Traffic Fusion Scam Review: Does It Work?

By | May 28, 2015

Name: Traffic FusionTraffic Fusion Review: Scam Or Legit?


Owner: Precious Ngwu

Price: $67

Rank: 5/100 – Scam

What Is It?

Traffic Fusion makes a poor attempt at solving a problem that essentially can only be solved one way. Instead, they claim to have all the answers through the use of its software. We all know how vital traffic is to our ongoing online marketing success. But to find ourselves relying on this push button magic software may just be foolish.

How Much Is It?

The price claims to be 80% off and is offered at $67. This is much more expensive than most products being offered on JVZoo. But more importantly, we need to find out how Traffic Fusion really works, and whether or not it can even work for us at all.

How It Works?

Unlike most of todays online marketing systems, the steps are very simple.

Traffic Fusion Review: Scam Or Legit?


This raised my suspicion quite a bit as you can imagine, because after four solid years of online marketing experience, I have come to fully realize there is no secret, and no magic push button software. No matter how many times I was told I just couldn’t get it through my head. And that’s when I began purchasing almost a new product every month for a year or two straight until I finally went legitimate (which was the best thing I had ever done). If not for this important learning experience, I would not be sitting where I am today.

Traffic Fusion capitalizes on helping people solve one of the most notoriously known problems in the online marketing industry.

While some people may see this as a problem, others will look at it as their biggest asset, their best friend so to speak. And while traffic is one of the most important necessities, relying on a software for it, is illegitimate and not real.

Step #1 – You install the Traffic Fusion Software using its Easy Wizard Setup.

Step #2 – You setup “instant traffic getting” campaigns (in under 2 minutes).

Step #3 – Create & connect unlimited accounts for mass traffic.

Step #4 – Add unlimited content + full spun text & spin rewriter.

Step #5 – Send traffic anywhere and promote anything you want.

Traffic Fusion Review: Scam Or Legit?

These steps were really nothing more than a reiteration of the sales page itself. I used these to show you how easy and how simple the Traffic Fusion software make it look. And if it really did work, I’ll tell you, you’d be able to rake in as much money as you’d ever want, as quick as you’d ever want.

That’s what makes it so sketchy.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Many things to say the least. But here is what happens once you attempt to install Traffic Fusion on your own computer. Even if you can get it to work, you are required to enter in your Google + and Facebook user accounts.

Afterwards, you’ll get an error message banning your accounts!

Traffic Fusion: Does It Work?


That’s because Traffic Fusion allegedly spams these social media links with your content. Essentially, this is how Traffic Fusion attempts to get you traffic. By simply going around and spamming Google + Communities and Facebook accounts until you’re completely banned and at a loss for words.

Have you ever seen those really spammy messages on some Facebook accounts? Well, now you know where they come from.. (And no, this type of marketing does not work!)

Traffic Fusion Overview

Precious Ngwu is not to be trusted in anyway or form. This guy is notorious for scamming online marketing individuals. He even goes as far to launching one online marketing product after another. After each one is successful enough he goes ahead and takes it down because he knows their useless.

He, neither his products, show no promise. The only thing they prove is how ruthless some individuals are online and how far their willing to go to make money in the most innappropriate ways.

Remember how I was telling you about myself getting caught up in so many scams. Well there was one product that saved me from this. Call it my ‘loophole’ if you will, even though in my opinion, it is the most legitimate marketing platform to date.

If you were ever considering Traffic Fusion as a means to an end or a solution to your problems, then I suggest you keep looking for a solution. If you need a good starting point however, take a look at Wealthy Affiliate – Read my in-depth review, as I know you will agree this product is nearly perfect!

Thanks for reading this Traffic Fusion Scam Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below.

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