Traffic Monsoon Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 12, 2015


Name: Traffic MonsoonTraffic Monsoon - Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam - Online PTC & Revenue Sharing


Owner: Charles Scoville

Type: PTC; Traffic Exchange; Revenue Sharing

Rank: 90/100 – Totally Legit!


Introduction – What Is Traffic Monsoon?

Initially I stated that Traffic Monsoon was just nothing more than another revenue sharing scam.. and I deeply apologize for that. Maybe I had it out for Charles Scoville for the time I lost money into a different revenue sharing program. Now I’ve learned that Traffic Monsoon could be the next best decision I’ve made online.

That is of course, after Wealthy Affiliate.

Imagine you were able to click money by simple clicking on 10 ads a day. Now it may sound too good to be true, which is why I intend to layout the drawbacks of this program. Nonetheless, Traffic Monsoon has been consistently paying out a very stable return on investment for over the past year.

Now revenue sharing isn’t something I usually recommend. But because of its flawless track record to date, $16 million in its reserved accounts, and more and more people joining everyday, I feel safe promoting Traffic Monsoon.

Why I Recommend Traffic Monsoon?

There is such a fine line between a sustainable revenue share and the ones that shut-down by tomorrow. There are actually multiple reasons why I safely and heartily recommend using Traffic Monsoon:

  • Various advertising services bring in more than one source of revenue into TM.
  • Current return on investment is very stable.
  • They have been operating for over a year now (Wow!)

There are only two revenue sharing services I would recommend ever joining and those are Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays. I actually still have a bit of money in MAPs and it is paying quite well.

However, I feel the earnings with Traffic Monsoon are larger and also feel the program is growing the fastest out of any. If I recall correctly Traffic Monsoon has over 1,000,000 members while MAPs still has 200,000 members or so.

Why I Only Recommend These 2:

#1. Proven track records

#2. Instant withdrawals – within 1 hour!

#3. Mike Deese and Charles Scoville know what they’re doing –

very trustworthy admins, with experience!

#4. Over 1,000,000 members

#5. Over $16,000,000 in its reserved accounts – Awesome!

1st Day Earnings With T.M

Traffic Monsoon offers just 1 priced adpack that is eligible to earn profits. Currently each adpack is earning about $1.00 each day.  To make this easier let me just show you my first day results. This is to be continued, by the way and hope this ongoing proof will help out as many people as possible.

TrafficMonsoon Earnings Day 1

When I started I invested $1,000. In other words that’s about $22 a day just for the first few days until I earn my next $50 where I will then have 21 adpacks. That money is then used to repurchase another adpack. You can begin to see the picture.

1st Week Earnings With T.M.

Now lets take a look at what’s going on one week later. So I’ve grown my account to 40 adpacks and total earnings are at $241. In other words, I’m earning close to $40 a day given the current and stable return on investment. Basically I’m buying a new adpack almost every 18 hours and re-investing all of it, atleast until I can reach 100 adpacks.

Traffic Monsoon Income

Eventually, you start to find yourself buying these adpacks for free with all the money accumulating. I’m expecting this income to snowball week after week. From the many other results I’ve seen, that’s what tends to be the case.

What’s The Risk?

When all is said and done, there is no one perfect opportunity. But Traffic Monsoon comes very close. However, there are still risks that I should make you aware of before you go fully-investing into Traffic Monsoon. Basically the risk here is that the money being made all depends on the advertising sales being made for that day, which is why you’ll see that there is a very small fluctuation from hour to hour.

For example, one hour I might make 10 cents on the dollar, and the next it will earn 8 cents. I’ve been paying very close attention to this and will continue to do so just in case as well as make everyone here aware in future updates. Since these profits are being equally dispersed among its members (who have eligible profit-sharing adpacks) it is possible that Traffic Monsoon could one day close down. But I sincerely don’t believe Traffic Monsoon is at risk for that now, or anytime soon.

What’s The Good News?

Or, should I say great news. The latest news from Traffic Monsoon is that they have over $16 million in its reserved accounts, not to mention people are continually flocking into this  program. Without the constant and continual growth I’ve seen, I would not have put money into Traffic Monsoon.

