Traffic Dictator Review – Can It Help You Create Wealth?

By | September 17, 2016

How Much Can You Earn?Traffic Dictator Review

In today’s post, I’d like to focus our attention on yet, another HYIP. Everywhere we look these days there is one HYIP after another, but is it the solution to all our problems?

Traffic Dictator promises us to “earn wealth” by investing in a certain sum of money. Invest $5 and in 40 days, you might stand to receive 120% in 40 days. If you do the math, that is a $1 profit.

Now let’s say we want to earn a $200 profit, in the next 40 days. That means we would need to spend $5 times 200 adpacks, which is equivalent to a $1,000 investment. In order to make just $200, that means we’d need to spend $1,000, and that doesn’t even take risk into consideration.


What Are The Risks?

#1. Walking away with just your investment, but no returns at all.

#2. Losing your entire investment with no returns.

#3. Not feeling financially satisfied.

#4. Putting your finances and wellness at risk at a chance to make money.

#5. Being deceived into the fact that it acts as some kind of “legitimate business opportunity,” when in-fact it’s more than likely a get rich quick scheme.


HYIP – High Yield Investment Program

High yield investment, means if you want to make money, you’ll need to spend a lot. There is no point in joining Traffic Dictator unless you don’t mind putting your money at risk. Traffic Dictator is one of those programs you’d have no idea if whether or not it has your best interest at heart.

For the most part it’s very likely we won’t see this program around by this time next year. The large majority of HYIPs almost always vanish into thin air without a trace and is a program simply here for the short-run.

And while the program claims to have paid out nearly a quarter million in withdrawals, this does not take into consideration all of its member deposits, which make up for over 90% of that number.

HYIPs can be a very deceiving and even tempting way of forcing your hand to try and make money online. But if I have any say about it, it’s that a website like Traffic Dictator isn’t going to make you rich.

Can it earn you a few extra bucks here and there? Sure, it could. But, don’t expect to earn thousands from it or any kind of satisfactory income, because the truth of the reality is that eventually this program is going to shut-down, with or without your money.


Growth Must Be Inevitable

In order for any HYIP to last or to keep on growing, its number of members and deposits must also grow. Otherwise there is no way for that HYIP to stay in business. It needs a large number of members willing to put their money on the line, so that money can be circulated among its members.

Now it’s almost always the case that eventually these small one-man run companies tend to die out. In-fact, I wouldn’t even go as far as calling it a “company,” but more-so just a website promising you to earn cash in the shortest period amount of time possible.



With that cash however, you put your own money on the line, not truly knowing whether Traffic Division is here to stay. Let’s say for example, that in the next month this website goes out of business, well there goes your 40 day profit and whatever else you invested.

I’m not saying this to try and convince you not to join, but to convince you of the risks you have to be aware of before joining. I’ve known people that have lost thousands in the process of trying to earn more in a shorter time period.

If that’s not a compelling enough reason to stay away, I’m not sure what is. Just don’t let the temptation of wanting to make money fast get you into joining this program.

It is not a long-term business solution and it doesn’t even require any work. It’s based on nothing more than luck and that luck usually doesn’t equate to much more than a few extra dollars earned in your bank account or whatever payment processor you prefer to use.

While they even might have some PTC ads you can click on for some spare change, this also does not equate to any substantial kind of income, but nothing more than measly pennies in the tune of $.0001.


Don’t Let Them Take Advantage!

Don’t let these guys or any other HYIP like Traffic Monsoon take advantage of your hard-earned money. While I realize that a lot of people and even owners believe this to be a legitimate way of making money, it’s really not. It’s like basically asking you to pull out your wallet for them for a chance at making some money, without ever truly being certain of the end-result.


Questions for thought:

Have you been apart of Traffic Dictator and how’s it been going for you so far? Are you earning with it? Have there been any risks in particular that’s made you want to leave or re-think your decision upon joining? All comments and thoughts you leave below can go a long way in helping others know the truth and reality with these kinds of programs!

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