Titan Trade Investing Isn’t All That Ethical..

By | November 16, 2015

Name: Titan TradeTitan Trade Scam Review

Website: www.titantrade.biz

Type: Revenue Sharing

Price: Varies – $10 to $50,000

Rank: 40/100 РNot Recommended

What Is It?

Titan Trade is one of those revenue sharing companies that really doesn’t offer any other services besides earning revenue on your investment. They’ve been open now for a few months and already have approximately 10,000 or so members.

While Titan Trade is a service you can use to make money, it’s always important to be very careful with what you invest. You never know what will happen in the future and whether the program will be running for long. One of the biggest things that concerns me when using Titan Trade are their investment options. I always find it to be a bit worrisome when making an investment into something that really doesn’t have much of a name or reputation.

Adpack Plans

Titan Trade provides a large variety of investment plans and unlike most revenue sharing companies these actually have a timeframe of when you should supposedly get back your profits. Rather than being priced according to the actual adpack, they are categorized by the time frame.

For example, if you’re looking to make money after 1 day, you would be getting a 120% return on investment. If you’re looking to wait out the 30 day period, you’d be looking at making back a whopping 1600%. I’ve personally never seen anything like that in a rev share program, but would be very caution with this kind of plan.

Titan Trade Scam Review

With each plan you can invest from as small as just $10 to $50,000 and I would say that is what worries me the very most. The fact they’d let an individual invest up to that much money in one shot is a bit concerning and would like to see whether or not someone has already invested this amount and what their outcome was.

Just as important are the lack of payment processors being used. Unlike most revenue sharing companies that offer PayPal and Payza, Titan Trade sticks to the basic processing systems like Perfect Money, Bitcoin, and Payeer. Take note here that the only reason for this is so that they can likely avoid any consumer disputes.

What’s The Risk?

Another reason for the lack of payment processors is because this method of making money is not even legal! Titan Trade in a way can be categorized as a Ponzi Scheme. You see the way that it works is solely by new member investments. This is the one and only way this revenue sharing system gets money into the program.

In turn, this money is then cycled to older member investments. This continually occurs until the website is no longer able to grow or sustain payments. Unlike other revenue sharing companies out there that offers something in return such as an advertising service for example, Titan Trade offers nothing more than pooling everyones money together so that each person can try and make a profit.

This doesn’t always work out however, and as a result many risk losing their investment. If Titan Trade cannot continue to properly grow, its funds are more than likely to dry out. This could be a big reason as to why they offer plans of up to $50,000 in investments.


  • Opportunity to earn money
  • Accepts bitcoin
  • Low $0.5 withdrawal minimum


  • Low 3% referral commissions
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal or Payza
  • No advertising service
  • High investment options – up to $50,000!
  • Too risky
  • Not sustainable

Titan Trade Overview

Titan Trade is really a product for those looking to make money as quickly as possible¬†and don’t mind taking the huge risk. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow like whether or not your withdrawal will even go through or if the product will be around. If you take a look at other similar products like AdPaying or UltraRevShare, you’ll see that these rev sharing services were gone in a flash.. We’re talking overnight!

That’s not to say this happens to every revenue sharing program, at least not right away. So if you’re looking to make money here, atleast start small and don’t invest more than you can handle. Also remember, using Titan Trade is more than likely not even a legal way of making money.

And as attractive as the opportunity may sound, it doesn’t always work out in the individuals favor. Click here if you’re looking for a more suitable, reliable, and long-lasting method of making an income. Otherwise good luck in your investing, and please leave any comments or experiences you’ve had with Titan Trade down below.

Look forward to hearing from you!



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One thought on “Titan Trade Investing Isn’t All That Ethical..

  1. patrick l spencer

    I joined Titan Trade two and half months ago. Put some money in and ended up losing some days and winning on other. Most of the time I lost my money though instead of gaining. Now I’m not sure how reputable Titan Trade investing really is.


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