Trafficmsoon Review – Complete Replica Of Traffic Monsoon!

By | October 20, 2015

Name: TrafficmsoonTrafficmsoon Review - Complete Replica Of Traffic Monsoon!


Price: $10 adpacks

Type: HYIP/Revenue Sharing

Rank: 35/100 – Not Recommended!

What Is It?

Trafficmsoon is a total and complete replica of the more popularly developed Traffic Monsoon by Charles Scoville. That’s not saying much though is it. Trafficmsoon is just another online revenue sharing product that gives you the opportunity to both earn and advertise in one shot.

And while it may sound like an attractive way to start earning money online, it has plenty of risk to it as well. For many, this might be your first go at making money online. I know it was for me, but that’s not to say it’s the best way.

How Much Is It?

Adpacks with Trafficmsoon are offered a whole lot cheaper than with Traffic Monsoon. But whether or not that is a good thing, we will see. First off, it is nice the program allows you to give it a test run with its lowly priced $2 and $5 adpacks. If that’s not enough for you though, then they also offer adpacks up to $10 and $100. But definitely be careful when going for the $100, as you could lose this money instantly, depending on how well the program is operating and the true trustworthiness of the owners involved.

Here is a quick glimpse of the adpacks being offered:

Trafficmsoon Review - Complete Replica Of Traffic Monsoon!

This program is a bit too ambitious if you ask me and I’ll show you why in a moment why this 180% return on investment is likely to cause the program to cease sooner than later. Traffic Monsoon on the other hand offers its adpacks at $50 each and while it may be a whole lot more expensive, at least they give you a more realistic ROI with $55 in return per adpack.

How It Works?

The way Trafficmsoon works is fairly simple and works just like many other revenue sharing programs out on the market today. First off, this program makes zero attempt to hide the fact that what you’d be doing is simply investing into adpacks and making money in return.

Whereas, Traffic Monsoon does a pretty good job of hiding what some people may consider this to be a questionable means to making money. The fact Trafficmsoon doesn’t offer much in the way of advertising services for additional revenue into the program can be a bit concerning.

Cheap & ineffective advertising is popular among rev share services like Trafficmsoon:

Trafficmsoon Review - Complete Replica Of Traffic Monsoon!

The biggest concern with using programs like Trafficmsoon is sustainability. One thing you’ll probably always come to notice is that the sales will always remain higher than the payouts and that is in order to keep the program running. By buying your first few adpacks, you are essentially purchasing into a line of individuals who are waiting to get paid out.

Question is, where does this money come from?

It all comes from the new members that are coming in. That is where all the revenue and profit is being made. So it can be a bit concerning to see them attempt to make a promise of offering us up to 180% in ROI. This is the highest return on investment I’ve seen a program make to date and much too ambitious for my liking.

What’s The Risk?

The simple fact here is without proper growth and new members coming into Trafficmsoon, the program will be unable to payout any longer and shut-down. Essentially, that is how any and every revenue sharing program works these days and the risk of losing your money and investment will always be there.

It’s really hard to say how long the program will last, but to see a program offer a chance to nearly double your money almost sounds too good to be true. In order for them to really pull this off, is to continually grow. But the other thing that concerns me here is the chance that the owner could simply wait for deposits to pile up only to then take off with your money.

There are really no rules here when it comes to revenue sharing and it’s so surprising to see how there are no regulations against this. But I guess it is all due to the fact that these kinds of programs use “advertising services” to cover up what is really going on behind the scenes. This can be such a disadvantage as well, as they would have no obligation to refund your money or even oblige to paying out if anything were to happen.

The last risk deals with the fact that it can take such a long time just to recoup your investment. Most people won’t be looking to invest large sums of money right off the bat and as a result, it could take months and months just to make your money back with some added profit on top. During this time, you just never know if Trafficmsoon will be here to stay or if it’s just another rev share business that is bound to go under water.


  • Opportunity to earn an income.
  • Keeps it simple.
  • 15% in referral commissions.


  • Misleads you into thinking you can earn $18 every hour.
  • Very risky opportunity.
  • Return on investment is too high.
  • Cheap & ineffective advertising.
  • No other services offered.

Trafficmsoon Overview – Scam Or Legit?

When it comes to revenue sharing, I really can’t tell you how unreliable and inconsistent making money can be. While it can be a great way to earn some extra income on the side, it can also be a big risk as well. Not to mention that it really isn’t the most ethical means to making money. In this case, one persons gain is really just another persons loss and that’s because you’re attempting to “share revenue” with a pool of people.

But I must say that it is really a risk vs. rewards type of program and the profit coming in all heavily depends on the number of total adpacks that were sold that day. It’s even more discerning for me to see this program making promises of you earning up to 180% every hour. I find it to be both a little bit misleading and dishonest, as you would need a ton of active adpacks in order to make something like that happen, thus allowing profits from each adpack to accumulate. While I do like the fact that they offer cheaper adpacks to try and test out, you’d still need a whole lot of these in order to make anything worth noting.

When all is said and done, Trafficmsoon is surely a risky endeavor and for me I find it hard to trust a program with no name and no reputation with my money and investment. It will really come down to the programs growth and trustworthiness of the owners. But so far, I really am not a fan of another company nearly copying another company’s brand like Traffic Monsoon only to try and make a name for themselves, while attempting to rake in more money.

In my opinion, Trafficmsoon is just another cheap ploy at attempting to use individuals for their own profit!


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