But my immense & long-term experience has allowed me to distinguish the great revenue sharing programs from the bad ones. Probably why I was also able to invest into and make great money with My Advertising Pays, which for the record is currently doing an outstanding job in it’s current 2-year run!

Let me just mention that all the ones I’ve seen that operate for longer than a year dramatically increases the chances of success over the long-term. Can you imagine that I waited an entire year just to see if Traffic Monsoon was going to last & the stability of its returns!

How To Get Started?

Ok here’s where it can a little bit tricky, so let me do my best to clear this up. Traffic Monsoon doesn’t just offer adpacks, but a variety of advertising services, so you want to make sure that you buy the one’s eligible for profit-sharing. Otherwise, you’re just spending money instead of making any.

In order to do this, head over to the main dashboard and click on the link that says 20 PPC/1000 TE credits. Here is where you decide how many adpacks you want to purchase. If you haven’t yet created your Traffic Monsoon, create one here!

How to buy traffic monsoon adpacks

Step 1 on how to buy traffic monsoon adpacks

But first, you’re going to need to setup a banner. You only need to do this once.

Traffic Monsoon Setup a New Banner For Adpacks

Setup a New Banner For Adpacks

After you’ve followed the instructions to setup your banner, time to make your first deposit using PayPal or Payza, but make sure to click “Buy Adpack,” and not “Add Clicks!” This is the only link you should be concerned about.

How to buy traffic monsoon adpacks?

Click On Buy AdpacksNot Add Clicks!

After you’ve made your first deposit, go back to the main dashboard and check how many active adpacks you have there. You should soon start to see your account growing every hour from there. Congrats and make sure to re-invest. I would recommend a 75/25 percent formula. Meaning re-invest 75 percent and withdraw the other 25!

I recommend starting with as many adpacks as you can. The more you can invest, the more money you’re going to make. I’ve seen the lives of individuals change just from a single $1,000 deposit. Can you imagine these ordinary people like you and me are now making $15,000 withdrawals monthly? It sounds like a scam just saying it. But that is the power of using these revenue shares. You just need to know when and which ones to use. The proof is in the pudding; $240 in my first week alone, with much more income proof to come.

Don’t forget to click on the 10 ads every 24 hours. I forgot to do this once and as a result stopped making any money for a couple hours. It’s recommended to do this within 10 minutes before the timer expires. Do this once a day, and you should be all set and ready to go!

If you’re looking for that secret gem you don’t want anybody else to know about, join Traffic Monsoon. I don’t think you’re going to regret it.. Happy earnings!

56 thoughts on “Traffic Monsoon Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. SPG

    Hi Peter! If we just joined TM recently is their anyway to get our $$ money. I didn’t receive anything from my initial investment. I am wondering if paypal will allow me to chargeback in this situation.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I believe they would. It might be worth a try. But if that doesn’t work, I believe you can withdraw now using a Payza account. After setting it up, you’ll have to use it to first spend a dollar or two in TM in order for it to replace your older PayPal account and from there I think you can withdraw without any problems. Let me know how it goes!

  2. george

    Traffic Monsoon is one of the best ways right now to make money using the internet. I have read many reviews and finally decided to get my feet wet. I’ve already made more than $2000 in the first month. It really does work!

  3. Dan

    I am almost ready to invest in TM all the reviews well at least 80% are good. Still recommend Wealthy Affiliate though.

  4. S K SINHA

    Dear admin
    My balance is $2.4 but while withdrawn message as “processor is not available wait till migrate to payza from paypal.My processor is paypal. Please help me withdraw my money.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yeah Sinha, everyone seems to be having that same problem. Try opening up a Payza account and doing it that way.

  5. sulasno

    hi peter, help me?? i will make witdrawl in trafficmonsoon but not succes there message “your payment processor is not available” .. i so confused about it, how to solve the problem?? (sorry for my bad english, i’m from indonesia)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Sulasno, I guess they’ve stopped making withdrawals with PayPal. So you’ll have to open up a Payza account in order to make a withdrawal. Not very convenient, I know!

  6. Ashik Miah

    Great review, I started with a hundred packs after being sceptical and watching a friend progress, since starting I have found mentors that are sharing their sales funnels for free and started using them. And now four months in i have just earned over $20,000 thats amazing for the effort its all automated using my funnels. Just as long as i watch my 10 ads i get paid hourly. Awesome.

