Top 10 Affiliate Programs For Outdoor Recreation

If you’re in a niche that’s based on the great outdoors that involves activities like hiking, camping, and more, then check out what affiliate programs we have in store. From the best water sports to the most grueling outdoor hikes, you can count on these shops for giving your visitors the best products and bang for their buck.

There are a few considerations when deciding on the best outdoor affiliate programs. The first is the relevancy of the products. The more relevant the products and store is to your niche, the higher conversions and sales you’ll experience.

The popularity of the e-commerce store and trustworthiness of a brand should also be accounted for. It’s much better for your visitors to land on a store their familiar with and have bought from before than a brand or store they’ve never seen.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the cookie duration. A longer cookie duration is almost always better and can provide a boost in sales long after each click has happened. But don’t let that become your only deciding factor.

By using the list below, you’ll be able to evaluate your best options when it comes to monetizing your outdoor recreational and sports website. Without further or due, here are some of 2017’s most profitable outdoor affiliate programs!



Coleman Affiliate Program

Are you looking to promote products with absolute professionalism? Coleman’s affiliate program can help you do that and more. Offering some of the highest quality tents, shelters, coolers, lanterns, and other outdoor accessories, Coleman could make a perfect fit for your site.

With Coleman, you’ll find products for all sorts of outdoor recreational activities; outdoor grilling, hiking, camping, four wheeling, road biking, kayaking, boating, and more. There’s just too much fun to be had when shopping on Coleman’s. The affiliate program is further perfect for blogs, content and review sites, online communities, and even social media followings.

Completely free to sign-up, promotions using the affiliate program include a 14-day tracking cookie (3-days for coupon and deal sites) and an average order value of $100. The commission rate for Coleman is set at 5% on all sales.



EMS Affiliate Program

The next option on our list goes by a store named EMS, short for Eastern Mountain Sports. Reaching nearly half a million visitors per month, there are a number of reasons why we recommend adding EMS to your list of programs. The first being that the website itself is simply charming and the ability to shop and navigate provides for a wonderful user experience.

More importantly, the website offers more than a shop and line full of products. Instead they offer and share some of their own stories and expert advice when it comes to the outdoors. Why is this good for you as an affiliate?

Well, there’s nothing more powerful than a blog + an ecommerce store people are actually shopping at. Add a 60-day tracking cookie on top of this and now there’s a good chance you’ve introduced your visitors to a website they’ll likely continue going back to.

This can be a powerful method that encourages more conversions and one in which you’ll surely enjoy its above average 7% commission rate. Now there is one worth checking out!



Marmot Affiliate Program

Those looking for a program that places a heavy emphasis on outdoor apparel, will love what Marmot has in store. In addition to men, women, and kids outdoor apparel, products also consist of some of the best outdoor gear and equipment.

While they might not have the largest selection, they do offer a wonderful selection and very wide assortment of packs and haulers (e.g. duffle bags, luggage, hydration, snow packs), sleeping bags (e.g. kids, women, synthetic, down sleeping bags), and outdoor camping tents for individuals and groups.

Sorting these products and finding just what you need couldn’t be easier. When it comes to their affiliate program, Marmot offers a generous 8% rate commission on all products. While U.S. applicants are strongly encouraged to apply, the affiliate program is available to international applicants as well.



Cabelas Affiliate Program

Another one of today’s most popular outdoor recreational websites is called Cabelas. Perhaps its the websites huge assortment of products that has made the brand into such a hit.

They have products that are related to fishing, hunting, shooting, boating, camping, ATV’s, and much more. They even have a section entirely dedicated to hobbies like birding, rock polishing, wine making, blowguns, and medal detectors for gold prospectoing.

Whether you’re looking for a way to monetize your extent or expand the type of content and products your website offers, Cabelas comes highly recommended due to brand loyalty. Individuals can apply through Impact Radius or AvantLink found on the Cabela affiliate program.

Its biggest downside is it’s somewhat lower than average 3% commission. But don’t let that stop you from testing this program out with your visitors!



Patagonia Affiliate Program

Do your visitors just so happen to be interested in the best climbing, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor-related sports gear? Then you should try Patagonia. This e-commerce store and brand has an astounding reach of a few million visitors per month. Why not contribute to some of that traffic?

