This Ad Pays Review: Does It Really Pay?

By | October 6, 2015

Name: This Ad PaysThis Ad Pays Scam Review


Type: HYIP/Rev Share

Price: Varies – $2 to $40 adpacks

Rank: 55/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

This Ad Pays is another one of those revenue sharing products online. The way it works is through the purchase of adpacks, which in-turn allows you to accumulate money. This money can then either be withdrawn or re-invested into purchasing additional adpacks.

The more money you have invested and the more adpacks you accumulate, the higher your chances of making more money. The problem here however, is that your also increasing your risk of losing that investment. Products like This Ad Pays are very well known for shutting down and being unable to payout after a certain period of time.

They also require larger than average investments in order to make anything substantial. While the intentions of the product aren’t so bad as it is really trying to help individuals make money, it just doesn’t always work out that way. Ultimately, one persons loss is another person’s gain in this scenario. In this review I would like to show you how This Ad Pays works and why it may or may not be the most optimal method to making money online.

How Much Is It?

This Ad Pays consists of various adpacks. The one thing I like with how they setup their product here is that they offer small $2 adpacks for its free members. In a way, it can kind of be considered like a “free trial” in a sense, allowing you to test out the program and its earnings before you make any investment too large.

In addition, the company holds 6 different levels categorized by its various membership options, as follows:

Free Members – $2 AdPacks (no membership needed).This Ad Pays Scam Review

Bronze – $4 AdPacks ($3 monthly membership).

Silver – $8 AdPacks ($5 monthly membership).

Gold – $16 AdPacks ($10 monthly membership).

Diamond – $32 AdPacks ($15 monthly membership).

Platinum – $40 AdPacks ($20 monthly membership).

As you can see, the higher the membership you have, the more money you should intend on spending. You’ll get a better gauge of what’s best for you as you work from the bottom. I suggest anyone who joins This Ad Pays to always start free. HYIP’s are too unpredictable in my book and for that reason, I’ve avoided taking part in them.

What’s The Risk?

High, very high! It might not seem that way now, but as the program progresses one thing you’re going to notice is how volatile the earnings are. In most cases, earnings tend to slow down more and more, month after month.

Some programs are better than others and it really all depends on how well the company is growing. If there’s plenty of new members coming in, you can be more confident in making daily deposits, but if the company doesn’t have any new money coming in, there will be nothing to pay out its members with. If you start to see earnings slow down in a big way, my advice is to withdraw your investment and leave while you can!

How It Works?

Here’s how it works – The company sells its advertisement packages and in return enters you into a cycler. This is just like a line of individuals waiting to receive their next payment. All of the newest deposits are cycled to its older members, by new member deposits.

Therefore, the company constantly needs new members to be making deposits in order to make this work. That is why they call this “revenue sharing.” You’re basically attempting to share money with everyone.

But we all know, this can be considered nothing more than a ponzi scheme if not for its advertising services. This is the only reason the company is actually legal and can even allow them to shutdown with your money in hand (yikes!).

What I like about This Ad Pays?

However, there are some aspects of this company that make it stand on higher ground than other similar HYIP’s, despite them being all the same in the end. For one, I love the incorporated capped revenue. I’ve seen one too many products offer $20,000 adpacks! Like, really? An adpack for $20k? This means they could theoretically earn up to $25k just from that one share.

BUT, we all know whoever invests into something like that is never going to see that money again. Nevertheless, this monthly cap makes the company feel a bit more legitimate for two reasons. The first is that it helps to ensure that one person doesn’t qualify for more earnings than another based on their positions in the cycler.

In other words, it helps to even the playing field. As you can see, capped revenue actually decreases for the higher priced ad packs. The second reason is that the higher capped revenue for the smaller adpacks help new members to more proportionately increase their earnings with the larger investors.

Why I Don’t Like About This Ad Pays?

There isn’t a whole lot of bad I can say about This Ad Pays, besides being a high yield investment program. Their tactics don’t seem shady, they allow free members to start small, and earning is as simple as ten daily clicks. Despite all that, This Ad Pays remains to be an HYIP and because of the way these programs work, they are not all reliable.

While the No Repurchase Rule is also somewhat nice, I am just not sure how good it is in terms of the programs sustainability. This means that you never need to re-invest your money into any adpacks and that you can withdraw as soon as you hit the $10 minimum. Many programs like using the repurchase rule as it helps re-enforce new deposits.

While it may be good for the individual, it’s not as good for the program. Despite the product being new in the world of HYIP’s, I also don’t like seeing the empty banners at the bottom of its homepage. This to me is a sign that their still growing slowly and have a long way ahead of they want to last. Of course I could be wrong.. But why are their advertisement spaces showing up blank?

This Ad Pays Scam Review


  • Free membership option
  • Adpacks start at $2
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Monthly revenue cap
  • 10% Referral commissions


  • Not a fan of the low ROI (starting at 118%)
  • Can take a lot of investing and time
  • Membership fee’s
  • Too risky

This Ad Pays Overview – Is It a Scam?

While I wouldn’t jump to the fact in saying This Ad Pays is a scam, the program is a bit misleading in a way. They fail to tell you the risks. For example, if I were about to join This Ad Pays blindly and make an investment, I would have no idea that tomorrow I might lose that money! I believe that is why many products like This Ad Pays have incorporated the $2 minimum adpack, which I believe you have to purchase 200 of those before you can move up, thus limiting your initial investment amount.

But, this is of course an HYIP and the risk will always be there. No matter what kind of rules are incorporated or how awesome and sustainable their program says it is, there will be a day when This Ad Pays doesn’t have the funds to pay out its members. Remember, one persons gain here is just another persons loss. You might not think of it that way because the program has so many members, but that’s really all that is.

I know how exciting making money online is, trust me! But this probably isn’t the best way, unless you don’t mind the risk. I lost over $500 from joining an HYIP that unknowingly to me had stopped growing. From that point on, I said no more and went on my way. I soon found out about affiliate marketing, a real and legitimate way of doing online business and haven’t looked back. I hope so far, you feel better informed of what the cost of doing business is here and that the easy way out isn’t always the best way. Click here to check out my alternative to making money online. You’ll be happy you did!

Thanks for reading This Ad Pays Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns feel free to leave them below!

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