Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Makeup 2017

In this post, I’m going to let you in on some of 2017’s best affiliate programs for makeup. As a blogger in the makeup niche, you’ll find never-ending options when it comes to selling makeup. Having those options laid out in front of you is a great idea.

While it’s generally best to go with an affiliate program that supplies the brands of makeup your blog talks about, ensuring that they pay out some of the industry’s best commission rates will give you a step up in earnings.

As a makeup blogger, finding a retailer that suits your visitors is important while taking conversions into mind. Things to take into account is the popularity of the website, reputation, line of products, return policies, and whether they offer free shipping. Some companies have even included an MLM compensation plan, which I recommend avoiding if possible.

To ensure the best possible conversions, stick to a few of your favorite affiliate programs and use them consistently in your content. Visitors who find that you are passionate about a certain make-up brand or recommend one over another will give them a sense of curiosity that will encourage them to buy products from your site over and over again.

If you’re looking to make the best out of your blog on makeup, then always make sure to specifically recommend products that can help your readers look better the next time they go for that makeup brush.

Without further or due, here are my top 10 favorite affiliate programs for makeup to help you make the most money from your blog as possible. Also, check out our other affiliate program lists like the DIY & craft niche!


10. BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

The BH Cosmetics affiliate program stands out for the fact its entire shopping database only focuses on beauty. Product categories consist of eyes, brushes, face, lips, brows, and more. Based primarily inside the U.S., this affiliate program is great for websites who attract the right visitors.

BH Cosmetics affiliate program can be defined by its 8%+ commission rates, 6.5% conversion rate, $38 average customer value, and it’s extremely long 90-day cookie duration. Imagine making a sale 70-days after an individual clicks on your link.

That’s what makes affiliate programs like BH Cosmetics with their extra-long cookie duration so special. I’d highly recommend giving this a try on your own blog. Beauty and cosmetic bloggers can sign-up to their affiliate program through Rakuten Linkshare which can be found on


9. Feel Unique

Best Beauty Affiliate Program - Feel Unique

One website your visitors are sure to love is Feel Unique. Even though they offer a wide range of products in more categories than you can think of, the brand places a huge emphasis on their beauty and makeup product line.

With thousands of favorite beauty products in store, Feel Unique is a perfect example of an affiliate program that can be beneficial to your traffic. In total, the store has over an astounding 20,000 beauty and fragrance products. Tracking cookie duration is up to 30-days long, so you’ll still be making commission long after visitors have clicked your link.

What is even more unique about their affiliate program is that you can see examples of actual beauty bloggers promoting Feel Unique on their affiliate page. Just one great way to take some examples from bloggers who are succeeding with the program. Currently, there is no say as to the exact commission rate percentage being offered.


8. Anne Marie Gianni

Ann Marie Gianni Affiliate Program

Maybe what you’re looking for in an affiliate program is a brand that offers organic skin care makeup products. If that sounds like it would make a great addition to your blog, look no further than Anne Marie Gianni.

The reason why it’s good to have a program like this under your belt is because it allows you to offer alternative products to your readers. Many consumers today are concerned with the kind of chemicals in their products and Anne Marie Gianni helps to eliminate that concern by offering non-GMO, cruelty free, unadulterated organic makeup products.

First founded in 2009 by lifestyle bloggers Anne and Gianni, this particular e-commerce retailer has made its jump into the top fifty beauty and makeup websites worldwide. Give your visitors the option of purchasing organic beauty products with Anne Marie Gianni today!

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7. Paula’s Choice

Best Skincare Affiliate Programs - Paulas Choice

Coming in as one of the top three largest makeup, beauty, and skin care websites worldwide, Paula’s Choice offers an array of products that are easy to recommend. That’s because many of these beauty products offer a specific solution to issues faced with skin care.

Perhaps this is just one reason as to how Paula’s Choice has been able to garner so much brand loyalty. Many of their products confront issues like brown spots, oily skin, acne & breakouts, sensitive skin, brown skin, bumpy skin, enlarged pores, redheads, blackhead.. and the list goes on.

If your beauty and makeup blog helps address these type of issues then there truly is no better way of monetizing your content than products to help backup your case. Paula’s Choice can help cosmetic and skincare bloggers like yourself offer highly relevant products that convert.

Their affiliate program is free to join, offers a competitive 7% commission rate, and access to their dedicated affiliate team. The program is hosted through the Impact Radius Network.


