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By | October 25, 2014

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What Is (Track Me)?, better known as track me, is a service geared towards highly specified tracking for user website advertising. can be a useful and legitimate means for online marketers to greatly boost online advertising efforts. In order to properly utilize however, you must have a place and presence within in the online marketing world.

That means your own website, whether it be a service, or product you are promoting, services like is a service you will find as becoming increasingly necessary when looking to attain higher ROI’s on your web-design and content writing efforts.

Why Bother With Tracking Of Advertising Links, Banners, & Email Opt-ins?

So many people, including myself, have been overlooking the power in analytical tracking!

In today’s world, it has never been more vital than to find some kind of way to track your online advertisements and promotions; whether it be a simple affiliate link, internal anchor text, or banner, the fact remains: Many links greatly outperform others.

The magnitude of this fact, has become scaled to a whole new level, as today’s online visitors are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet as a means to attaining new information on services and products.

Long gone are the days where magazines are the go-to utility in finding out the latest trends. Technology has outperformed the traditional means in finding new ways in capturing consumers, through tablets, mobile devices, macs, PC’s, and with these, come the internet – the rising of new websites, increasingly prevalent blogs, newsletters, and informative research that heavily relies on popular opinion and reviews regarding various products and services.

Just as I write this review on track me, maybe you can get a feel of where my point will be heading.

Take a LOOK at Google Analytics!

Being the worlds biggest search engine, Google provides webmaster and everyday bloggers a completely FREE method of attaining analytics – seeing which posts are being viewed, real-time statistics, how each and every visitor gets from one page or post to the next.

They give you the freedom to know exactly how your consumers are behaving, in order to help leverage your very ability to produce more and better relevant information to your readers.

So, Why Use

Think of it as the cherry on top! is no different than the ability to link your Google Analytics account to your own Google Adsense account – that is the most powerful, vital, and truly amazing feat., of having the knowledge to see which ads are consistently being clicked upon as a result of its placement, its size, its color, and so on.

By having these analytics at your very feet, you can consistently tweak, test, and optimize until you reach near possible perfection.

Social Media Example!

Can you believe EVEN social media platforms have recently utilized such tracking measures in their own arena!!

Needless to say, this is not only for the good of its users, but for the benefits of its own social media reputation. LinkedIn shows you near precise percentages on the number of views you’d likely attain by simply friending a person, joining a group, adding a simple skill to your profile!

Pinterest has gone to its very depth, consistently adding features, almost entirely overboard yet important for bloggers like ourselves nonetheless, in seeing which pins perform best, even the number of views, the number of clicks, the overall percentage of approximate engagement!!

This Is Your Trck.ME PROOF!

That no matter what you think of tracking your most vital and important links to its finest detail in the simplest matter can take a huge and better turn within your own marketing efforts.

When I came across, I said to myself, what a perfect way to get bloggers and webmaster alike the best simplest method to letting the software do the work, and allowing this very platform tell you the lousiness of one banner versus the outperforming call-to-action text link you have placed somewhere in your sidebar.

Track Me Offers A Wide Variety Of Assortments:

– Track Affiliates
– Track New Opt-Ins & E-mails
– Track Banners
– Track Site Stats

Track.Me Benefits Includes:

– Increasing New Customers
– Great Reduction In Overall Advertising Costs
– In The Words of “Keeping It Stupid Simple ( & Fun)”


Trck.Me Offering Of a Full 30-day Free Trial Is The Best Part Of It All!

Final Overview

I realize this post did not go into full-mode overview of reviewing each and every single aspect offered by But that’s because there is a better purpose, the simple reason of getting the many online marketer’s out there the true understanding of proper tracking, testing, and optimizing.

You’d be surprised with the number of people who overlook the most tiniest little aspects like banner ad placement, colors, wording, and so forth, that can change your perspective of online marketing success in its entirety.

It may go as far as changing your own everyday motives. Maybe you find your website isn’t performing as expected because of a simple tweak and test that was more necessary than you may have initially realized.

Nonetheless, is indeed a legitimate and highly-respectable service, being used by thousands of happy users. More importantly however, is attaining the one thing does not offer; that is the ability to get the proper help, advice, and training needed to get your website and/or blog either up and running, or producing you the desirable income you’ve always dreamed of.

Take a look at the comparison chart below, and if you’d like see why Wealthy Affiliate has been rated 10 out of 10 in my own personal perspective and opinion. Effectively, Wealthy Affiliate already has its own inner tracking service for any link, or banner you choose to create on your website. They also offer a free website, all the necessary step by step training, while teaching you how to optimize your website in all perfection. Hence, it’s never too late to sign-up as a free starting Wealthy Affiliate member just to see all the many features and attributes it has to offer, that simple software tracking services such as, could never offer without such an involving and helping W.A Community!

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  1. cw johnson

    Comparing WA to is not realistic. I just joined WA and it is a social media type site. is just for analytics.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hahah I agree, somewhat. But it doesn’t hurt to place some exposure on what I think could be of help to thousands if not millions of people looking to create both an online business and income, in potentially, the most feasible way possible?! Wouldn’t you think.. Anyway thanks for the feedback. For now I think I will leave it as is.


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