Traffic Authority Review – What You Need To Know!

By | August 18, 2015

Name: Traffic AuthorityTraffic Authority Review - What You Need To Know!


Price: Free to Join

Rank: 7/10

What Is It?

In just one day from today, a new online marketing product called Traffic Authority will have officially launched.

The first thing that brought my attention to them is their focus on getting traffic. For any business to be successful, you’ll need plenty of it. So this was the first positive sign of the company.

After getting into the program some more and checking out their training, things looked promising but lacked in some areas as well. While they have great tools, the marketing was not exactly up to par and couldn’t be compared to more established online marketing products, like Wealthy Affiliate.

With that said, let’s look at what Traffic Authority offers and whether it’s worth the membership or not.

How Much Is It?

One reason Traffic Authority might appeal to you is the fact it’s offered for free! The money is not made by purchasing a membership but by traffic packages that you and your downline can purchase.

These packages run anywhere from $220 up to $8,397. Personally, I’m not sure how legitimate these traffic packages actually are just yet. But it’s worth noting that you might as well get your free membership while you can.

Traffic Authority Training

The training within Traffic Authority is almost too simple and uses a few different methods to help promote the program to others, and make money!

The first training focuses on Facebook.

Within this training you get pre-written messages as well as some images that you can post within these “make money online” FB groups. They also give you pre-written messages as well that you can use to private message others.

If you’re not a fan of using social media they also have pre-written e-mail messages and e-mail solo ads you can send to others. Truthfully, these are not something I go around using. They contain a lot of hype and just aren’t all that convincing. In-fact it can easily make a product look less legitimate and undermine myself as a marketer.

If I were to successfully promote Traffic Authority, I would use a combination of list building and e-mail marketing, along with promoting it on my own website.

Lastly, is Traffic Authority’s biggest product and that is their traffic packages. This can be used to promote your offer and get them seen on a continual basis and can also be used to build up your list if you already have one. This might be a good idea for people who want to test out the waters. Then again, it might work and it might not so you might be taking a bit of a risk. You really don’t know until you’ve tested. If you go back to my original idea and create yourself a website, you’ll have your own piece of “real estate” you can develop and promote in any which way you want. It really simplifies everything.

Traffic Authority Overview

Other than that, there really isn’t a whole lot more being offered within Traffic Authority. This is the type of product you can do well with, depending on the effort you put in and the tactics you use. What is cool about it is their Leaderboard showing you in what place you’re in with the amount of sales you made.

More importantly, they offer very high commissions which can make for a nice online business for yourself. The important thing is you know how to sell this product to others. Whether it’s by Facebook, Solo Ads, or through the traffic packages. Once you get it rolling, you can then simply rinse and repeat.

On the other hand, Traffic Authority’s training is very thin in terms of their content and leadership. There really isn’t a whole lot to go off and it seems that all the buzz surrounds the high commissions being offered. With the traffic packages, you can earn up to $4,000 from just one single commission, which may in itself be a good reason for you to consider getting a membership.

Also, remember to get your free membership with Wealthy Affiliate so you can start building up your website. Not only can you promote Traffic Authority, but thousands of other products out there that others are always searching for!

Best of luck and I look forward to working with you!



7 thoughts on “Traffic Authority Review – What You Need To Know!

  1. winsome

    Traffic Authority seems very interesting. I have been touring the website for a while and decided that I will test the waters. I am in another free profit sharing traffic program and I am doing pretty well with it and will use traffic authority to promote this program and the reverse.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Good idea Winsome. Just be careful and make sure to test the traffic before buying any overly expensive packages. But I’m glad to hear your doing well with Traffic Authority.

  2. DirWil


I am in Online Marketing since beginning of 2015. I would say I am an experienced Newbie ;-) .
I tried out different things in the beginning and wasted some money, like most of us did. But I was the lucky one that I met a community, where they help and teach how to do this business.
I signed up for that „system“ they use and after 3 month of consistently work, I had have an residual income about $900.

Sure, sounds not that much, but my investment was less than $50 / month.
Ok, there were some fees for autoresponder and for building Landing pages, but that are the costs we all have to invest in this business…

Then I came a long TrafficAuthority….
I gave it a try with a $20 reseller license. I used my list to promote it and all the good promoting stuff inside the backoffice….
(Advice : If you like to use the e-mail swipes, make some changing and improve them with your own words, tell little story about yourself….. – otherwise this mails got blocked as spam, because to much people are using exactly same mail)

    Ok, Lets go on….
I made my first TrafficOptimizer Sales….
Then I did upgrade to TO, and after a few weeks my income was already bigger than my investment :-)
Then I started to promote it more and more (I use only free traffic)
It takes 6 weeks till I made my first TrafficPackage Sale. I got no commission for it, because I wasn’t qualified….

BUT, you can get qualified by your Sales….

To get qualified for the commissions, you need to make 3x the amount of the package price….

Now I am qualified for the Basic Package without paying a penny….

I am in contact with my downline and some of them are highly interested in buying more traffic….

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks Dirk. There’s some really good information in there. Had no idea you had to get qualified for your commissions, that’s a bit of a bummer. But, great to hear about your success with Traffic Authority. Hope you keep up the good work!

  3. JustCuriouse

    thanks for the great revies that you do. I am curious as to why you rated this 7/10 , but rated tILS 10/100 . especialy since Traffic Authority seems like an update to ILS, and is put together by the same team that started ILS. and from what i heard all the ILS affiliates, are now automatically being converted to Traffic Authority .

  4. android

    it’s free to sign up but need to pay $20/monthly to get the commissions from products purchased by downlines?


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