  7. Nelly

    Great review about Traffic Monsoon,what i know about traffic monsoon is that up to now the site really pay it’s members include me.I have being with them since July,2015 and it’s work perfect for me.
    We only hope the site will last longer.

  8. Altamash Khan

    I ve only heard good things so far about traffic monsoon and how someone is earning $60000 per month!!
    So far i m getting along as expected on traffic monsoon.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      That’s great to hear Altamash and that is a lot of monthly income. Didn’t know people were making that much on Traffic Monsoon. I’ve been hearing a lot of success stories lately. Glad it’s going well for you!

  9. Chris

    It is a pretty unstable system and only the guys that invest early on will really make money. The average person won’t make any money with TM but I personally know several people that are withdrawing quite a lot from TM. But, they have invested thousands in ad packs which is the only way to get money out of the system. Until it dries up…

  10. Julian Lee

    I have been using Traffic Monsoon for the past 3 weeks and have had no issues with daily revenue at $25 getting targeted eyeballs to my website and building a buyers list. PTC is a great way to build your buyers list when done right.

  11. Roy


    I think traffic monsoon is doing fine. I am still earning everyday with no problem at all. it’s been 6 months now and I grew up so fast. I am now earning $181.00 per day from my active sharing positions alone and I withdraw everyday. Never forget to withdraw everyday because this man is right, anything may happen in the future. Also, do not invest too many packs because again, anything may happen in the future. I started with a capital of $1000.00 6 mos ago.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Wonderful news Roy. I agree. Anything can happen in the future, but after hearing they’ve now grown to over 1,000,000 members I have to say I’m impressed. Should be a safe bet, but we’ll see!

  12. Gayan

    Hey admin,

    Invested 150$ and got my self 3 adpacks and did a withdraw of 3$ just to check if it works where it did. my account balance shows 7$ and total earned shows 20$ excluding cash links.
    There is something wrong here and i guess this is where TM is stealing money coz some ppl just dont have a track of it.


  13. Danny

    I have to admit I was also somewhat skeptical about Traffic Monsoon and the previous reputation of the owner, Charles Scoville.

    However I have to now eat my words, as not only have I met Charles personally, whilst he has been touring the world introducing himself and Traffic Monsoon to the masses, but I have also got my whole $12,000 dollar investment back and I am now withdrawing $1,000 a week… and I do not see it stopping anytime soon.

    Traffic Monsoon has millions in its account and also millions of members, its here to stay and so are our great returns (I hope!)

    Thanks! :)


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Don’t worry Danny. I have to eat my words as well. I wasn’t only skeptical but almost convinced Traffic Monsoon would be a bad choice. But, I was wrong. You are right about that. The fact Traffic Monsoon is constantly growing has made me feel so much safer. Let’s hope TM keeps up the good work :)


    I am new to this whole online marketing business. A really good friend of mine told me about TrafficMonsoon. He told me he has made a lot of money and all his family. I spoke to other people he recommended and all of them have made money. I invested 3500 and I hope it pays off. They just had their 1 year anniversary event in London and a lot of people showed up. I have taken money out as well. I have not recouped all of my investment because I keep re investing in the company. Real people doing this with a real account have all made money. I am talking from personal experience, not reading a review. How does this work. I still don’t completely understand.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Re-investing is a good choice Nabeel and I know, I’ve been hearing plenty of success stories myself. $3,500 is a very solid investment to start off with Nabeel. You should be seeing a very very nice income in just a few months from now :)

  15. Eddie-

    I recently received an email on this to join. The Video was pretty convincing, but after reading this feedback I am having second thoughts. I am retired US Veteran after 20 plus years. Retired Production Manager at the age 46 by choice. When I first got the email, I was like wow, this is too good to be true. I decided to click on it. Like anything else, I goggled reviews and came across this and with the feedback i have read, gave me my answer. In reality there is no sure thing other than death and taxes. As an Economic Major, It clearly shows this is a Gordon Gecko moment. Good Luck to All who invest, but they or he won’t be getting my Money! All My Best, Eddie-

