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By | January 24, 2017

Product: Unique RewardsUniqueRewards

Type: Get Paid To Take Surveys

Price: Free!

Rank: 7/10 – Legit


Established in 2007, Unique Rewards is one way of earning online. This is a site that can pay you for completing offers and surveys, watching videos, clicking on advertisements, online shopping, reading e-mails, and even listening to the radio. So, in a sense, Unique Rewards offers more than your typical survey. The best part of all though, is you don’t need to pay a cent to get started and the registration process is easy, unlike many other survey panels out there.

Registering with Unique Rewards only requires your name, address, and e-mail. The one thing to be aware of is that as soon as you sign-up with them, you’re more than bound to receive plenty of e-mails that hit your inbox. So I always recommend using an e-mail address you don’t use as often so you don’t have a ton of offers or surveys taking up space in your inbox.

Here’s an example of one offer you might receive right after registering:

unique rewards

One thing that bothered me in particular with Unique Rewards was the fact that some of the initial offers felt a bit spammy. I felt like for the most part, I was being bombarded with advertisements that had no promise or relevance with making money online, or having nothing to do with taking surveys.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Unique Rewards Review

Here’s another example of an offer also with no relevance to taking surveys:


Unique Rewards Review

Legitimate Offers & Surveys

Some of the surveys I landed upon however, were in-fact legitimate. For example, one of the first surveys I took was with a company called Shopper’s Voice, which also entered my into a sweepstakes upon completion while rewarding my account with a $5 sign-up bonus. Although, I don’t normally enjoy handing out all my contact and personal information, I realize this is almost an inevitable piece and aspect of successfully completing surveys.

Once you’ve activated your Unique Rewards profile, you are then taken to the dashboard, where you’ll find plenty of offers and ways of making money to keep you busy. One of the most popular and lucrative ways of earning with Unique Rewards is by referring your friends to the site, which you can begin to do in a number of ways. Unique Rewards is great because not only do they have a lucrative referral system, but also allow you to post your link on your blog, forum, website, or even social networks.

Unique Referral System Payout:

  1. Earn $1 each time a referral completes an offer or survey from the Offers, Cashback, or Coupon sections.
  2. Earn $5 every time a referral earns $20 or more.
  3. Earn 10% of qualified earnings received by your referrals.
  4. No limitations on your number of direct referrals.

Other Ways Of Earning

Offers/Survey Section – The offer/survey section is one of the primary ways of earning with Unique Referral and by far the most popular. What’s really great about this wall is you get to see how other people have rated that survey out of 5-stars. You get to also see the earnings on those surveys as well, which for the most part, seem to range from $1 to $5 per offer.

UniqueRewards Review

OfferWalls – These include surveys, offers, and ads from the following companies: Persona.ly, PeanutLab, AdWall, Wannads, Revenue Universe, AdGateRewards, OfferToro, KiwiWall. I should also mention that this isn’t one of the best ways or sections of earning since they tend to pay out the lowest. More importantly is that the offers themselves don’t always seem so legitimate. One thing you might find for example is having to get a free life quote insurance, which shouldn’t be necessary unless that really is something you need.

Clicks & Videos – The click for cash section on Unique Rewards is a waste of time. It consists of you having to click on these ads for $.01 in earnings with a 30 second timer. If you have the time to spend, then maybe it’s worth it, but for those looking to earn more substantial earnings, this method isn’t recommended.

Radio Offer – While the radio offer is pretty cool, it’s definitely a pretty tedious task. The way it works is you leave the radio on and every 30 minutes you have to check back in and fill out a captcha. This rewards US residents with $.03 every time you fill the captcha and UK and Canadian residents with $.01. Overall, this is definitely not one of the best lucrative earning methods.


Pros Of Unique Rewards:

  • Good number of surveys.
  • Unique & lucrative referral system.
  • Sites been established since 2007.
  • $5 sign-up bonus is nice.

Cons Of Unique Rewards:

  • Too many useless earning methods – e.g. offerwall, clicks, & radio offers.
  • Advertisements on the site can feel distracting.

UniqueRewards.com Overview

Despite the fact Unique Rewards has been around for nearly a decade, many of its earning methods are far from perfect. There are two things however that is keeping this site going, which include its unique referral system and offers/survey section. All the other earning methods can more or less, be seen as a waste of time. Clicking ads for pennies and filling out a radio captcha every 30 min. for $.03 certainly won’t get you very far. But ultimately, if you’re using the site to fill out a few $3 to $5 surveys, while referring new people to the system, then Unique Rewards all in all, might not be a bad idea. Our rating for the site is a solid 7 out of 10.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!


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