loss for you. A lot of individuals who use PTCs are inclined to believe that there is some sort of secret strategy behind renting referrals. I used to think that way as well, before I knew any better. But time and time again showed that these rented referrals would leave and never back. In-fact I don’t know if I saw even just 1 (out of 100’s) use the site on a daily basis.


#5. Most PTCs Eventually Shut-Down

From problems to PayPal to companies not making enough money to stand on its own two feet anymore, most PTCs aren’t able to last. I was in a quite a few, and even paid for the memberships, before I found out that my withdrawals would not be requested. A few weeks later and either that PTC would have shut-down or I’d get banned for no reason. Even for PTC’s that are still up and running, I’d find myself not getting paid without cause or reason. Take Ojooo for example, that’s been running for years now. Once I achieved a cash withdrawal that was over $100, my deposit would not be honored.


#6. PayPal Is Disassociating Themselves From PTCs

That’s right. As of January 2016, PayPal plans on limiting their accounts with the majority of PTC sites out, which after all, isn’t all that surprising. Given all of todays online marketing scams, PayPal doesn’t want to be put in that light. Not to mention the constant rise in number of PayPal disputes on the end of the users.


Those are the 6 reasons why you shouldn’t be using PTC’s to make money. But to top it all off, the main and most important reasons are because PTC ads are worth way too little and I know you can find better things to do in your spare time.

The other reason is because most of the users or individuals who you refer to that PTC are more than likely not coming back and you can’t really blame them. After all, what’s in it for them? PTCs not only lack value, but sometimes trust and reliability. You never know if they’re going to stay, and when they do, question is will you be getting your money from them?

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