  16. Jonathan

    Hello, I hope traffic monsoon is not a scam as I’ve just invested $1500 just the other day. Today I withdrew $30 to my paypal account with no problems. Let’s hope I can keep withdrawing on a daily basis as after reading some of the reviews on here I’m starting to get worried.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Jonathan, I wouldn’t worry too much, but for future reference just take note that this is an HYIP and anything can happen. But it is a good sign you were able to successfully withdraw that $30. I’ve been hearing too many complaints of people not receiving their funds, so that’s when I would start to get worried. As long as they’ve paid out though you should be good. Just remember, that earnings with traffic monsoon can be very volatile so just be careful with the money you invest. I hope you make that $1,500 back with some additional profit on top. If things start to slow down, I would recommend withdrawing as soon as possible. This happened with Ad Hit Profits at one point and as a result, I lost $300 or so of my investment. Good luck and hope everything goes well!

  17. mluisa

    I read your article with confidence. I clicked on your link I joined to then realize that I wondered money monthly to open a website in wordpress which is free and help me make and keep the site.
    I are then went A Confirm site and is by no means closed. And ‘Just go to: and see if a site is closed and what the Alexa rank. I wonder why you give wrong information. It’s incorrect!.I have no investments in I do not care, and they are not married to the owner and do not know it. You want to succeed? Whether the truth !!!!!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Luisa, I appreciate the concern and am glad to see you signed up for WA! Hope the site building is going well. In regards to AdHitProfits, it’s one of Charles older HYIP products that actually re-opened its doors. Many HYIP’s do this, they shut-down for awhile only to re-open at a later time. For example, take a look at LetsHaveCash, Unison Wealth, or Automatic Mobile Code.. I could go on with these examples. What happened with AdHitProfits is they ended up closing many accounts for no reason. Even when I had money invested, I along with many others could not log back in or contact support. This is partly why I do not trust Traffic Monsoon. While I do understand many people are getting their payments on time, it’s apparent many are also losing their investments as well and I am in no way surprised to see this happen.

  18. Craig

    My friends just telling me about traffic monsoon. But idk. I was gonna check it out until I seen these reviews but I’m gonna look into it more though. I’m in wealthy affiliate and it seems pretty cool. So far it’s like a social network where you get to interact with other people pretty cool. And they also have training videos and also work with you one on one lovin it so far. With traffic monsoon they could pay you only a few times then after might just stop paying.

  19. raaj

    i joined trafficmonsoon December 2014. Till now I have earned $146.64 and paid instantly simply clicking cash link ads and recommending others. I never faced any problem with trafficmonsoon.

  20. Ana

    I didn’t see any revenue share after 48 hours of purchasing add pack. I surfed 10 sites every single day, I sent them email to ask and never get reply. Bad choice anyway.

  21. alex castillo

    it’s funny to me how someone who is supposedly giving a review of someones program finds every opportunity to promote their own program. I joined traffic monsoon recently i have never had an issue with withdrawing my money, i have been earning with ad clicks and with the rev sharing program, your claims are false. its sad how your looking at promoting yourself and YOUR program by tearing down someone else. why don’t you put people on here who actually use traffic monsoon instead of fake comments to support your point? by the way i wonder if this comment will even make it on your site before you delete it. just in case i have taken the liberty of taking a screen shot.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      It’s funny to me Alex that just because you received your money this somehow justifies all the people who have lost theirs! It’s only a matter of time. But for now, enjoy your withdrawals. I’m glad its working out for someone at least.

      P.S. not one of these comments is fake but I’m sure you know that by now.

    2. Wanda

      Check out this blog, here expalind about Trafficmonsoon and also ToP Trusted Sites with withdraw proofs

  22. amore

    i’m a member of traffic monsoon since 2 months ago. when i decided to withdraw my hard-earned 2.6 dollars i want to edit my payment processor but it is freezed so i sent a ticket to the admin asking how can i change my payment processor. they replied to me that i need to fund my account first so that the new payment processor will be automatically saved and that it will going to be my default payment processor. because of this i already started to doubt traffic monsoon because the other websites where i joined, i can always edit my payment processor whenever i want. so i am thinking now if i’m still going to continue my activities with traffic monsoon.

