Top 5 Reasons You Should Join Wealthy Affiliate In 2016

By | March 18, 2016

1st Reason Why You Should Join WA: Large and helpful community.Best Social Media Platforms

When I say that Wealthy Affiliate has one of the largest and most helpful online communities, it’s no exaggeration. One of its founding principles and the reason why its members see success is because of how easily accessible it is to get in touch with anyone.

Whether it be your mentor, someone related in your niche, or the owners Kyle and Carson, there is no shortage of help within this community. Not only does the community help you in this respect, but also in just giving you that extra drive and motivation to succeed.

Seeing everyone else trying to reach and accomplish their goals only pushes you into going that extra mile. I guarantee you won’t find another community as amazing as this. WA is like the “Apple” of online marketing and the solution to all your problems.


2nd Reason You Should Join WA: Unbelievable Tools To Help You Hit The Top Spots On Google.

When I started this website back in 2014, I was able to hit the 500 visitors per day mark within a few months, and it was all as a result of getting more comments to my posts. Besides all the help you receive from the community are the benefits you stand to gain from using its large variety of tools; tools that cannot be found anywhere else and are unique only to Wealthy Affiliate.

As an affiliate, your main goal here is to create a website that gets ranked on Google. But because this isn’t always an easy task is why Kyle of WA decided to come out with the SiteComments tool.

This is one of the most powerful tools within WA (in my opinion) and is used to boost your websites own credibility and authority. Thus, allowing you to dominate your very niche and get you to the top of the rankings fast. It is so strong in-fact that the thought of using backlinks won’t even cross your mind.

In addition to SiteComments however, is the fact WA gives you everything you need in a single place.. So if one more great aspect of why you should join WA comes to mind it would be the convenience of everything. You are given access to a keyword research tool, 2 free websites (including thousands of themes), your own WA back-office, affiliate tools, and everything you else need to succeed online and from home.


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3rd Reason You Should Join WA: Learn How To Build Any Niche Website Of Your Choice.

The 3rd best reason you need to join WA is because of the freedom and flexibility you are given. What I mean by this is it allows you to choose and decide on your own niche and create your own opportunity and website the way you want to create it. Only you are in charge of your business. WA is simply there to show you the process of setting up your website, getting that traffic, and earning money with it.

And unlike every other online marketing product, I’m not talking just a few dollars here and there.. I’m talking about a consistent income here guys and besides your attempts at making $10k online in the next month, there is nothing more important than having an income consistently coming in each and every month.

Whether it’s only $2,000 your website is making or $15,000, the thing to realize here is within any niche, any and every website out there can be scaled. Let’s take my site for example.. every time I double my daily traffic, I double my income. It’s a nice feeling to have something as reliable of a marketing strategy as this and is something most online marketing products cannot offer because of how much they avoid teaching SEO. Hence, learning how to create your own website and the SEO behind it all is an invaluable learning tool that gives you an endless amount of opportunity and potential.


4th Reason You Should Join WA: Make Money Off Of Affiliate Networks Like Amazon.

Have you wondered how people with websites make money off of networks such as:WA Success - Amazon

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • 3rd Party Affiliate Networks

Well WA is your chance to learn all about how that process works. One of the most important things your taught is getting traffic and monetizing your site, the right way.

With that you have power and the chance to make as much money off these networks as your traffic allows. As long as your links are getting clicks, you have the opportunity to make a realistic full-time monthly income, which is nothing to laugh at. WA will teach you some incredible strategies on how to leverage these affiliate networks in your favor.


5th Reason You Should Join WA: Best Training, Webinars, and Community Atmosphere On The Planet!

If you’re serious about online marketing and learning how to become an affiliate, there is no better place to learn it than at WA. The training had personally taken me very far financially and I don’t know where I would be without it. You get to learn the most invaluable skills of the trade to attract everyday consumers and advise them on the best products in your niche. In other words, you’re letting your website do the talking for you to thousands of everyday visitors.

The training is the best, the webinars exciting, and the community is vibrant. My biggest advice to you and anyone out there is to take a chance on WA. I’ve recommended it to friends, family, even strangers I’ve come across and not for my own personal gain, but to simply show them how well it works.

Lastly, the only reason WA has been so full of hype over these past 10 years is because it works. Look at all the other products online.. Do they last? No, and the reason is because people simply give up on them due to techniques that never seem to pan-out. When starting any online marketing business, the biggest thing you want to look at is how sustainable the actual product is and its reputation to date; one that WA has kept in check over the last 10 years, to say the least.


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