Udimi Review: Can Solo Ads Really Benefit Your Business?

By | December 18, 2015

Name: UdimiUdimi Review: Can Solo Ads Really Benefit Your Business?

Website: www.udimi.com

Type: Solo Ads

Price(s): $14.95 per month + Solo ad costs

Rank: 75/100 – Legit.

What Is Udimi?

Udimi is an online solo ad service that allows you to easily find other online marketers in your niche with huge e-mail lists you can use to send out an offer to. Udimi can be a tool that is both beneficial to users with large e-mail lists and those looking to get started out as an online marketer.

In my opinion however, Udimi is probably not something you would want to use too much over the long-term. Instead, it would be a wise idea if you were to use these solo ads in order to additionally build up your own e-mail list. A lot of your success with Udimi will really come down to the individual services you decide to use.

How Much Is It?

One of the most difficult aspects when attempting to make money using Solo Ads is simply trying to break even. A lot of times individuals will end up paying for $500 in clicks only to see no subscribers join their list or no individuals showing interest in your offers. Other times, it can be the complete opposite. It really is a hit or miss situation.

Just to be able to purchase solo ads on Udimi you’ll first need to subscribe as a member paying $14.95 per month. From there, you can browse through the list of solo ad providers and choose whatever service you think may be best for you.

Everyone charges their own decided fee.. While some solo ad providers will charge only $.30 cents a click, I’ve seen others charge up to $.70 cents and more. Just take note here, that just because they’re charging more doesn’t necessarily mean it will be better for you. Of course, the trustworthiness and responsiveness of the e-mail list plays an important factor here. But using Solo Ads is so unpredictable that simply trying to gauge this from the price is impossible.

My Thoughts On Using Solo Ads

To be upfront and honest with you, I am not exactly a fan when it comes to using solo ads and let me explain why. First and foremost, you have a lot of unknown individuals within the network. Basically anyone whose built up an e-mail list can just go ahead and get listed on a site like Udimi. Not to mention that these e-mail lists could have been gathered up in any number of ways.

From using a simple traffic exchange with a capture page to someone that actually holds a legitimate website or blog. Nevertheless, the quality of that e-mail list is such a huge and deciding factor on your success with using solo ads. If I were to send out a solo ad, I would much rather prefer to find the individual who gathered up his list from a reputable blog or activity rather than somebody scrounging around on the internet looking for random e-mails or leads. Get my drift?

Another discrepancy I have with these solo ads are the price. Even $.30 a click to open an e-mail is so expensive and a lot of the times you will not receive a proper ROI. A big reason I have an issue with the price of solo ads is because they are not always that effective and its a cost that can add up very quickly. As someone whose used solo ads, you’ll end up finding yourself trying over and over to break even.

Another thing is that the use of solo ads really doesn’t make for a proper long-term business plan. Say some days you win, and other days you lose, how are you supposed to continually break even?

Moreover, what about the fact that a lot of these solo ad providers are continually promoting the most random offers to their e-mail lists from so many different people. A lot of their lists thus, end up simply getting continuous offers and end up being non-responsive over-time. A lot of these providers have literally made a business out of selling their same solo ad services over and over again on Udimi.

So.. Is Udimi Legit?

Yes Udimi is legit. But despite its legitimacy, it does not mean that this is an effective way to begin as an online marketer. Of course, we know that there is no guaranteed return here and it can really be no better then shooting some dice. But more importantly, it does not constitute for a long-term business plan. I will agree however, that there can be some good uses when it comes to solo ads, but in most cases not so much.

For example, lets say you just started your own affiliate marketing product and are looking to create some buzz.. Solo ads could be perfect for this. But if you’re using Udimi to simply build up your own e-mail list or to try and promote some random offers (even with a proper sales funnel in place), it’s not always going to live up to your expectations. There are so many more effective ways of doing this and I don’t believe Udimi constitutes as one of those.


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