With more outdoor apparel than you can fathom and a shopping catalog filled to the brim of some of the most exclusive outdoor gear available, it’s no wonder Patagonia is so popular. But the one thing users will love most about Patagonia is their outdoor apparel, which is some of the most fashionable and well-made pieces of gear you’ll find.

Affiliates on the other hand will enjoy its high average order value of $150 per customer with greater than a 4% conversion rate. Not to mention, they include a 60-day tracking cookie and lovely 8% commission rate on all final sales through AvantLink. Sounds like a win-win!



Camping World Affiliate Program

One website I guarantee your visitors will to shop and browse is As one of the most popular outdoor and camping websites, it’s the perfect place for your visitors to find all their needs. This is a website with more outdoor products and categories than you can imagine.

We’re talking RV Campers, outdoor sleeping equipment, handheld GPS & satellites, outdoor generators, and plenty more. As you can tell, this website focuses on more than just recreation, but deals with practically everything that is outdoor-related. For over 35-years, Camping World has supplied its users with outdoor supplies and accessories.

While there is no mention of a cookie duration, the company pays out a nice 6% commission rate on all products. You can find the Camping World application for affiliates here!



CampSaver Affiliate Program

One affiliate program you simply don’t want to pass up is this one by CampSaver. This especially holds true if your niche primarily focuses on camping. But the categories are not exhaustive and cover an entire range of outdoor recreational products.

These include backpacks, tents, shelters, pads, cots, hammocks, survival essentials, outdoor stoves, grills, trekking products, and so much more. Basically, this affiliate program is suitable for any niche site with an emphasis on the great and wonderful outdoors.

But what makes the CampSaver program especially great isn’t only their generous 10% commission on sales, but with their 4-month long cookie duration, allowing you to make commissions 120-days after visiting the site. Guys, this is the longest cookie duration I have seen in my 3+ years of affiliate marketing. Definitely check this one out!


Bass Pro

Bass Pro Affiliate Program

One affiliate program you don’t want to pass up is this one offered by Bass Pro. As a leader in the outdoor recreational industry, visitors will be able to find practically any piece of outdoor equipment. The biggest advantage of using a program like Bass Pro is there are no shortage of products.

Their specific departments consist of products and gear in fishing, boating, shooting, hunting, archery, camping, and clothing for all kinds of individuals. Some might say that a lot of their product lines are also tailored to more outdoor extreme sports.

If your niche has a focus on any one of the product categories listed, then I couldn’t think of a better or more appropriate affiliate program to consider.

While no affiliate program can be found on the site directly, interested individuals can become an affiliate through VigLink, which currently accepts residents from Canada, the U.S., and U.K.. Last but not least, you’ll want to take its 5% commission rate into account as well.



Backcountry Affiliate Program

One very popular shop of outdoor products to consider incorporating into your content is with a company called Backcountry. This website’s huge category of products makes it a near-perfect option for affiliates who blog about various outdoor topics.

From clothing for people of all ages, camping gear, hiking accessories, skiing, snowboarding, biking, running, footwear, you can imagine that this website has it all. In total, the shop is composed of thousands of available brands visitors can browse through. It’s perfect.

The commission rate on products vary with the amount in sales affiliates make per month, but can range anywhere from 4% to 12%, which is right around the industry standard. Their 30-day cookie duration further allows sales and commissions to be made up to 30-days after a visitors has clicked your link. Those interested in knowing more about the Backcountry affiliate program can learn more here!



REI Affiliate Program

One of my most recommended affiliate programs for those in the outdoor niche has to be REI. Otherwise known as “Recreational Equipment, Inc.,” the REI brand is ranked as the 4th most popular outdoor sport website in the world. With millions of visitors arriving on this website each and every month, REI could easily become one of your most valuable programs.

While they don’t specifically state the commission rate, joining is completely free. Other reasons for considering REI include their 5 million individual membership base and the simple fact this brand has been around since 1938.

Products that visitors can expect from REI include camping/hiking, cycling, climbing, paddling, snow, travel, yoga, and so much more. This is one affiliate program you don’t want to miss!

Thanks for checking out our top 10 favorite outdoor recreation affiliate programs, written just for you. We would love to see you implementing these programs and products in your websites and content. So make sure to come back and drop a link to your site down below. Cheers! :)

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