Traffic Network Takeover – Is It Going Downhill?

By | December 20, 2016

Traffic Network Takeover – Is It Going Downhill?Traffic Network Takeover

Traffic Network Takeover is a revenue sharing site launched on March 23rd, 2016 that is now facing many payment delays. This is an HYIP site that sells 3 various adpack plans with its $10 paid monthly membership.

Traffic Network Takeover claims to be an online advertising site that doesn’t sell any kind of investment opportunity. Even though they do sell advertising, the main premise of this site and others like it is to invest into its adpacks and wait for them to mature. Unfortunately, the site which now boasts over 15,000 members, is unable to make withdrawals and payments on time.

This is one of the main issues with HYIPs that I’ve discussed and gone over many times on this site. Revenue sharing is simply an un-sustainable business that I don’t recommend individuals get involved with. More often times than not, your investments won’t yield a positive amount, which is all due to the many problems faced by revenue shares.

These problems include:

  • Too much risk involved.
  • Sites will face a decline in earnings overtime.
  • Revenue shares are highly susceptible to shutting down.
  • Sometimes its admins aren’t trustworthy.
  • There is no regulation or anything involved.
  • All investments and earnings are made at your own risk.

Here is an overview of Traffic Network Takeover’s Ad Packs:

#1. $10 Shares with a 120% maturity = $12.00 return

#2. $25 Shares with a 120% maturity = $30.00 return

#3. $50 Shares with a 120% maturity = $60.00 return


Are Earnings On The Decline?

Now for those who’ve already invested and are waiting on their next deposit, there’s a good chance that withdrawal will be delayed or may not come at all. Given that this site was launched on March 23rd, 2016, it would make sense that its overall earnings would start to face some kind of decline.

It’s around this time, that a revenue share site with 15,000 members should start to see this happen. Joining Traffic Network Takeover, at this time, is just not a good idea and I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing so in any way, shape, or form. More importantly, members who are not receiving deposits also means you should not be investing either!

While Traffic Network Takeover was able to run and operate its business for a few months, this just shows that revenue sharing is by no means a sustainable business and one that involves plenty of risk. Every time you make a new deposit or investment into an adpack, you are gambling with your money.

What’s more interesting are the rules set by Traffic Network Takeover to try and extend its long-term sustainability for as long as possible. Things like setting a maximum daily limit to the amount you can withdraw per day and a 70% repurchase rule show that even with these rules in place, revenue shares still face the same inevitable problems.

Traffic Network Takeover Overview

Advertising with Traffic Network Takeover isn’t any better either. Just by taking a glance at the site, you can easily tell how ineffective this form of advertising is. Its business directory page alone shows hundreds and hundreds of banners all listed right below each other. This just shows the lack of emphasis placed on the actual service they sell and the fact that this is used as nothing more than a cover up for them to sell their adpacks.

Once Traffic Network Takeover goes downhill (if it hasn’t already), more revenue shares will continually show up. Now we’re seeing sites completely dedicated to crypto mining and Bitcoins. It’s shocking to see how many kinds of admins will leverage any way of earning possible simply to make you invest money, no matter the currency.

Stay away from these schemes guys. I find it hard to believe that anyone will be getting “rich” off these sites that are constantly coming and going and where earnings are going to plummet, no matter the case.


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