The Youth Cash Review: It Doesn’t Even Pay!

By | January 4, 2016

Name: The Youth CashThe Youth Cash Scam Review


Price: Free to Join

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

The Youth Cash website is an online program that first caught my attention with its headline telling me I could instantly earn $500 today. So I ended up registering and when I did, they asked me for four pieces of information. The first thing I did was create a new username and entered in one of my e-mails.

The Youth Cash Scam Review

They even asked me for my address and a “cheque name” to make out my payments. When they asked me for my home address, it felt very unprofessional so I ended up not even putting a legit address in the field or a cheque name for that matter and was still registered successfully. This became another initial skepticism of the Youth Cash being a scam. Not to mention, that the address field was only one line!

I then proceeded to login with my new account information. But just before I did, I already came across another skeptical piece of information. The tagline that once said I could earn $500 now today, now said I could be earning $1,200 today. Hmm.. What’s going on here?

The Youth Cash Scam Review

After logging in, I was re-directed to a very bland looking account area where I was shown that I had already earned a $25 bonus in earnings just for signing up. The only problem with this was the fact I needed a minimum payout limit of $300 in order to make a withdrawal. Another thing was the menu on the site, which only had 3 items: Homepage, FAQ, and Contact Us. Yep, that was it.. So how could I trust a program with only a page or so of information? I simply couldn’t.

The Youth Cash Scam Review

Nevertheless, The Youth Cash tell us that this is a program with unlimited job positions. Instead that piece of information was more misleading than anything. The Youth Cash claims that for every visitor who clicks your link, you earn $10. Basically, all these guys want you to do is begin spamming your affiliate link around social websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Forums, Chatrooms, and even blogs (such as the one you’re on now!). This would mean that for every click (not even a sign-up), you could withdraw your first $300.

The Youth Cash Scam Review

If that were the case, I’d be able to make my first withdrawal within an hour… If they actually allowed me to do so. The thing is, that there’s not even a button that allows you to withdraw your funds. But they claim it’ll appear after you reach your $300 minimum. If making money was this easy, you know what I would do? I’d go to every hotspot in town with some wi-fi and click on my link from a different IP address.. The problem is, The Youth Cash will not pay you and that is a fact! (click here for a program that pays)

You see, the simple fact anyone can get registered with The Youth Cash for free, without even a legitimate name or address is a huge indication that The Youth Cash is a scam and is simply using individuals to get traffic. That is why they don’t pay you by PayPal, because the truth is that they don’t payout at all. There have been many other similar scams to The Youth Cash that promise once you reach a certain threshold they send you a check. It makes it easy for them to simply refuse any earned payouts and is why they make the process seem so easy. Wow, $10 a click.. Who wouldn’t want to hop on that!

The Youth Cash is probably one of the most simplistic online scams I’ve seen as of lately and the only thing their doing is using individuals to get traffic since their too lazy to get it themselves. By giving you this incentive, people are going to try it out only to feel let down in the end. It’s good that you’re not really losing money here and just you’re time, but nonetheless, is still unethical. Another thing is there is no fee and there are no advertisers on The Youth Cash website itself. So where would the money come from? If there is no money coming in, there’s no money going out.

Simply said, don’t try using The Youth Cash program. Anything that promises you can earn $500 or $1,200 in a day off the bat is a complete lie. These get rich quick schemes are all over the internet.. Been there, done that. This isn’t even worth another second of your time. There are no “unlimited job positions” as described and the “recent payouts” widget on the front page is as fake as can be.

At least you’ve now been introduced to the very basics of affiliate marketing; one of the best ways to make money online in my opinion, if and when done correctly. But, in order to really get to the point where you can start having $500 days, you’ll need a much more legitimate program to help teach you the ropes. Unlike The Youth Cash, it will take some time and effort, but trust me when I say this has been the best way for me to replace a job, ever. Click below to learn more and get started!

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