Traffic Hubb – Just Another Risky HYIP?

By | May 29, 2016

Name: Traffic HubbTraffic Hubb HYIP


Type: Revenue Sharing & Advertising

Price: Varies (adpacks start at $1)

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended


What Is Traffic Hubb?

This is a somewhat newly released advertising service that allows you to profit by purchasing adpacks. In other words it’s an HYIP (which is also known as a High Yield Investment Program). There are 15,000 members to date with nearly $1,000,000 in total deposits.

And just like every other HYIP known to man, they claim that this service is totally sustainable in the long-run. But don’t be so quick to believe all the claims within the Traffic Hubb. The majority of its profits are coming from your individual purchases into one of its five offered adpacks, which are as follows.


Adpack Plans:

#1. Bronze ($1 each) with a 120% return on investment, meaning you should earn back $1.20 for every dollar spent (or a profit of $.20).

#2. Silver ($2 each) with a 120% return on investment, meaning you should earn $2.40 for every $2 spent (or a profit of .40 cents).

#3. Gold ($5 each) with a 125% return on investment, meaning you should earn $6.25 for every $5 spent (or a profit of $1.25).

#4. Platinum ($10 each) with a 125% return on investment, meaning you should earn $12.50 for every $10 spent (or a profit of $2.50).

#5. Titanium ($25 each) with a 130% return on investment, meaning you should earn $32.50 for every $25 spent (or a profit of $7.50).

Doesn’t sound like a bad deal, right? That’s what I first thought too after having gone in on my own first few HYIP’s. But after you see what these revenue sharing programs are really all about, you might change your mind for the better. I’ve reviewed lots and lots of HYIP’s in the past. I’ve evaluated many of them and almost 9 out of 10 literally had ended up disappearing into thin air.


What’s The Risk?

One week they’ll be operating and paying out on time only to never hear of them again. Take one of the latest and most popular HYIPs for example – This was a fully functioning revenue sharing product that both made and lost people a lot of money until one day they disappeared. If you checked out the website now you’ll see that everything is in Spanish now and is filled with tons of advertising unrelated to revenue sharing.

Why am I showing you this? Because, this is the reality of the revenue sharing world. If you make your first deposit today, whether it be a $1 or $25 adpack, there is no promise whatsoever you’ll be seeing that money tomorrow. Every day and every move is a risk.

Now I know most people will understand what I’m talking about, while others will want to completely disagree and that’s only because they haven’t had enough time and experience with revenue shares to understand that this is the most riskiest way of making money on the internet.

And to be honest, it’s not that fun to see all your money suddenly go down the drain. It’s true that it might not happen. You actually might be able to make a somewhat decent profit with Traffic Hubb. But think of it like this.. How much money are you willing to put on the line, to make a great profit?


Return On Investment Too Small?

If you look at the return on investment, you’re really not getting a ton of money back. For example a $10 adpack only earns you $2.50. So if we were to do the math correctly, you would need to invest $1,000 out of your pocket, just to earn $250.

You get my gist? More importantly is the fact that once you do invest that $1,000, it’s going to take a lot of time just to make that $250 in profit. We’re talking several months here. The thing about that is, the more you invest, and the more you time you are willing to let the program try and do its job, the riskier it gets. There’s a very good chance that Traffic Hubb will not be operational in 6 to 12 months from now.

Sorry, but I’m not trying to turn you off from this program. Trust me, it sounds like a great idea after all. What could be better than making money by simply investing a portion of your own? But the reality is, this kind of thing doesn’t really work in the long-run. You could try and make a go of it now, but you’re not going to make any kind of substantial income with it (unless you were to refer 100’s of individuals into the program).


Traffic Hubb Overview – Not Recommended

Besides that, I don’t recommend Traffic Hubb, but that’s my own personal opinion and for the people who prefer keeping their money safe. There truly are better things you can do with it rather than risking it on something that will probably be gone sooner than later.

And before I forget to mention, the advertising with these kinds of services are almost worthless. So if you’re going to do it, don’t do it for the advertising credits that you get. No one in this service actually cares about what you have to promote. They are in it for their own (potential) share of the pie and that’s about it.

Anyway, my hope is this review has given you a better insight into how a program like Traffic Hubb really works, and if you’re interested in seeing the list of hundreds of HYIP’s that have shut-down in the past 6 months alone, leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to show you! :)

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