6. Strawberrynet

Strawberrynet Affiliate Program

One website you are going to undoubtedly love incorporating into your own content is Strawberrynet, whose slogan goes by the name “Fresh Beauty.” If you’re looking to give your visitors an endless array of options when it comes to beauty products, this is the site for you.

With 33,000 total products in shop, these consist of skincare, makeup, hair-care, perfume, home scents, and even skincare products for men. Simply said, it’s a perfect go to shop for everything that relates to beauty. Customers are sure to have a great user experience given the site’s intuitive design, 9.2 rating on Trust Pilot, and constant on-going sales.

While there isn’t much to be said about their affiliate program, what we do know is that special commission rates are available for their most valuable affiliates and that you’ll be given access to customized promotional material and free revenue boosting opportunities.


5. Neutrogena

Best Beauty Affiliate Programs - Neutrogena

Have you ever wanted to become an affiliate for something big or with a presence as massive as Neutrogena? Well now is your chance. As a Neutrogena affiliate, you have an opportunity to earn up to 11% in commission on sales.

Registering as an affiliate is as easy as sending in an application through FlexOffers. Upon approval, you’ll have direct access to every single one of Neutrogena makeup, skin care, and cosmetic products. Neutrogena is a perfect affiliate program for believers in their product line and who want to be consistent with what they promote on their website.

Not to mention that the Neutrogena website is ranked among the top 50 beauty and makeup websites in the world. What better way to monetize your content than with a brand that nearly everyone can relate to!

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4. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Affiliate Program

Perhaps what you’re looking for is an affiliate program that can emphasize class, style, and elegance on your blog. In that case, you may want to go with an affiliate program like Estee Lauder.

Something you probably weren’t aware of is the fact Estee Lauder is the world’s leading makeup and skin care website in the world. You can actually see the top 50 makeup websites in the world here on SimilarWeb. Its popularity is a good indication that you could ultimately benefit from higher conversion rates and clicks on your website.

When it comes to their affiliate program, Estee Lauder pays out a generous 10% commission on all product sales. This excludes costs associated with taxes and delivery. But that’s okay, because your customers will love shopping at Estee Lauder for all their makeup needs after realizing that all orders are delivered for free.

They also come with 2 to 4 free samples, which is just one more great way to incentivize your visitors to begin shopping at Estee Lauder. As one of the most prestigious beauty brands worldwide, you owe it to yourself to become an affiliate, even if theirĀ  location is mostly centralized in the UK.


3. Macy’s

Best Makeup Affiliate Programs - Macys

Are you looking for a program that sells more than makeup? Perhaps, you’re looking to link out your content to one of the most reputable brands for apparel and beauty? Well if that’s the case, why not become an affiliate of Macy’s.

With so much customer loyalty, shoppers shouldn’t think twice about buying from one of their favorite apparel stores. Not to mention that the average purchase value is $120 for each Macy customer. Equally important is the fact Macy’s also incorporates a 10-day tracking cookie so that you still make commission on sales made a week or two later.

With over 14,000 products for visitors to browse through and an unmatched selection of high-end designers, becoming a makeup affiliate for Macy’s simply makes sense in 2017!


2. Sephora

Makeup Affiliate Programs - Sephora

While Sephora doesn’t make their affiliate commission rates publicly available, what we know is that this is a highly respected brand among makeup artists. Not to mention they are partnered up with one of the most reputable affiliate networks in the industry. Here is the affiliate application in case you were wondering.

But here is why else Sephora really stands out in terms of being an upstanding affiliate program. First of all, there are no restrictions when it comes to making a commission on any one of their 13,000 top-notch products. More importantly, is that these products tailor to all makeup artist crowds.

From high-end luxury items to everyday makeup needs, the Sephora Collection of beauty products attract tens of millions visitors to their website per month. Why not contribute to some of those visits and sales with your own makeup beauty blog?

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  1. Avon

Avon Affiliate Program

Receiving over $10 billion in annual revenue, Avon is one of the world’s largest direct sellers of makeup. It’s important to distinguish their MLM marketing plan from their affiliate program. They are both separate from one another so make sure you’re sending in the correct Avon application.

Signing up with Avon as an affiliate is free and you get to earn commission on any and every Avon makeup product you sell. They also have additional incentives for recruiting individuals into their program, even if you don’t represent their direct selling opportunity.

This can be a great opportunity for you if you’re a believer in their products and have visitors who might be interested in both the direct selling side of things and products sold by Avon. The current commission rate is currently not disclose on the website, but anyone can send in an application.

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