Ultimate Power Profits Review Is Pure Hype!

By | June 19, 2015

Name: Global One Ultimate Power ProfitsUltimate Power Profits Review

Website: www.howtojoinglobalone.com

Owner: GlobalOne Company

Price: Varies

Rank: 5/100 – Scam.

What Is It?

Ultimate Power Profits by Global One claims to have gone through this so-called “paradigm shift” as they claim to be the only company to guarantee compensation. But the exact opposite can be said as the company’s close association with IGoBidWin is almost a guaranteed lose-lose situation. They use a highly compensation compensation structure (to make the company “look” more attractive), make way over-exaggerated claims of payouts, and even tell you, you don’t need to recruit anybody to earn an income.. Isn’t that we all want to hear!

Ultimate Power Profits Review

The Ultimate Power Profits company is the exact definition of “too cliche” and is a company that is affiliated with certain companies I would never want to get myself involved with in the first place. One of these is a penny auctions site, which I’ve personally been scammed by in the past. But this is far from the only problem.

Ultimate Power Profits Compensation Plan

There are NINE different options when choosing to become a GlobalOne affiliate. Each membership gives you a certain number of bid tokens that can be used by you or be sold to other individuals.

#1. Tin Members ($10 monthly):

10 bid tokens to be used at IGoBidWin.

Able to participate in Spinfinity Power Profits System.

#2. Copper Members ($25 monthly):

25 bid tokens to be used at IGoBidWin.

Able to participate in Spinfinity Power Profits System.

#3. Silver Members ($50 monthly):

60 bid tokens to be used at IGoBidWin.

Earn 50% of all “Profit Pool” Commissions.

25% matching bonus on all first level affiliates.

#4. Gold Members ($75 monthly):

120 penny auction tokens to be used at IGoBidWin.

75% of “My Turn On Top” Commissions.

25% matching bonus by first and second level affiliates.

#5. Platinum Members ($100 monthly):

180 penny auction tokens to be used at IGoBidWin.

100% of My Turn On Top Commissions.

25% matching bonus on first, second, and third level affiliates.

Now, in regards to their membership pricing it is so important to not look through this with a simple glance. If you read between the lines, you’ll understand this company has some Ultimate Power Profits Reviewmajor issues.

The first being they use all these different membership levels to make the company look attractive and legitimate. But the truth is, their simply marking up these membership levels to make more money and more sales.

More suspiciously they are one of the only companies I have seen where you need to actually pay more just to get a matching bonus on your own affiliates. The more you pay the more you can earn off the people YOU worked hard to recruit.

The worst part of this all though is that they are actually selling their own consumers bid tokens! Bid tokens that can be used at penny auctions. Almost like they are trying to get you hooked on gambling on bid items. Penny auctions are some of the worlds most notorious scams, which is no wonder these companies have lost more popularity among consumers in the past than any other online product.

Last but not least is the “Jeweled Platinum Member.” This is simply outrageous claiming to pay you 50,000 times over a 30-day period.. Really!! (Couldn’t they have just stuck with 500 or something..)

The company also has Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond Leadership Levels, which basically puts you into a bonus pool.

How It Works?

The way Ultimate Power Profits works, while seems to be more complicated on the outside, is actually very simple. In-fact its best not to get caught up with all the mumbo-jumbo talk involved.

Basically GlobalOne can be categorized as an HYIP program that uses a 3×10 forced matrix system. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program and basically the only way it can produce its profits is by selling packages to new members. This money then gets circulated to pay out its older members. This goes on and on until it can no longer payout its members and ultimately goes out of business. It might seem like no wonder the company changed its web address from www.ultimatepowerprofits.com to www.howtojoinglobalone.com!

This is not a rare occurrence among matrix force programs. Furthermore, they act as though Spinfinity is this “patent-pending” product, when in reality its nothing more than a made-up compensation plan. That, and their selling of highly marked-up selling of penny auction bids immediately point out to this company as a scam.

Ultimate Power Profits Overview

I know this Global One Ultimate Power Profits review seems very biased, but trust me, it is well-deserved. They have been proven to scam thousands of members over the years, many of whom have attempted contacting support for a refund with no luck. Many of its members haven’t been paid at all and others claimed the company has lied by paying nowhere near the amounts they claim.

The fact they claim to be a multi-billionaire company should give you every reason to look the other way. If you’re looking for a legitimate method of making money online, then take a look at more reputable and trustworthy companies. I know they are very rare but take Wealthy Affiliate for example who are not only truthful in their approach, but are always looking for new ways to help consumers earn money online without upsells, hype, or B.S!

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