UltraRevShare Scam: Where Did It Go??

By | November 12, 2015

Name: UltraRevShareUltraRevShare Scam Review

Website: www.ultrarevshare.com

Type: HYIP/Revenue Share

Price: Varies

Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

As the name implies, UltraRevShare is a revenue sharing product that allows you to earn by investing your own money. In addition, every investment you make allows you to advertise and promote any additional offers you have. The more you invest, the bigger the opportunity to make more money and the more you can advertise.

However, when all is said and done, UltraRevShare isn’t the most perfect opportunity. I would describe it as a potentially good way for those looking to start earning online. But, it’s important to take into account that there is going to be risk involved here because the methods used to make money require a consistent amount of investment on your part.

Simply stated, UltraRevShare isn’t exactly the most stable nor sustainable type of opportunity. While you can make money with it in the upcoming weeks, there is no guarantee that you’re going to continually earn.

Furthermore, it’s important with any revenue sharing service that they last as long as possible. Otherwise you may be at risk of losing your investment.

How Much Is It?

Just about anyone that has a PayPal, Solid Trust Pay, or Payza account can get started with UltraRevShare. One of the first things you are always required to do in a rev share is to make your deposit. It really is that simple. You can choose how much you want to invest and the number of adpacks you’re looking to purchase.

UltraRevShare has 4 plans organized from the smaller paying adpack plans to the largest. It’s up to you whether you want to mix and match or just start off with one. But the first one has the smallest return on investment.

This is Plan A and starts at just $5 and should give you a $7.50 return. Plan D has a much higher ROI set in at 165%. As you can see, the more you invest with these rev shares the larger the opportunity you have to make more income.

What’s The Risk?

Now the most troubling part of these revenue shares is the fact that they don’t ever specify in how long you’ll be getting back your return. It could be days, months, even years. This really all depends on the number of deposits that have been made for the day and how many new members have joined.

So, while you can earn a whole lot more by investing into Plan D, take note that the risk dramatically increases. It’s no wonder why there are so many revenue sharing companies online, especially this year there has a been a dramatic rise. I think part of the reason why is because they continually open and shut-down. Very few can actually withstand the proper growth in order to last long.

How It Works?

The biggest question I get when it comes to these rev shares is where all the profit comes from. The answer is very simple and some may not find it so ethical. There’s a reason why they call this “revenue sharing,” and that’s because everybody is trying to pool their money in order to make more money.

The only profit that actually comes in are from the new members itself. So let’s say you go ahead and make your first deposit. This money is then transferred to an older member, while you receive adpacks in exchange. This continually occurs until each adpack matures.


  • Opportunity to earn money
  • Various adpacks
  • 10% referral commissions


  • Advertising is ineffective
  • Risky
  • Not sustainable

UltraRevShare Overview

For me personally, I don’t find that the pro’s outweigh the con’s. There are just too many disadvantages when it comes to the use of revenue sharing. Despite telling us that what they’re selling us is advertising, you’re really there to try and make money. But that’s not always the case.

These products continually face the challenging of continuous growth, which is the exact thing they need to sustain. In addition, you tend to need a large investment to make anything worthwhile. On the other hand, its nice to see they allow you to start small with their $5 adpacks allowing you to give it a test-run for your money.

UPDATE: UltraRevShare is no longer operating. Do not invest into this scheme!!

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