Total Take Over Scam Review

By | January 29, 2015

Product: Total Take Overtotal take over scam review
Owners: Val Smith, Dave Lear, & Wallace Nuanez
Price: $89.95 Monthly
Opportunity Type: MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
Rank: 5/100

Total Take Over Scam Review!

Total Take Over is one of the latest hyped up MLM online opportunities that recently went in pre-launch on January 5th of 2015. As of January 26th, the product has now launched offering members their own private back-office with the same old MLM training.

This review will be covering the compensation plan, other similar MLM opportunities, and the legitimacy of this opportunity.

Total Take Over Owner Reputation

Before going any further though, I’d like to get a bit into the background of the owners. In this case, the owners of Total Take Over, are also the same founders of Organo Gold, Brain Abundance, The Legends Network, and Empower Network, among take over review Val Smith

By simply finding this information out, raises HUGE red flags and already tells me that this company will simply result in an outcome as similar to Empower Network!

In case you are unaware or are fairly new to internet marketing, Empower Network is one of the biggest all-time MLM scams, giving only the leaders at the top an upper-hand advantage.

Empower Network has also been known to make a number of promises and guarantees while offering an endless number of schemishly used upsells to get members paying more money to unlock additional (useless) training and get more help in the recruitment of team members.

The result, being a wide gap between its top MLM leaders and the majority at the bottom who are left with and stuck unable to recruit paying members onto their team, while paying more out-of-pocket upsells to their upline.

Hence, more people are being taken advantage of, and if you look around you’ll find a large number of folks who have rightfully complained for being scammed down to the penny within Empower Network!

Total Take Over MLM Comparison Review:

To show you that the team leaders of this Total Take Over project and opportunity, are the same Empower Network MLM members and simply should not be trusted.

Regardless of the number of members who join and begin to spread these same claims around, won’t change the simple well-known fact all these MLM guys tend to think about are their own personal success and care less about helping you, no matter what team you’re on.

Hence, this says a lot about the reputation of these three guys and why you will find them attempting to start one new MLM opportunity after the next. The primary reason for this being that the older MLM opportunities are known to quickly die down fast. Therefore, the older the MLM opportunity and the more aware online users become of the useless products being sold, the more important it is for these guys to start something new, with as much buzz and hype they can get.

The problem with these often made attempts is their ultimate failure in offering an actually helpful product and/or service, which I believe once they come to fully realize the importance of, will potentially allow them to create a sustainable opportunity.

Why So Many Opportunities?

If one thing is for sure, it’s that not one of these opportunities have been proven nor found to be legitimate by the majority. Organo Gold, a simple coffee MLM opportunity, offers members how to purchase and sell coffee while allowing them to earn from the recruitment and purchasing of others within their downline.

In order to get involved, before even being able to earn anything or get involved with the MLM training, are first required to purchase a package on auto-ship, which you are charged for every month, regardless of how much of your items are left over sitting in inventory.

What Does Total Take Over Offer?

Pretty much the same exact type of training being offered within any other similar type of MLM opportunity. In this case, Total Take Over offers nothing more than your everyday simple list-building training, one in which if you did enough research could probably create and sell on your own!

The product being offered promises to teach you how to use e-mail marketing as a strategy to making online sales. Besides the primary objective included with Total Take Overs internet marketing training, that is recruiting members within the opportunity itself.

By recruiting others into your own Total Take Over team and discussing the opportunity with potential members is essentially how one would go about creating their own downline and the ability to earn money online.

Inside The Total Take Over Back Office

When you take a look into the company’s back-office, you will notice it being very simplistic with not too many resources nor tools to use to help you get going in profit. Hence, you’ll have to find your own way of receiving proper traffic to your Total Take Over Capture pages.

The Price To Join Total Take Over?

The cost to becoming a member of Total Take Over is currently set at $89.95 per month. Whether or not there will be upsells, can only be assumed, especially given the new fact they are selling leads. Therefore, in most of the Total Take Over Team Training Video’s you’ll see, show that they’re constantly getting new leads within their inbox.. Despite my initial curiousity, comes to solidify the proof of what the company is doing!


Additional Total Take Over Services?

As of recently, some news has come to light, which has found that Total Take Over is literally selling its very own MLM leads to its members!

total take over MLM leads & Compensation Plan

Total Take Over Compensation Plan:

The only way to earn with Total Take Over is by becoming an active paying monthly member ($89.95 per month) and by also having recruited atleast two people first. Without having recruited anyone to begin with, you will not be qualified to earn any commissions with Total Take Over’s opportunity.

As far as your Total Take Over downline goes, every other member you recruit are automatically passed up to your sponsor. In additon, they must be paying active members.

For the members you recruit who are not passed to your upline, makes you eligible to earn $45. With those members who are passed up, allows you to earn $20 in commissions, with $25 going to your sponsor.

Is Total Take Over a Scam – Overview

In my opinion I see zero to no value being offered with Total Take Over, besides a potential useless opportunity of earning money through efforts of recruiting. The Total Take Over opportunity has nevertheless, proven to be a difficult one. To be able to sell this product you’ll need to get a grasp on truly targeted traffic with potential interest.

The biggest problem with similar MLM scams and Total Take Over is that they offer little to no value in the product being offered, which in this case, is simply learning how to build a list for the mere sake of the opportunity itself!

One I do not find to be particularily trustworthy.

Verdict: Scam!

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Rank: 5/100

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  2. Dee Staggs

    Thanks for your review of Total Take Over…
    I pretty much decided not to join .. I think the first Clue is $ 89.00 a month

    1. Peter G. Post author

      You got it Dee!

      I think you made a very wise decision and glad to see this Total Take Over review could help you make that decision. You won’t regret it :)


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