Twickerz PTC Review: Can You Get Paid To Click Ads?

By | January 18, 2016

Name: Twickerz


Price: Free to Join

Type: PTC – Paid To Click

Rank: 70/100 – Legit

What Is It? is a PTC or Paid To Click site that pays you for completing a variety of actions. One of those actions is simplyTwickerz Review viewing advertisements online that include the advertisements of other individuals as well as watching short video clips.One thing I like about Twickerz is how easy it is for you to get started.

You can literally start earning just by entering your name and e-mail address. What I don’t like about Twickerz however, is the fact it’s just like every other PTC we’ve seen to date and if you’re familiar with Paid To Click sites than you already know earning a good deal of money with a site like Twickerz can be very hard. For the most part, each ad view¬†ranges from only a fraction of a penny to a cent or two.

Ways To Earn

TwickGrid – This is basically a grid full of advertisements that doesn’t pay you per click, but may allow you to gain higher
earnings by clicking on a certain ad within the grid. There’s no guarantee here and I’m personally not a fan because you’ll probably find yourself continually clicking without earning a single penny.

Paid To Signup – This is one of the best ways to begin earning with Twickerz and will allow you to earn up to $.50 just signing up for a certain program. This can also be an effective way for advertisers to get more referrals to other programs. The only problem with this is that the advertising cost can end up being pretty high.

Promote Twickerz – The next and best way of all to earn with Twickerz is by promoting your referral link allowing you to make a commission off each and every one of your referrals. There are actually two ways of getting referrals with Twickerz and I only recommend using one of them.

  • Renting Referrals – The first one is by renting referrals, which I do not recommend you using in any way, shape, or form. This almost always becomes a way for the site to rip off its members and make a profit off you – not the other way around. It costs $1 just to rent 5 referrals and what happens is that these referrals almost always go inactive after a day or two. You can trust the fact that if this was not a profitable way for Twickerz to make money off its members, they would not have this feature. It’s very rare to see someone actually profit by renting or buying referrals

  • Direct Referrals – This is really the only reason I would recommend using Twickerz in the first place. If you can find a way to consistently refer traffic and new individuals to Twickerz, you can end up making a nice passive income for yourself. Otherwise I wouldn’t even recommend using this program to simply click on ads just to earn a few pennies. There are much, much better money making alternatives online and I don’t find Twickers to be one of them, or any PTC for that matter.

CPALead Offerwall – I’m not exactly sure why there’s a CPALead Offerwall here in the first place, but I have found a number of PTC’s that are now incorporating them. I don’t recommend you using this as a way to earn money, unless you were the advertiser. is a website that pays you via Cost Per Action, meaning if individuals are submitting their e-mails, or even filling out a simple survey, that individual gets paid.

In my opinion, I believe its that are actually giving you these offers. They in-turn get paid by CPALead for its members who fill out these forms, and in-turn give you a very small percentage of their own earnings.

Twickerz Review

In some cases, they could earn up to $10 – $20 for each individual who simply submits an e-mail, while giving you only pennies in the end. The reason I don’t recommend filling out these offers are due to the fact that they’re usually big named companies that are likely going to fill your e-mail inbox and even home address with a bunch of advertisements and offers. Nobody wants that!

Virool Video Wall – Then we have the “Virool” video wall, which I personally don’t mind and think it can be a good idea for individuals to help stack up their earnings some more. If you don’t mind watching short video clips online and actually enjoy it, this can be a better way then viewing those other static advertisements.

Twickerz Overview – Scam Or Legit? is definitely a legitimate site that’s been paying out since 2011. The problem with it is the fact it’s just a mere PTC. In other words, it’s really no big deal and people don’t make that much money with it, unless they are concistently referring new individuals directly. Remember, that renting referrals is only going to do you harm in the end. There’s no strategy that works in this case.

In addition, clicking on advertisements will not make good use for your time. Instead, you should consider checking out other higher paying alternatives out there. Nevertheless, Twickerz can be a good source for promoting other offers you may have, especially if you’re looking to get sign-ups to another product you have in mind.

Despite high advertising costs, if you can find an offer that works and converts well, this may be a good avenue for you to begin earning online. The best benefit of Twickerz is the fact it doesn’t cost anything to get started so if you’re just starting out in online marketing, this can be a good way to become better familiarized with how others advertise and gain direct referrals. The fact they have a forum where you can discuss ways to make money and other strategies is also a big plus in this case.

Thanks for checking out my Twickerz Scam Review. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below!

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