Top Share Global Review – Don’t Fall Into The Trap!

By | August 23, 2016

Top Share Global HYIP Review

Top Share Global is a high yield investment program, yielding Top Share Global Reviewnothing but risk involved. The way HYIP’s work is pretty simple. It works by you depositing money and waiting for your ad packs to mature only to withdraw more money in the end. But sometimes, or should I say many times, you find yourself withdrawing less money than you invested. Most individuals who start-up some kind of HYIP aren’t always the most credible or trustworthy individuals.

Now I’m not trying to speak badly about Top Share Global, but the simple fact here is that HYIP’s rarely ever last more than 6 to 8 months max. Unless you’re some kind of superpower like Traffic Monsoon, which we all know by now, has completely died down. Regardless HYIP’s require a lot of up-front investment, in order to make any kind of hefty return. The larger that investment, the larger the potential for a heftier return, but also the more likely you’ll be losing all that money altogether.

Risk Vs. Reward

It’s really a risk vs. reward type of program. Should you buy into it? I have to say no, but if you’re inclined to disagree, then just make sure you’re aware of the risks. No HYIP can guarantee you a certain amount of money in return for your deposit. It’s all dependent on how many individuals have joined that program, the number of deposits they’re making, and the trustworthiness of the websites admins.

Some HYIPs in the past have been known for shutting down immediately after receiving just enough satisfactory deposits. While that might not be the case with Top Share Global, it certainly is something to be aware of. One other very important thing to note is that nobody ever joins sites like this for the advertising services, which are nearly pointless. For every ad pack you buy, you’re basically promised a certain number of ad credits in exchange to promote other banners and offers on the site. Usually, they are used by members to promote other popularly growing HYIPs to get individuals like you to sign-up.

So in terms of evaluating the advertising services offered by Top Share Global, they are far from effective. We should also note that in terms of payment processors they offer Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Payeer,¬†and Bitcoin. I think the reason we won’t be finding PayPal on this site is because they’ve cracked down on these systems.

A Waste Of Money & Time

The first instance where we see that is with Traffic Monsoon, who completely shut down their service to TM because of the possible illegality going on with that business. Please keep in mind that joining and partaking in Top Share Global is far from an ethical means of doing any kind of business. The site further makes use of two deceiving ad-pack terms, called “Millionaire” and “Billionaire.” Trust me, no one is getting rich with this program, unless it’s the Top Share Global admins themselves.

The “Millionaire” adpacks¬†are $5 a piece and give us a resounding $0.50 cent profit that takes two months just for that one adpack to expire. Now I don’t want to go into all the details and specifics here, but is a program like this really worth your time, money, and investment? I truly don’t believe so. Yes, few notable individuals were known to make some serious money with Traffic Monsoon for a time, but at whose expense? The expense of other individuals who ended up losing that money.

Overall.. It’s Unethical

HYIPs can only work by going through the same repetitive process in one circle after another. Take some money from one individual and put it into the pockets of another.. You know, I used to be on the edge of products like these thinking that maybe there was just a bit of legitimacy to them just because they were on the internet. But they are actually some of the worst scams online.

They open and six months later, it’s like they never existed in the first place. It’s sad to see what scams like these are doing to individuals looking for a legitimate business to get started with. They truly can be deceiving, but I highly recommend that you avoid doing any business with these kinds of products both now and in the future to come. Save yourself, don’t fall into this trap.


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