  23. Murhaf

    I did withdrew for approximately 2 dollar to check the site by paypal bank but i didn’t received the money, already 4 days past

  24. Sharon Lopez

    I made this search because I am planning to put a little investment on the site. However, upon reading this article, I think I need to set aside this plan. I would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Sharon, that’s great! Wealthy Affiliate is awesome. Not sure if you read the review, but it’s a platform that shows you how to create your own online business in affiliate marketing. You’ll be shown how to create a website, promote any types of products you want (For example, amazon), and how to begin making commissions. If you can follow the steps, you’ll be on your way to reaching greater success and income (without having to recruit or any of that nonsense)! :)

  25. Steph G

    I’ve never previously heard of Traffic Monsoon until a payment to them showed up on my Paypal… is it somehow routed through any other companies out there? I reported it as being unauthorized, but I’d like to make sure it’s not going to be a repeat thing on my account other than the initial transaction.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Steph, not that I am aware of, but I’m not surprised. You may want to contact their support and tell them what’s going on so it doesn’t happen again. Hopefully it is not a repeat thing. I’m not sure how they got hold of this kind of information in the first place.

  26. Leona Tabucanon

    Just new at the traffic monsoon and invested capital of 200.00 dollars. Well see what happens next..

  27. Sultan

    The guy who tried to convince me that if I buy 100 pack ( $5000 worth) then I can earn Est. $17,500 in 180 days but when I did my own calculation how it work , Only $3,400 estimated can be earned in 250 days . While you are investing please remember you pack is going to be expired in 55 days and with 1 pack investment you only earn one $ a day. So you pack only return the money you have invested. This is a very complicated and you won’t get what they are telling you.

  28. Jessica

    I spent my $50 and they refuse me service and refuse to refund my money!! I am currently in a paypal dispute and told him I can’t believe he would rather argue over $50 than make a good name for himself by making customers happy.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I agree. Why not work on building up a good reputation rather than making one new HYIP after another until all the funds dry up. Companies and products like Traffic Monsoon can mean risky business. This is not something I recommend.

  29. Mya

    Same as the other comments. The first withdrawal was a success and almost instant. But now the page just displays the “Cash links are temporarily disabled due to large load on server being caused by the large volume of visitors viewing them. We’re working to resolve this asap. ” message (and it has been this way for over a week).

  30. slamet transmartono

    My first withdrawal of $ 2.25 a success. but towards the next withdrawl, link cash disabled by reason of over-load server. This lasted until today. maybe he could only withdrawl for the first time, next we must invest. after which the site was closed and run away with our money.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Wow, I can’t believe it.

      So is Traffic Monsoon still down and have you been able to make any more withdrawals?

      Sorry to hear about your experience with Traffic Monsoon. I knew Charles was up to no good!

  31. Oki Erie Rinaldi

    I don’t know, but I succeeded my first withdrawal yesterday. I don’t think it’s a scam. Or may be because it is the first withdrawal, and I don’t know in the next withdrawal it will be success.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Interesting Oki.

      Well I hope the company pays you on time. Most people don’t think companies like Traffic Monsoon is a scam, but the reality of it and the way it works, makes it a risky venture. While it may work for the time-being, you can never tell if and when they won’t be able to make payouts any longer.

  32. kishor kumar

    Dear Admin,
    My balance is $2.4. When I try to withdraw money this message is shown “Payment processor is not available for withdrawal”. My payment processor is payza. What can i do right now.

    Hope you will reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Kishor,

      This is why I’ve advised against Traffic Monsoon, especially Charles Scoville! He cannot be trusted by any means. But the first thing I would do is contact support. You may also want to check what the minimum balance withdrawal is. You can also try setting up a paypal account and see if that works. However, I find it very odd that they would give you this withdrawal error in the first place.

      Anyway, you are lucky your balance is only $2.4. I lost hundreds of dollars because of Charles Scoville, but also learned a very valuable lesson! Last but not least, I highly recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate, just for future reference. It is a great legitimate income alternative, I simply can’t recommend enough.

      Thanks for your inquiry Kishor, and I hope you got this in a timely manner. If there is anything else I can do to help please let me know. Also make sure to come back and update us with everything that is going on with Traffic Monsoon.

      Have a great day, and good luck!



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