TrafficNcash Review – Solid Investment Opportunity?

By | October 16, 2015

TrafficNcash Review - Solid Investment Opportunity?Name: TrafficNcash


Type: Revenue Sharing

Price: $25 adpacks + $25 monthly membership fee

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended.

There is nothing more satisfying in the world of online marketing than getting traffic and making some cash. But despite all this, TrafficNcash may not be the answer for everyone when it comes to making a proper online income.

While yes, you sure can make some money with a program like TrafficNcash, this type of program rarely ever pans out in the long-run. This recently launched HYIP (otherwise known as, high yield investment program) is a revenue sharing program with a variety of advertising services. In this review, I’m going to tell you what trafficncash is all about and whether you should or shouldn’t join this program.

How Much Is It?

Despite telling us that their main service here is the selling of advertisements, what you’re really buying are advertisement packages with the potential to give you a return on your money. The reason they tell us that we are only buying advertising is because that’s what makes this program legal.

Instead you’re buying into a risky profit-sharing service that in-turn gives you a fairly low 120% return on investment. The adpacks within Trafficncash are not cheap. Just for one, you’ll be looking to spend $25 on top of its $25 monthly membership fee.

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth spending $25 to get $30 back in return?

Of course, any logical person would answer yes! But remember, TrafficNcash is a revenue sharing opportunity. What this means is there is risk, and plenty of it. As a revenue sharing program, a multitude of things can go wrong. People could stop joining the program and if no new funds came in, there would be no more money to pay out its members. As a result, individuals will ultimately lose their investments, both left and right.

There is another risk as well. With adpacks costing you up to $25, it could take a very long time just to make back this investment. During this time, earnings can become extremely volatile. For the most part, revenue sharing product earnings tend to decline overtime as a result of less members coming in. I actually have invested $500 in a revenue sharing program and have yet to make a withdrawal because earnings are so low. While this might not be the case for TrafficNcash at the time being, don’t bet your money on it that this can’t happen.

The next thing is unlike other revenue sharing programs, TrafficNcash will take a very high cost of investment in order to make anything substantial. Place their 50% repurchase rule next to that, and you have a revenue sharing program that requires you to always leave in half of your investment. Meaning this can never be withdrawn and only used to buy more adpacks.

So is it worth it? My answer would be a resounding no. Their 50% repurchase rule is the highest I’ve seen in the industry and personally, I’m not a big fan when it comes to adpacks that cost up to $25 each. Not to mention, that additional $25 monthly membership fee is just pushing it.


So what are the pro’s of TrafficNcash? Can it benefit you in anyway and if so, then how?

Opportunity to earn income: The opportunity to earn money online is in-fact still there. But that doesn’t mean this is one that is reliable. Earnings will go up and down along with your return on investment, hoping there still is one.

Plenty of advertising services: Despite how ineffective advertising will be with any revenue share, at least they do have quite a good number of services that can be utilized including – Business Directory Listing, Login Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, PTC Advertisements, and PPC Ads.


Advertising: While it is nice to see so many revenue sharing services taking advantage of offering advertising services. They often tend to be ineffective and the reason here is simple. It doesn’t matter whether they are offering 1,000 ad credits or even 1,000,000.. Not joking, I’ve seen services offer that many credits!

The point is, everyone is there for one reason only, revenue sharing. Anyway, this is why you see their sidebars completely saturated with new banners and the thing is, it’s the same people viewing these same advertisements everyday. In other words, their ad services are simply ineffective – I believe I counted over 25 listed advertisements on their homepage at one point!

TrafficNcash Review - Solid Investment Opportunity?

Risky: I know we’ve been over this, but it’s important to reiterate the fact that revenue sharing is simply not sustainable. Let me quickly brief you on how this works. You buy your adpacks and are positioned in a line of members who are waiting to get paid out. Where does this profit come from? It all comes from the newer members who’ve purchased the latest adpacks. This money is then cycled over to the older members and so on. Thus, bringing me to my next point.

Unethical: Revenue sharing is possibly one of the most unethical ways of attempting to make a profit. One person’s gain, is simply another person’s loss. What’s happening is everyone is trying to share each others money. Kind of funny, right. Instead the only profit that comes in are from the latest members who purchase adpacks, thus putting them at risk.

There will more than likely be a point where the program is unable to payout any longer and if you just invested $200 at the worst time possible.. Guess what? That investment is lost, which is why you’re not actually buying adpacks, but their advertising service. So, they would never have to refund you your money.

TrafficNcash Overview

For me, the pro’s definitely don’t weigh out the con’s in the case of TrafficNcash. There is too much at stake and in order to make anything profitable, you really would need a large investment to get started. Even with a large investment, it can take a lot of time just to make back that investment and you just never know if and when this program could go under.

Maybe.. there are plenty of members coming into the program, but its revenue sharing rules simply cause it to be unsustainable. So many things can go wrong, which is why I made the right choice of moving out of revenue sharing and into affiliate marketing, best way of making an online income and a legitimate one to say the least.

I hope you’ve taken a lot from my TrafficNcash review. Please, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, leave them in the comments area below.


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