Triple Threat Review: The Good and The Bad

By | November 20, 2015

Triple Threat Review: The Good & The Bad

Name: Triple Threat
Type: Revenue Share & Advertising
Price: $3 to $50 adpacks
Rank: 60/100

What Is It? is one of the latest revenue sharing programs to hit the web. It’s not only a revenue sharing service, but a potential way of advertising your online business. If you have never made money online, revenue sharing may be able to help with that. But not all revenue shares end on a good note.

That’s right, the majority of revenue sharing products end up not being able to sustain. Just recently, I’ve found three different programs that were actually paying out, shut-down in an instant. Despite all this, there are a few additional features within Triple Threat that may seem beneficial to some. Other parts, maybe not so much..

Triple Threat Adpacks

The main feature within the Triple Threat platform is its profit-sharing service. This allows you to buy, or rather invest, into adpacks and in return earn a profit. The way this is broken down is by adpack tiers. Triple Threat has 5 different tiers offering variously priced adpacks. The first tier is the cheapest and offers adpacks of up to just $3, while the fifth tier cost $50 each.

At first I was a bit confused by what they meant by their “Daily Profit Limit.” But after a deeper look, I found this to be a great idea and can be a great way of helping the program last longer. Daily Profit Limit refers to the maximum amount of money you can make in that adpack tier, on a day to day basis.

Triple Threat Review: The Good & The Bad

So if you’ve reached Tier 5, you can only earn up to $1,250 per day. This is a great way to help maximize the life of the program and to let as many people earn on a daily basis as possible. I’ve seen one too many products come and go because they allow the top earners to make all the money while letting the people at the bottom lose out.

While I do like the timeframe they’ve incorporated, it can be a bit misleading in a way. While those times may be set for the present, there is no say as what will happen to that in the future. If earnings slow down, a $3 investment could take much longer to earn in the 3 days than stated. But, we’ll see just how well Triple Threat performs in the coming months.

Why They Call It Triple Threat?

One nice thing about Triple Threat is its attempt of offering additional services. This is something I’ve actually never seen before. Basically phase one consists of your $10 monthly membership. The one thing I don’t like being used here is the Facebook Auto-Poster.

While I can understand and even appreciate the programs attempt to offer a service just in exchange for the membership fee, using automated advertising does not always work. Nonetheless, I like the 50% commission incentive within phase 1 allowing you to get your membership paid free just by referring two individuals. Not bad!

Triple Threat Review: The Good & The Bad

Phase 2 is the easiest part of all, where you begin to make your first investments. Here is where you decide the number of adpacks you want to buy and for how much. Just be careful with this. Don’t spend more than you can handle. While Triple Threat seems to be doing good today, there’s no say as to where it might be tomorrow.

What I really want to talk about though is Phase 3, where you’re being offered to buy Solo Ads. These are not used to promote the Triple Threat opportunity, as these are messages that are being circulated to other members within Triple Threat.

So basically, you are purchasing the chance to get an e-mail out to all its other members. Usually I’d say, this probably isn’t a good idea, but the advertising here seems very targeted and it isn’t outrageously priced.

For a one-time $25 fee you’ll be able to blast any other opportunities you have to its thousands other of members. This is some good additional revenue for Triple Threat in order to last longer and make payouts on a daily basis. In addition, you can even earn some additional revenue here if your referrals end up buying solo ads – Great incentive!


  • Opportunity to earn income
  • Solid advertising portals
  • High referral commissions


  • Still risky
  • Doesn’t accept PayPal
  • No guarantees

Triple Threat Overview – Scam Or Legit?

Usually I tend to jump to the conclusion that these kind of revenue shares are really just a risky scam. But very rarely, do I mention when a new revenue share program is worth looking into. Triple Threat might just be one of those. I’d give it a try first, just to see how it works out and what the earnings are like.

The other revenue share that you must try is Traffic Monsoon. Just remember, there is always a bit of risk involved here. So if you make an investment, just be aware you might not always get it back. But I would say that the chances in this case are better than usual.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a reliable, long-term, sustainable method of making an income, look no further than Wealthy Affiliate. This is the business that helped me get my business right off the ground, promoting one opportunity to the next, and earning a full-time income with. It’s amazing and a whole lot of fun, so check it out before you take off!

Thanks for reading this Triple Threat review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave them below!

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17 thoughts on “Triple Threat Review: The Good and The Bad

  1. James

    They are the biggest group of scammers out there. I requested withdrawals and till date nothing over 6-months still shows pending and like other guys have mentioned they never respond to complains or emails etc it’s just scam and pontificate scheme.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry to hear about your experience with Triple Threat James. That’s the thing with HYIP’s. You have to be very careful as this is a very common problem.

  2. courtenay oconnell

    I paid my $10/wk membership fee: They THEN disabled my withdraw link- becasue I complained that they are not paying me (I am owed $250 plus): They NEVER answer support requests. So now I am banned. This is a scam and a fraud! Lost 100’s of dollars in this ponzi!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Ugh sorry to hear about that Courtenay. Been seeing a lot of complaints with Triple Threat lately. It looks like they’re no longer paying out or just gone out of business. It would be best to stay away from these investment type programs. They never seem to have a pretty ending. Thanks for your input and hopefully you don’t get caught up in a scam like this again!

  3. adfasd

    This adshare hasn’t been earning for the past 2 days… I advise anyone not to join this scam.

  4. Peter

    Triple Thr3at is not to be trusted. They do NOT answer emails. I have tried to withdraw and although they confirm the withdrawal by email, you do NOT get your money. It’s a complete waste of time. Their main Facebook group site is inaccessable. It’s only a matter of time that this one bites the dust. The bosses are rude to the members who complain.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the comment Peter. It seems like Triple Threat is out of business for good. I haven’t been hearing good things about their admin either. There’s been a lot of growing complaints with Triple Threat which serves as a good reminder to be careful of these revenue shares out there. Most of them turn out to be no good!

  5. Piya

    Total waste of money. They are making us fools. Withdrawals are always pending and they don’t give any money.

  6. Shaun

    Let me tell you to not invest into Tripe Threat because a lot of members cannot withdraw money including me. I requested a withdraw like 2 weeks ago and it is still in pending status.

  7. rob

    My friend asked Triple threat when his frozen Pay pal funds were going to be migrated to another processor as triple Threat had promised. Admin threatened him with his account being deleted which included his membership fee and earned funds reason…? Apparently for being a whinger and a leech!

    The admin are bullies running scared because funds are dwindling and they are blaming members and pressuring members by calling them whingers and leeches and accusing them of not being active. How can they be active when they are unable to access their Pay pal funds hence cannot afford to buy any more adshares? Plus visitors to the forum are turned away by the open hostilty of everyone turning in on each other.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Well that doesn’t sound good. Sounds like Triple Threat is going under water, if not already. My advice is to take or withdraw your money and run, if you can. Be careful because hyips these days never seem to have a good ending. Seems like a lot of these payment processors such as PayPal and Payza are getting a lot more strict with the type of programs they get involved with as well.

  8. Russ

    Dave, Triple Thr3at is certainly worth looking into. I am a member and can say that this is a great company. Join my team and I will hook you up with a calculator and training.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      My guess would be no Dave. But I have no money invested with Triple Threat, so I wouldn’t be able to give you a straight answer.


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